And the best MIA award goes to

… Obviously, most certainly, without any doubt, as you may have deduced already, ME

rad2myfileeeIt’s been a long, long time since I wrote (read: created) anything. It’s been longer than that since I posted anything. And it has been even longer time since I came out of the irregularity. JK! I have never been in regularity… Ha! Ha! Ha!

Though, taking resolutions after resolutions; Monday resolution, April resolution, dammit next week for sure resolutions… Bribing my soul with all the sequins and feathers, even terribly missing this tinsy winsy platform (aka my digital space “Eloraquence”), nothing could get the creating place (also known as laptop), the connecting medium (the almighty internet) and my ever wandering, pool of thoughts mind to one place.

It has been so long that I almost forgot my username and password to my blog. I swear on that last Milky Bar I ate, I don’t even recongnise the editing post section anymore! *whines herself to death* (Where is that “add media” option??)

But, the Universe being the ever-so-kind and you-can-do-it spirit got me here AGAIN and this time, you can be sure of regular bombards on your read feeds.

But you know what? A lot of good lessons and thoughts came out of this irregularity. Even though I couldn’t (or rather didn’t) create a full-fledged blog post during this MIA period, my mind was continuously on the work of evolving and generating new ideas.

This unplanned, undesirable break intensified my desire of writing and to be here. There were days I would be scrolling through the old posts, dying in the awe of what I have created (DID I WRITE THAT?) and looking at the appreciations I got from you people for the same; every ounce of my emotions at that time screamed to get back right then and there.

But as my horrendous will power is, nothing could get me there. But now that I am here, nothing is getting me back to the irregularity zone.

As the saying goes, distance only makes the desire stronger than ever**

**T&C: This works only when the loyalty and determination are practiced from both ends.

But again that’s a different, off-track, off-beat topic for some another day. (See?  See what I did there? I told you, R-E-G-U-L-A-R-I-T-Y)

rad2myfiiiileAnyway, I had had my share of struggles and hurdles. Whenever I tried getting back thinking, “Today is the DAY” boi, I swear something or other happened and suddenly *BOOM* my priority list needed a rearrangement. Sometimes (aka only once), it was University re-examinations, then other day it was about guilty pleasure reality shows and some days I was like, “Do I have Belly dancing kind of waist?”

And next 7 hours were invested (read wasted) in Youtubing, imitating and rehearsing the basic steps which eventually ended up looking like a babbling bumbling band of baboons’ kind of scenario.

Lord, Please Help Me! I am TRYING so hard to write and post from so long and these distractions are ruining my vibes.

Then again, passion is passion and rest all doesn’t matter. I found my way back. Most importantly, this prolonged break made me realise the importance of this place, my place.

Keeping tiniest yet most sparkling hope alive in my heart I wrap up for today! I’ll be seeing you all next week.

In my geeky meeky way, “See yyaa!”



(IT’S PS TIME!!!!!!)

PS: Now that I have written, edited and published (finally…!), my ETA to nearest burger joint says .001secs. SWOOOOSSHHHHH…


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Lessons of 2016

Uh… Ahem… (Awkwardly and consciously walks in, speaking slowly)

Um… Hey, everyone! Here’s once active, highly enthusiastic blogger back after so, so long period of being MIA, aka, me. No, no, before you presume, I didn’t disappear in the air.

Nopes, haven’t given up on blogging.

Writer’s block? What’s that?

Fell on the head and lost my memories of having any blog ever, N-O.

Lack of time? More of lack of spirit to continue writing on regular basis. Yes, I had this drive in me, sometimes, to switch on the lap-tap and begin writing. Then, again, Universe couldn’t get the better of my off-spirit-self. Laziness – 1, Universe – 0.

Nonetheless, Universe doesn’t stop trying and here I am on the very first day of this baby 2017 year with stuffs to share and the lost-zeal-now-found to write. Though, admittedly, I find it hard to articulate all the things that are going on inside my tiny head. Let’s begin with what have been the talk of the town for the day – the review of 2016 and hopeful dreams for 2017.

Honestly speaking, the year 2016 has been like a mirror for me. For years and years I have been living in my fantasy land, imagining things I would love to see happening with me and doing negligibly too little for making it happen. I wouldn’t say I did the same in 2016, too, no; I took my baby steps, however frightening it may have seemed. And now when I look back, hehe, I cannot believe myself I did that.

