A Drop Of Tear

Now, I will be honest with you all. It’s been over a month since I saved this draft with just the title and zero content. Finally, I have an idea for this poem. Enjoy!


The fight.

The battle, the conflict

Between you and the

External agents. To 

Pursue the passion or

To live the way

Of succumbed standards.


You wanted to cry the tears

Of exhaustion; kept a 

Brave face instead.


The soulmate.

The love of life, the better half

Scattered your trust 

on the beautiful feeling,

Left you alone in

The moment of 



You wanted to cry the tears

Of betrayal; smiled and

Moved on instead.


The trials.

The tribulations, the hurdles

Testing you and

Your abilities to the

Core of saturation.

Fizzling out, coming

To nothing.


You wanted to cry the tears

Of failure; went for

Round 2 instead.


The fears.

The self-doubt, the panic;

All of it held you back.

The golden moment

Gone, never to come 

Again. You craved 

To shine, yet 

Stayed back.


You wanted to cry the tears

Of regret; got back

up instead.


The void.

The vacant, the blank

Set your heart on 

Affection and

Recognition. The

Longing for your

Voice to be

Heard by someone.


You wanted to cry the tears

Of emptiness; spread the

Joy to fill the void instead.


Funny, isn’t it?

How a tiny drop of

Tear can carry 

So many layers

Of emotions.


P.S. – Today, Chrome crashed thrice, laptop wouldn’t corporate, the internet was acting all moody, I survived a heart attack (there was a time when this poem was (almost) gone forever) and my brain was on a replay mode; playing the songs that make me sadly strong (oh! You know that feeling, the song that feels sad yet in the end it makes you stronger than ever). Yet despite all the hurdles, difficulties and distractions, I posted today. So, make sure you appreciate it.

No, I am not standing behind you with a gun. This isn’t a threat. It’s a warning. If you won’t appreciate, Santa will not get gifts for you this Christmas. I will send a letter to him complaining that you didn’t appreciate my work. Mind you, I am very serious right now.

(says in a childish, irritating, brat kid way)


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