Introspective Thoughts

A Better Tomorrow

I am a highly optimistic person. And I solemnly believe that, one day, our world is going to take a revolutionary change, a change that will turn our beautiful, yet suffering, planet into a happy world of people with golden heart and pure soul.

Isn’t our planet Earth beautiful? The mesmerizing flora, amazing, friendly creatures, the gigantic waterfalls, the huge ocean – just look around and see, there’s so much our mother nature has given us. Aren’t we blessed? But what have we given back to our planet?

A deteriorating health, a hell for her other children, deaf ears and blind eyes to the screams of those in need, souls burning in the fire of greed, creatures beseeching for the lives of their children, blood tears of the broken hearts, empty stomachs, naked bodies and wounded souls. Isn’t it true?

Sure, if there are thousands out there harming our ambience, there are also people in millions, who are working day and night to protect us and our surroundings. You can see them in an environmental activist who has walked miles to aware the people, in a soldier who hasn’t met his family since months, in a cop who is staying up late only to ensure our safety, in our leaders who have no social life, in a writer who forgets to eat only to create a book which inspires, in a friend who takes your stand, in your family who will protect you even if it means to fight the world. Yes, there are people out there working with their all power and strength to make the world a better place.

If I have to name few, I would name one person that has influenced me the most – Malala Yousafzai. A female activist, youngest Nobel Prize winner who works for the education rights of girls. At the age of 15, she was shot by a gunman just because she was going to school. She fought back (which led to the ratification of Pakistan’s first Right to Education Bill) and today she’s one of the youngest and most influential people on this planet.

But, don’t you think? There’s still, a little more requirement of efforts from each and every one of us. After all, together and united we stand, divided we fall.

IMG_20160728_223250You might have heard or read this quote – “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” Don’t you think we should pay back our children a heaven’s Earth in not just ecological terms, but also, in terms of healthy relationships, positive vibes, happiness and a discrimination free mindset and impartial, righteous, pure thinking? Isn’t this transformation much needed?

Let’s create a world that our children and children’s children would be proud of, that will make them shout from the core of their heart, “Our ancestors were great. They left us the legacy that no other materialistic thing can be its match.” Don’t you think that this would be far better than, “We wish our ancestors were wiser, we wouldn’t have been suffering then.”

Let’s take a pledge and give it away as a message to our fellow beings and as a legacy to our children – “To keep the planet Earth with utmost love and care, to create a healthy environment of positive vibes and thriving nature, to make a happy world of beautiful souls with golden heart, to create a better tomorrow.”

P.S. – I use the word creatures for not just us human beings, but also for the other creations of our Almighty. Dove, tigers, eagles, butterflies, ants, elephants, trees – everyone and everything who/which has been created by God is a creature. And the reason behind this is that, we may differ in shapes, size, color (and all the other scientific categories – mammals, amphibians, reptiles, etc. No, I am not a science student.), but we are created by the same hands. We are born from the same soil and, yes, we die in the same soil.


15 thoughts on “A Better Tomorrow

  1. Wise words. whatever our individual beliefs, we all share this wonderful planet and the inhabitants we temporarily live with. The more we can do to tidy our mess before we leave it, the better it will be. But regardless of us, t will go on and from strength to strength.

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