I have learnt about myself and also about the various aspects of life through the mistakes committed (No, not talking about the time I spelt Merry as Meery). These lessons have helped me understand the importance of practicing and working hard, nurturing relationships, forgiving, letting go of what wouldn’t matter in next 5 years, focusing on your growth and most importantly, be happy from within.

For most part I am still that person who takes makes stupid decisions of acting even stupid-er and will continue doing so, because hell yeah, no one changes overnight plus that is what I am known for (:P). I had stopped talking to people whom I care about, said things that I shouldn’t have said, hurt people, backed out and all the things that make me and all of us more of a human than anything else.

But you know, what is the brighter and important part side of all my stupidity, I choose to learn from it and own up to the same in my gawky manners. Today, I look forward to future, to learn and grow.

And yes, it scares me to think about what might go wrong. But is there a hint of excitement of what could go right? Hell, yes! Bring it on 2017! (Please, be nice, too) xD

So, that’s a wrap for today!

At last I would like to share the New Year message that I circulated through my WhatsApp contacts. Here it is:

With the dawn of new beginning, I wish you a year of stepping-stones leading to the destiny as beautiful as the journey.

May you rise above the odds and soar higher than ever.

You learn and grow, are loved and stay blessed with the gifts of happiness.

The music, that sings you the notes of positive vibes and aura, be with you in your difficult times.

You create your future in the most unique way, building an example by being the light for those in dark.

Play your role in the best way possible, stay true to yourself. There’s one and only YOU.

Sail through the storms and find your way through the winds. You can make it.

**Happy New year**

May 2017 be the year of joyful moments and lessons that help you grow.

See you all next in few days!

PS- you can expect more of what all I self-realised in 2016. Happy New Year!


Why You Need to be Vulnerable

Because being on edge of the mountain called Learning empowers you to lose the grip. Ultimately, you fly.

Let’s begin with a question, okay? Raise your hand if you ever wanted to be perfect. Raise both of your hands if you still want to be perfect. Oh come on! We all want to be: amazing body shape, confident look on the face, dresses that compliment us, super talented, popular and everything that has sequins and feathers. Unless you are an introvert (who would rather not be bothered, like me), yes, don’t shy away, you want to be perfect.

One more question, would you like to face humiliation of any sort after being perfect? In public? Okay, okay don’t give me that perplexed look which is asking, “Doesn’t perfect means being away from the disgracing situations?” Trust me, it is not.

In fact, being vulnerable to the embarrassing situations is the stepping stone to being successful.

img_20160914_205653Humiliation of being wrong, making mistakes, being the laughing-stock, facing failure, stones thrown at you, some day or other will lead to exemplary you. Because when once you have faced and conquered vulnerability, you loose the cloak of illusory perfectionism. You will want to try more, learn more.

And if you want all the more reasons why you need to be well-learnt, here’s the link to my one of the previous posts: Just Keep Learning!

Also, it is just matter of particular moment, just a moment. After that it is up for you to decide to hold on to that moment or to let it go (Remember Elsa from Frozen? Yes. Let It Go). Which alternative you opt decides whether you will be consumed or build up by that moment. None remembers, the only ones who do are already way behind (or lower, as matter of fact) than you. You can’t let them get the better of you, can you?

Of course, the perfect ones had to go through the same, too. The popular girl, the boy who leads the school football team, the one who got promotion within 6 months of joining, the one whose fashion sense you couldn’t stop admiring, everyone one of them goes through some or the other act of embarrassment.

It just their way of dealing, which makes it less of embarrassing when happened with them, but more when happened with you. Embrace the embarrassing and laugh it out when you’re a 60 years old with your grandchildren reminiscing about old times.

“You know? Once I fell off from the branch of a tree and then there was a hole in the ground, enough to plant another one.” *peals of laughter*

“But, you’re such an amazing trekker, granny. How could you have fallen?”

“That was just the foundation of making an amazing trekker” 

(I know falling from the tree is just a minor setback, but the example can be implied to any other situation, too. You just need to look at it through a different angle. What if the said person in the example locked himself up because everyone laughed at him? Surely, he could have missed the laughter with his grandchildren and also, the excellent giving-the-awe kind of punch, had he locked himself up in a nutshell.)

img_20160914_205616They were vulnerable, too. And still are, but it is the choice that they make everyday which makes it look like they haven’t gone through a single humiliation. See through the glitters and shines, you will notice the rugged and hard experiences which they chose to turn into firm well-learnt footing rather than lamenting over it.

