Listen To What I’m Not Saying

You came in my life, 

With a breeze of infatuation

And stipulation of adapting

To your never ending ‘requests’

For your fake prestige. 


I tried; failed. Musing over 

and over again, “Can you not

love me for how I am?”

I wish you listen’d to 

What I am not saying.


Just as, when I felt, 

It is going to be better.

A dagger was penetrated

Deep into my heart.

What was my fault?


Your ‘reasons’ were salt on

The wound. Yet, I stayed with

Unanswered, “How could you?” 

I wish you listen’d to

What I am not saying.


You touched my soul, in 

A way no one had. You 

Were closer than anyone

Else, the sole confidant of

Secrets never told.


But I was not the only

One in your life. Insecurity,

self-doubt impaled my mind.

I wish you listen’d to

What I am not saying.



Horrors and fears shaped

me in a devilish monster.

I acted towards you in a

way, that can’t be forgiven.

I, still, am guilty-ridden.


I blabbered, when I should

Have been silent. The words

still haunt me down, I’m

Blameworthy. I wish you listen’d

To what I am not saying.


The day you went away,

Left just one word for me –

Sorry. How my eyes were

screaming, what my words

Could’t say, “Be with me!”


My heart longed for affection,

Yet the wounded soul remained

mum, as you were adamant

mountainI wish you listen’d

To what I am not saying.


17 thoughts on “Listen To What I’m Not Saying

  1. It was a beautiful read, passionate and emotional at the same time. Do check my blog, and advice me if I can improve in any way.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ज़िंदगी तुझ से हर इक साँस पे समझौता करूँ
    शौक़ जीने का है मुझ को मगर इतना भी नहीं


  3. Please forgive me. These deep lines are forever confusion for me. Because half it is not understandable to me and rest half… Well, I don’t particularly get them. Apologises, again. I hope you won’t mind :)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I wrote this one by heart. May be that’s why you could connect with it. Thank you so much for dropping by and reading my work. It really means a lot! It was great to hear from you. ^_^


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