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This Too Shall Pass

Because, yes, change is the only permanent thing in life, feelings, situations, people and places – everything changes. Then why do we hold on tightly to despair, when it’s yelling to you, “LET ME GO!!! I need to hassle someone else!” Don’t be a brat and let that feeling go.

Hola, people!

I first came across this line when I was reading a Akbar-Birbal story. (Yes, I still read those comics. What? What was that? I can’t read those because I am soon to be 20 and that kid sitting there is eligible to read them because he’s like 11. Don’t be a racist.) Akbar asked Birbal for a sentence or something which can make him feel sad in the moment of happiness and happy in the moment of sad. Birbal, being a witty prodigy, answered that, “This too shall pass.” I couldn’t agree more. Aren’t we just experiencing changes since we were brought in this huge universe?

We went from wailing, little brats to grumpy, giant adults who couldn’t get enough from that tiny little screen in the hand. (And there’s your mother asking for tenth time to get her butter and you’re there with a proud, smiling face down, looking at that screen, handing her the milk.) Anyways, changes are inevitable part of life. And honestly speaking, today a triumphant person is the one who embraces the changes rather than running away from them.


I know and I totally understand, you have fallen so much head over heels for the melancholy, that you feel you won’t be able to, ever, get along with jubilation. But, hey, didn’t you feel the same when you were sent to school against your will? Or the times when your friend betrayed you? Or when your pet left you? Or when you finished the tremendous book? The time you completed Game of Thrones’ entire season? You did get over it, didn’t you? So, why are you holding grudges for so long?

“Because this situation and Game of Thrones are not same!!!”

Trust me, my friend, they are same. You just exaggerated the former and haven’t come in terms with it, like you did with the latter. And believe when I say this, you waste 60 seconds of happiness in a minute’s sadness. Now, do the math for those days, months and years in which you could have happily eaten the sundae, jumped off a cliff, won the singing competition, discovered yourself, created healthy relationships. But, you chose to be in a dark, cold, congested nutshell of crummy experiences. Don’t you think, you have lost many precious moments living in that nutshell?

Instead of being bitter, you know what? You can break that shell, come out of it and create a world with explosions of happiness and moments full of positivity, because if you won’t try, this moment is not going to pass. (Again, don’t be a brat. Not a good thing!)

And you know what? I truly feel that all these hardships you’re facing right now, will either destroy you completely or will mould you in a way that you will be connected to your stronger, better, more confident self. Which way you go, is totally your choice to make. I would be the happiest to see you choosing the path of magical changes rather than a dark, scary forest. (Be a wise Little Red Riding Hood and choose the longer path.)

So, be happy in the moments of despair and happier in the moments of joy. Because “this too shall pass” applies both ways. (No, this is not science. This is life. Or maybe it is also science.)

P.S. – When you will take a hundred and eighty degrees turn, making your life upside down (in a positive way)  and you find candies falling from sky, rivers flowing with chocolates, houses made of cookies and mountains full of ice-creams, do send me some of them over, won’t you?


6 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. as humans, we have natural biases of that brain that make it very hard to be happy. we see negative over good, we’re affected by other people’s harsh remarks and certain situations can make it very hard to be happy. these biases are almost impossible to overcome, but we must overcome them in order to find happiness “in the moments of despair.” really great post:)


  2. Beautifully written and inspiring :) I completely agree with everything you wrote; it’s incredibly easy to get fixated and comfortable with the melancholy, when we should be making the effort to embrace the positives in our lives!

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  3. The hardships we face, is the sign that indicates we are closer to achieving the self actualization. So never give up, keep up the hope. Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me know about your thoughts. It was nice to have you hear. I look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas.

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