Be vulnerable and take that step to experience it for once and for all. Because getting vulnerable means that you are ready to learn the lessons of life. You are learning the lessons of life. Lessons and tools that will set an example for others to be vulnerable, too, and they will mention you in their award ceremony thank you speech, “Because that person’s life story helped me to pluck up the courage and mould myself in a better person.”

If this isn’t enough for you to start-up and don’t know what is.

Get Vulnerable, Get Success.

P.S. You can mention me in your thank you speech, too. Just saying. *cheesy smiles*


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The Girl In Red Dress

She was sitting on the

Window seat, lost in 

Deep thoughts. Dry lines

Of tears, time and again,

Wet, yet, no emotions

In her eyes or on face.


Clutching the hem of her

Red dress, She let the tears

Flow down the cheeks, 

Slightly touching her lips

And dropping down from

Chin. She was done.


She does not feel anything.

Neither the pain, nor the

Hunger, there’s no 

Rumbling or growling.

Only emptiness; yearning

To be filled, yet, not adjuring.


It’s been long,

Since she detested human

Touch. The piercing of

keen and serrated objects

on her body made her

Feel more alive than

The embracing.


She had been flying in

The face of contradicting

Mind sets; setting limits

For her bearing, none

On their filth. The isolation

befriended her.


“Is it my imagination?

Or it happened for real?”


There was blood,

Blood on her hands,

Of own potential drives and

Ambitions. The massacre

Shattered her, too. What

Was left, after all?


She searched and

Searched; nothing impetus

The hollow soul. Void,

Misery, pointless breathing;

Devoured the last bits 

Of hankering.


But, in the end,

It was HER CHOICE to make.

Either to the path of flight

Or the downfall to hell,

She was the pen’woman’

Of her fate.


The girl in the red dress,

Wiped her tears and

Cleared her vision, making

Her way out.

Ultimately, choosing to

Rise above all.



This poem holds a special meaning for me. I feel, when someone else reads it, the poem would leave many questions on their mind, “Who is that girl?”, “”What happened with her?”, “What is she going through and why?”, “She chose to rise above what?”. I would love to know about your take on the poem.

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Thank you for supporting me till now.

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Whose Fault Is It?

When was the last time you encountered, heard, came to know about someone who did morally wrong to the world and it’s people? Or hurt someone? Passed hurtful comments? It filled you to the brim with outrage, how can someone be so wicked? But is it really their fault?

IMG_20160904_185627The bad in the world brings out variety of emotions in us; anger, rage, pity, sadness, etc. Also, it brings a question in light, why are these people so evil? They could have chosen a different way, right? Why are they burying themselves in the deep pit of darkness? The questions are never answered but the image of those wicked people prevails in our mind.

There’s a common saying which goes as: Everything Happens For A Reason, sure, there is a lesson or two, the whole plot to save us from the bad, to serve the greater purpose and sometimes, to reach the best that ever can be. Don’t you think that whatever a person has done or has become, there was a reason behind that, too? No one is born bad or good, right?

IMG_20160904_185538There was a story that I read a long time ago in a children’s magazine (I was a child myself back then. ‘kay fine I was a teenager. Late teenager. But in my defense, that story is now part of great content xP). So, the story goes as, a student was been punished for not completing his homework. He was made to stand out for rest of the lecture. When the Principal came on a round and saw him, he immediately inquired about the whole matter.

The Principal then told the teacher that this isn’t the right way to deal with learning children. They need to be in the class; guided, advised, directed and enlightened about the right and wrong in the life. There were many people in history who were thrown out of the class because they did wrong or they seem to be doing wrong. Those people went on to the path of misguided life and deeds. Imagine, what could have happened had they been in the class rather than out of it?

IMG_20160904_185434True isn’t it? Lack of proper guidance and the understanding of moral values play a vital role in developing one’s perception about life. Though, this is just one factor which induces the way of life a person chooses. Many other factors, which include discrimination, bullying, lack of education, poverty, also forces a person to choose the darker and dangerous path. 

