Why You Need to be Vulnerable

Because being on edge of the mountain called Learning empowers you to lose the grip. Ultimately, you fly.

Let’s begin with a question, okay? Raise your hand if you ever wanted to be perfect. Raise both of your hands if you still want to be perfect. Oh come on! We all want to be: amazing body shape, confident look on the face, dresses that compliment us, super talented, popular and everything that has sequins and feathers. Unless you are an introvert (who would rather not be bothered, like me), yes, don’t shy away, you want to be perfect.

One more question, would you like to face humiliation of any sort after being perfect? In public? Okay, okay don’t give me that perplexed look which is asking, “Doesn’t perfect means being away from the disgracing situations?” Trust me, it is not.

In fact, being vulnerable to the embarrassing situations is the stepping stone to being successful.

img_20160914_205653Humiliation of being wrong, making mistakes, being the laughing-stock, facing failure, stones thrown at you, some day or other will lead to exemplary you. Because when once you have faced and conquered vulnerability, you loose the cloak of illusory perfectionism. You will want to try more, learn more.

And if you want all the more reasons why you need to be well-learnt, here’s the link to my one of the previous posts: Just Keep Learning!

Also, it is just matter of particular moment, just a moment. After that it is up for you to decide to hold on to that moment or to let it go (Remember Elsa from Frozen? Yes. Let It Go). Which alternative you opt decides whether you will be consumed or build up by that moment. None remembers, the only ones who do are already way behind (or lower, as matter of fact) than you. You can’t let them get the better of you, can you?

Of course, the perfect ones had to go through the same, too. The popular girl, the boy who leads the school football team, the one who got promotion within 6 months of joining, the one whose fashion sense you couldn’t stop admiring, everyone one of them goes through some or the other act of embarrassment.

It just their way of dealing, which makes it less of embarrassing when happened with them, but more when happened with you. Embrace the embarrassing and laugh it out when you’re a 60 years old with your grandchildren reminiscing about old times.

“You know? Once I fell off from the branch of a tree and then there was a hole in the ground, enough to plant another one.” *peals of laughter*

“But, you’re such an amazing trekker, granny. How could you have fallen?”

“That was just the foundation of making an amazing trekker” 

(I know falling from the tree is just a minor setback, but the example can be implied to any other situation, too. You just need to look at it through a different angle. What if the said person in the example locked himself up because everyone laughed at him? Surely, he could have missed the laughter with his grandchildren and also, the excellent giving-the-awe kind of punch, had he locked himself up in a nutshell.)

img_20160914_205616They were vulnerable, too. And still are, but it is the choice that they make everyday which makes it look like they haven’t gone through a single humiliation. See through the glitters and shines, you will notice the rugged and hard experiences which they chose to turn into firm well-learnt footing rather than lamenting over it.

Be vulnerable and take that step to experience it for once and for all. Because getting vulnerable means that you are ready to learn the lessons of life. You are learning the lessons of life. Lessons and tools that will set an example for others to be vulnerable, too, and they will mention you in their award ceremony thank you speech, “Because that person’s life story helped me to pluck up the courage and mould myself in a better person.”

If this isn’t enough for you to start-up and don’t know what is.

Get Vulnerable, Get Success.

P.S. You can mention me in your thank you speech, too. Just saying. *cheesy smiles*


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