Oh no, no, no I am not defending their choices that they made. Obviously, what they did was not right. They had the choice to go either way. But what happened to them, the bad that they had to go through, was that right? Don’t you think that if there was less of negligence and bad; more of open-mindedness, guidance for them, wouldn’t they have chosen a better journey to embark on? There must have been a certain incident, saturation of tolerance that made them the way they are. If they are at fault, then aren’t, somewhere, we too are at fault?

Didn’t the bad in world eclipse their good?


P.S. – I know it is out of sync but stay tune for the post that comes out in an hour about an important update that I would like to share with you all. I am so excited!

The Calling

You didn’t come here for nothing. You are not going to leave here nothing. The time and space between the birth and death is for the purpose of your life. Do not waste it!

IMG_20160803_222141Many, many, many a times we have been asked since our childhood, in school then in college after which it is more of a statement (a fact, in fact) than a question for the one who asked, “What are you going to do in your life?” (To all the nosy ones, I will be 50 years old homeless pig, who are you to judge? Oh wait! Let me remember the last time you went for your Grammy, Padmashree or the Oscar. So, Shut Up!)

And I will be honest with you, throughout this phase, whatever I answered was for the sole reason that ‘I don’t know’ will make me look like a stupid. Teacher and doctor were the most used ones. None of them came straight through the heart.

I am not ashamed to say this that I never knew (until now) what I wanted to do in life. Because duh! What do you expect from an average kid of the school who was always behind the books? But now I know, what I want from life, even if I don’t have any clear game plan (Except for that I have to post every Sunday and Wednesday and I am late already the very first day. Again, I am genius procrastinator).

We all have purpose in life. You came here, right on this Blue planet, for a reason. Even if it is to be a failure for 70 years but leaving an example so big that the world will remember you for next 700 years (or eternity). Yes, sometimes it does take time, a lot of time. But, you know what, the greatest of things have happened after very, very long time of patience, hard work, determination and all the things that are needed to be successful.

Mind you, no matter what the ‘materialistic world’ says, success is not always about being rich, famous or Hollywood diva (For reference, read the stories of KFC, Abraham Lincoln and APJ Abdul Kalam). Success is when you have fulfilled the purpose in life and left a deep imprint of your deeds and rising-from-failure moments that the one born after 150 years reads about your journey and chooses to get back up instead of jumping from a space craft (What? Science will make a progress, human beings and animals and plants will be living on Jupiter in a space craft. Do not dumb the fact down, mind you).

So, what’s the catch?

Oh, right! What is your purpose? IMG_20160803_222002Sorry to disappoint you but I do not know. Neither I know how to find the purpose. I am just a person who is leaving the teens tag behind and stepping into the real world. I am still learning. But, yes, to help you out, I have links that may help you with this (linked in next para). But I do know this; the calling to your purpose is deep inside you. You cannot and will not find it anywhere else, but within you. No, I don’t mean to start playing doctor and cut you. M-U-S-E is the word that you need to apply.

Here are two links; one on how to find that ‘purpose’ (7 Strange Questions That Will Help You Find Your Life Purpose, it is an article) and another one on reasons why will you succeed (5 Reasons You WILL Succeed, it is a video). Read and watch it now or bookmark for further reference but do go through them (More homework for you).

IMG_20160803_222042P.S. – Please, do share it with your friends and family on social media platforms. No, I am not requesting so that I can gain followers or something. But, because I believe that in this cut-throat competition time, someone or other might need the boost up to get back on with life. If you do then great, if you don’t well, never mind. (Karma has noted what you have not done, that cheesy pizza with coke will be taken away from you, hah!)


The Grand Day!

It is happening finalllyyyy!!! The day has come!!! I have been so excited for this since so long!!!

(After getting done with all the shouting, jumping, laughing, flying and then falling from the sofa, I am back to continue xD). By the way, was the beginning dramatic enough to mark the grand day? xP

How I missed that emoji! How I missed notifications of comments and likes! How I missed reading the amazing work by fellow bloggers! How I missed writing posts! How I missed YOU! (Yes, you right here reading this! I missed you!)

wp-1468341450642.jpegYes! Thank you for the love and support you have been bestowing on me since day 1. I am so, so grateful to you. *Blessed*

I can never ever describe in words how much you all mean to me. If my blog is getting noticed, it is because of you people.

Coming back to the changes, I have been working so hard for days to draw doodles for each post *sniffs* *sniffs*. Since, it is a magazine style, based on the images theme, I had to make doodles. Also, I have always been concerned about the copyright thing, so I thought, “Why not just make my own images rather than searching them on Google.”

I enjoyed the waiting period in which I made doodles, reviewed all the old posts, correcting the mistakes, deciding when to post, the ideas, re-writing the About page and what not? You know, what was the most important thing that I felt all this while? For which I have been most excited? That finally I will be providing you quality content with all my honest efforts sparkles and glitters in it.

Let’s talk about all the decisions that I have taken, shall we? (We need to be on same page, you see.)

  1. IMG_20160731_155350My posts will be bombarding your Reader’s feed and/or mail box every Sunday and Wednesday. Yes, I am aiming for bi-weekly publishing. Don’t ask why these two specific days, I just felt the combo sounds different and great!
  2. Since, I will be publishing just twice a week, I have also decided that I will not be doing any of the awards and challenges, anymore. I really appreciate that you nominate me. But, the thing is that it will be like 8-10 posts a month, so, I felt that with so limited posts, I should restrict the blog to thoughts, poems, stories, rants and doodles. IMG_20160731_155403I am so sorry. I was nominated while on this preparatory period, even I too wanted to do them before going award free, but the thing is I lacked a lot of time. Working for blog and getting on with life does not go together. Had I have whole day in my hands just for the blog, I wouldn’t have chosen to go award free. I really am sorry, apologies. Henceforth, Eloraquence is an award free blog. Of course, except for the awards where stage, spotlight and a real award is there, then you can surely remember this brat. *cheesy smiles*
  3. I had to take down some of the posts because I had published them for the sole reason that I am on a #postaday tag, so I have to publish. But, here’s the thing, those topics deserve better content. So, I will be re-publishing them with better, quality content.
  4. From tomorrow, I will be reading your work, again! So, get ready, for your notifications will be flooded with my likes and comments. But, I will appreciate the great patience because I will be getting to each one of you one at a time. So, I might take some time to reach to your blog.
  5. Also, if you have noticed, my tagline is changed, too. It is now Exploring and Inspiring.
  6. Also, I have always been told that I lack images (Along with grammtical skills *sigh* I should have paid attention in school) on my blog and going by this post you can be sure that this wouldn’t be the case anymore. Doodles will be included in each post. Though, I still struggle with alignments.
  7. The Doodle Diary will be more than just few images. Because doodles in each post and the category, where is the difference, bae? Something is cooking right here. 

Haha! Everything feels so new and fresh that I feel like I am newbie in the world of blogging, again (But with more experience and confidence). I will be honest I had the urge to revamp right now ever since I had the thought of it on my mind. Only God and I know how difficult it was for me to curb that urgency. But it has HAPPENED!!! (What am I going to do with my life now?)

Please, please do go through the re-written About page, scroll through the old posts (you will see doodles for each post), check out the widgets and then the Contact page and maybe leave a message on how you felt about the new look. xD

You do not have to read the posts, just go through the home page because it is now an image based home, so it will take less of your time to reach the end. I will really appreciate if you let me know about your thoughts. It would mean a lot to me. (Don’t be a brat by breaking my heart. It’s just few moments and I had done so much hard work to make this happen *puppy face*)


It feels great to be back, especially after making so many efforts to be more effective. And how did you feel? Did you miss me? Did you like the look? Or do you want to just thrash me in to a deep end of the pool with my laptop because I have done a pathetic work? (Do take into account; I don’t know how to swim.)

To the new beginning! *Raise the toast*

Importance of Detoxification

Today, when I switched on the laptop and I took a look at the desktop, I felt like (as always) I am in a pit of mess. So many images, folders, documents (most of them unnecessarily taking up the space) and I would have (like always) ignored it and continued my work but a prompt message delayed my work almost by like 3 hours. Okay, okay it was just one and half hour work, for rest of the time I had to take care of my brother. But that does count, ‘kay?

The prompt message said that there isn’t enough space to keep the smooth flow of the laptop working. Therefore, start cleaning up, you hot mess! Okay, it didn’t say that. It was a far more polite and formal prompt message. But in my defence, my brain interpreted so.

And then, the Ms. Universe of Keeping Things Organised went on the Mission CleanUp; dusting the whole space, creating proper files and folders, putting the documents in appropriate places, deleting the junk and the repetitive images, transferring to other drive, etc. Finally, after all the hard work, I was able to clear up approx 140 GB of almost spaced out 200 GB drive. Now, if you won’t cheer and shout out for me, I am getting you no presents on your birthday, mind you. *annoying retard expressions*

Then I took a look at the desktop, which apparently has hardly 4 icons, nothing else. It felt empty, but at the same time, it gave a strange peace of mind. Of course, a sense of accomplishment was already on me, but that felt different. And the creative side of the brain gave a prompt message, “This is an idea for today’s blog post, if you get it, idiot!” (My mind curses a lot, just saying.)

So, I connected what I just did with life and *BAM* here is today’s post – Importance of Detoxification. Without any further delay, let’s begin, shall we?

But before we start, let me be clear, detoxification can be of anything, ranging from body to mind, your life to the messy room. These importances can be implied to detoxification of anything. Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Sense Of Accomplishment

Just as I mentioned, the sense of accomplishment is beyond imagination. Detoxification feels equals to getting a bungalow on cloud 9. The door bell rings, you open the door and you find Shahrukh Khan on the doorsteps saying, “Can we have lunch together?” You just entered the mall and suddenly you are surrounded by staff. Everyone is congratulating to you because you are the 10000th customer and they have decided you can shop, eat, drink and play for free for the entire week. You buy Willy Wonka’s chocolate and you get the golden ticket. Yes, the feeling is similar when you detoxify.

Personally, I feel, anyone who detoxify should be given an award of bravery, determination and self-discipline. Because getting a brat like you to clean your room is no easy task.


  • Eh? Feels Great!

Obviously, the next thing that comes to sense of accomplishment is the great feeling. Oh! You know! That feeling which makes you light, happy and enlightened, which gives the hunch that life is sorted out and makes you forget the reality in which you have to get an assignment that has to be submitted the very next day. Yes, that’s the level of greatness you feel when you detoxify. It is almost as if there’s no better tomorrow. And why wouldn’t that be? Your present is so far more better, eh?

  • Clarity, Clarity All The Way

Okay, so the junk is out, the essentials are properly stacked in, dusting, cleaning is done and you have an organised, functional and clean room, body, mind or laptop? Doesn’t it give you clarity? You know what you have and what you need to get. You know where to find the stuffs. You know what you want to be, who all are going to be in your life, who needs to see the exit, the thoughts that needs to stay and those who need to go for a toss. You have your game plan so strong that you can take on world any day!

Yeah eh, you need the matching pairs of socks? You have it. This takes us to:

  • You Find, You Save

You know where to look for what you need. Unlike me, who will ask the whereabouts of the thing she needs from everyone, only to realize hours later that she has it in her own cupboard. So, you find everything easily and within no time. So, you save both time and in many cases money, because you know what, I have seen people who cannot find their shoes anywhere, so they go out to get new ones and ended up with a bill of 50k because they ate, played and shopped as well along with getting the shoes. And when they come back home, what do they see? Their dog is playing with the lost shoe in the garden.

Anyone fancy a carpet with the tiger imprint?

  • Life Never Felt Better

Okay, so you feel great, you saved time and money, everything happens on the fingertips just like paying bills online. You have all the negative out and you are so surrounded with the positives. Everything is going great; you have organised room, so your mum isn’t yelling at you, the toxic friends are out of your life, so you feel happy, the damages that you have done to your body with all the pizzas, burgers and cokes, has been healed. Then why wouldn’t your life feel great? It is like that everything is perfect. And who doesn’t like perfect? Even when it’s just the illusion, because helloooo…. The brat from down the street just rang the bell for 10th time today. But, you are all good. Instead of yelling at him, you wait for him with pancake to soak his face because you are much more content in life and find joys even in the trouble.

  • Healthy Body, Peaceful Mind

I guess, it doesn’t need any elaboration. Detoxifying results in healthy body and peaceful mind, period. Because, duh! The internet screams so.

Now, what are you waiting for? Start already, bud! Get the junk out, organize your surroundings well; keep the needed and reuse, recycle and the other R the waste.

P.S. – All this happened yesterday, but I posted today.

Forgive Me

I will be honest. After being active on the blog; reading, writing, commenting, creating, etc. I have reached the saturation. No, not mentally. I very much want to read your blogs, keep up with you and also, reply as fast as possible.

But, physically speaking, I cannot stay up long on any kind of device that emits UV rays. Be it the smartphone, laptop or even television. I have allergies in my eyes because of which long time spend on electronic devices results in strained, red eyes. I need sometime off.

Don’t you think I will not be posting. Of course, I will be posting. But I may or may not be able to read your work or reply to your comments. Apologies, people. Please bear me and I will be back soon. Promise. No, not the usual promises. Heartfelt promise that I will be back.


Yup, this is it, the glass of reality. I have sagged, puffy eyes and really very tired
mind and body. I really am sorry, people.

It is been only few months and I am already so inconsistent. I guess, I have taken the work more than I can handle. But, I will do. I know my potential. And this month I am aiming for 100% posts, each day. I am determined and on it!

Though, still, health first, isn’t it? So, I will be posting but the response may be delayed, apologies, people, apologies.

Disabled vs Specially-Able

Because many of them have achieved what we couldn’t, even when we have all the means, period.

Hello everyone!

World is so full of different kinds of people. Long legs, short hair, warm complexion, skinny frame, large eyes, small mouth, nose that does not look straight (I do not know the exact word. Please, enlighten me!) etc. You name it and there they are.

Among us, many are, what I always refrain from saying, umm (God! It is so difficult) handicap? Differently-abled? Disabled? Physically/mentally impaired? But, to me, they are more of specially-abled people who are much, much capable than anyone of the normal ones.

When I posted Social Evil: The Four People, as a result of the discussion with The Inked Autist, I decided to do a post on my perspective on this.

Let’s begin with reflecting up on our own lives. Rewind your life and look what all have you achieved till now. Did you follow your passion and now you are an expert in the same? When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? Did you overcome any of your fear in past years? Do you remember anytime when you moved away from the coach and explored the world rather than sitting in front of the idiot box?

Most of us (mind you ‘most’ not ‘all’ of us) will have a negative answer. And I know, I understand we are human beings and we tend to be a lazy, procrastinator, hidden in comfort zone brats (and this comes from the Goddess of Indolence). Let me ask you question now, what makes you special when you, having all the body parts and the brain functional, cannot conquer your fears and achieve your passions?

No. I am not demoralizing you. I just want you to reflect up on this and introspect about the question I just asked, in the end of the post. Let’s not disrupt the flow, shall we?


Now, let me give you some real life examples.

  • There’s a painter, an amazing one, whose paintings never fails to mesmerize anyone. He paints by holding the brush with his legs, because he isn’t blessed with hands.
  • There’s a swimmer, who despite the fact has no legs, never fails even a day to show up to the pool.
  • An autistic child remembers the map of world, solves the maths problem that gives you nightmare, is a living 1024 TB memory device. (Yeah, I don’t know what comes after Tetra Byte).
  • A physically challenged lady topped the UPCS exams, the most difficult exam to crack in India.
  • A visually impaired guy’s voice is as beautiful to hear as the one of cuckoo.
  • For this one, I guess the name is enough – Stephen Hawking.
  • Albert Einstein, we all know what his school teacher said about him, don’t we?
  • Tom Cruise was a dyslexic child. And how many times  have you seen the Mission Impossible series?

There are millions others, about whom you and I aren’t even aware about. And they have, despite all the challenges, achieved what otherwise seems impossible for others. They have faced so many hurdles in life; their own challenges, the ignorance and negligence by beloved ones, de-motivation and ‘you cannot’ from the world, emotional sufferings and what not? Some of them are so heinous that even mere mention of it can give shiver down your spine.

But you know what? I truly feel that God made them in a certain way because the Almighty has unbelievable faith in them that they are the ones who can truly get past the physical and mental challenges and set an example for the universe. God has given them a chance that not many of us are blessed with, to prove themselves despite the barrier. To break the stereotypes that only the fully equipped can do everything. They are the special ones because God has sent them with a special purpose. They are specially-abled because they have the ability to do even the normal day-to-day stuff in an extraordinary way.

And no this post is not to demoralize rest of us. This post is a message to rest of the ones that the specially-abled people are already facing so many challenges in their life. If you cannot help them, at least don’t take their right away to do what they want to do. DON’T take their right away to live a normal life. Don’t take their right away of happiness. Don’t take their right of being with us.

Look at them the way you want others to look at you. Because you know what, an accepting look and a warm smile is that is needed to bring back a person from darkness.

It is my humble request to all of you, introspect about it and next time when you see a specially-abled person, do let that person know how special he is.)

P.S. – My eyes are sagging because of the amount of time I spend on blogging. I look like a zombie. “I. Want. Your. Brain. I. Want. Your. Brain.” says in cranky, scary, idiotic voice. Hey! Wait! Do zombies say the whole sentence, no, right? Let me give it another go.

With locked fingers and awkward walk, “Brain… Brain…..”

‘kay. Bye.

Social Evil: The Four People

There’s a phrase in India, a very common phrase, char log kya kahenge? (What will people say?) And yet no one knows who those people are.

These 4 words have destroyed many dreams. It has stopped a bud from blooming, a caterpillar from transiting and a seed from growing.

I came across an article by 

Also, I feel that these four people are interrelated to each other. One is the result of other; the other is created by the third and so on. Without further delay…

Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Society

The society, in which we grew up, has certain rules which the people living in it are expected to follow them. Otherwise how will those in power be in power anymore if the democracy prevails in nation? How will those upper class people be respected if the lower ones will not be treated as inferior? How will the patriarchal ego be soothed if the women will not be suppressed? How will the normal ones live if the LGBT will be accepted? How will be comfort enjoyed if someone takes risk? How will a particular profession will be respectable if others are given equal importance?

Yes, the society that we live in, we grew up in and the generations will continue to reside in is a social evil.

Oh, no, no, no, don’t get started with that it does not happen in urban areas, these rules are only followed in villages. No, my dear, even in those urban areas this still exists. If it was the case, then the newspaper headlines wouldn’t have been about the politician’s son, who drank and drove, killing 3 people just because he thought he is the son of esteemed dignity, so he can do anything.

  • Thinking

These societal rules, as we know, are ages old. The rules were formulated and made by the ancestors who died ages ago, were reborn, died and again reborn and may be today, they are currently living their 255th birth and suffering for what they did in their 1st birth (karma, karma all the way). These rules have been in our society for so long that now they have became the integrated part of our beliefs and thinking. These rules are no longer any rules; they are now norms and a way of life that no one wants to change. Because duh! We should blindly follow what our elders say. And being a rebel is going to get wiper, slippers and rolling pin all over your face, hands and legs.

“Bol karega tu? Phir karega aise?”, “Aise kapde pehan kar jayegi tu bahar?”,”Tune doctor hi bana hai!” “Kitne bar bolna padega ladkio ke saath na ghuma kar”

English Translation: “Say, will you? Will you do this again?”, “Are you going out wearing this kind of clothes?”, “You have be doctor”, “How many times should I tell you to not to hang out with girls?”

Haven’t we all grown up listening to all this?

Though, times are changing and India is progressing, but still there are many places where it still exists. People are not ready to accept and embrace the change because they feel what they have been taught and their thinking is right.




  • Discrimination

If the thinking is generations old, the result will be what was practiced in those times – discrimination. Discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, gender, age, sexuality, clothes, physical disability, profession, etc. is a social evil. In fact, I feel any differentiation (in a bad way) is being discriminating. The person who is discriminated, feels inferior, he loses his self-esteem and confidence in himself. Discrimination is a mental torture. A person knows how it feels, is the person who has gone through it. These age old discrimination are no longer relevant in today’s world. Progress in science and technology has demolished the reasons (health and hygiene) for the discrimination that might have been relevant in those times. But today, they are no longer relevant.

An open-minded and accepting perspective needs to be adopted for the complete extinction of discrimination.

  • Fear

The last of those four people is fear. The society, the thinking and the discrimination has inculcated a deep fear in hearts of people. The fear of not being socially accepted, being an outcast. It is the fear because of which the people don’t want to accept the change. The fear that others are gonna badmouth about them, they will be ill-famed and they won’t be able to live in the society anymore.

This fear has made several of us to be congested in the four walls of the house.

The society with backward thinking; led to discrimination; which resulted in fear.

We need a change; a revolutionary change that will lead to a open-minded, free thinking and accepting society, where a being will not be stopped from pursuing his/her dreams in the fear of what people will say? A person will not be refrained from their basic rights, where he/she will live with dignity and respect, others will look at them with acceptance if not affection; the person will live with freedom, safety and honor. That’s when the nation and its people will truly gain autonomy.

And this change is going to begin from us. Accept and encourage that one should be allowed to do what they want to do, live the way they want and how they want as long as it does not harm anyone. Change, Accept and Encourage.