Lessons of 2016

Uh… Ahem… (Awkwardly and consciously walks in, speaking slowly)

Um… Hey, everyone! Here’s once active, highly enthusiastic blogger back after so, so long period of being MIA, aka, me. No, no, before you presume, I didn’t disappear in the air.

Nopes, haven’t given up on blogging.

Writer’s block? What’s that?

Fell on the head and lost my memories of having any blog ever, N-O.

Lack of time? More of lack of spirit to continue writing on regular basis. Yes, I had this drive in me, sometimes, to switch on the lap-tap and begin writing. Then, again, Universe couldn’t get the better of my off-spirit-self. Laziness – 1, Universe – 0.

Nonetheless, Universe doesn’t stop trying and here I am on the very first day of this baby 2017 year with stuffs to share and the lost-zeal-now-found to write. Though, admittedly, I find it hard to articulate all the things that are going on inside my tiny head. Let’s begin with what have been the talk of the town for the day – the review of 2016 and hopeful dreams for 2017.

Honestly speaking, the year 2016 has been like a mirror for me. For years and years I have been living in my fantasy land, imagining things I would love to see happening with me and doing negligibly too little for making it happen. I wouldn’t say I did the same in 2016, too, no; I took my baby steps, however frightening it may have seemed. And now when I look back, hehe, I cannot believe myself I did that.

I have learnt about myself and also about the various aspects of life through the mistakes committed (No, not talking about the time I spelt Merry as Meery). These lessons have helped me understand the importance of practicing and working hard, nurturing relationships, forgiving, letting go of what wouldn’t matter in next 5 years, focusing on your growth and most importantly, be happy from within.

For most part I am still that person who takes makes stupid decisions of acting even stupid-er and will continue doing so, because hell yeah, no one changes overnight plus that is what I am known for (:P). I had stopped talking to people whom I care about, said things that I shouldn’t have said, hurt people, backed out and all the things that make me and all of us more of a human than anything else.

But you know, what is the brighter and important part side of all my stupidity, I choose to learn from it and own up to the same in my gawky manners. Today, I look forward to future, to learn and grow.

And yes, it scares me to think about what might go wrong. But is there a hint of excitement of what could go right? Hell, yes! Bring it on 2017! (Please, be nice, too) xD

So, that’s a wrap for today!

At last I would like to share the New Year message that I circulated through my WhatsApp contacts. Here it is:

With the dawn of new beginning, I wish you a year of stepping-stones leading to the destiny as beautiful as the journey.

May you rise above the odds and soar higher than ever.

You learn and grow, are loved and stay blessed with the gifts of happiness.

The music, that sings you the notes of positive vibes and aura, be with you in your difficult times.

You create your future in the most unique way, building an example by being the light for those in dark.

Play your role in the best way possible, stay true to yourself. There’s one and only YOU.

Sail through the storms and find your way through the winds. You can make it.

**Happy New year**

May 2017 be the year of joyful moments and lessons that help you grow.

See you all next in few days!

PS- you can expect more of what all I self-realised in 2016. Happy New Year!



12 thoughts on “Lessons of 2016

  1. For years and years I have been living in my fantasy land, imagining things I would love to see happening with me and doing negligibly too little for making it happen. This exactly me. But i changed few months back. start with a motivational video. new beginning. learn to enjoy and learns the lesson to practice resistance. keep well. love and regards. Good luck

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, gurl! Looks like the both of us hit the same sour patch last year with blogging. Welcome back! Happy new year xD


  3. I thought you bid goodbye to blogging, but that probably was just a break. :)
    Have a great year ahead, and I am glad you took your baby steps and started off to your journey. :)


  4. I inevitably took another unintended break. So guilty! Nonetheless, I’m back and this time I’ve published regularly. Hopefully, will continue to do so.

    Happy to see people who feel joyous for others accomplishment :)


  5. I hit the sour patch all over again. So guilty of procrastination!

    Though I’m back again and have published 2 posts, already.

    I see through your posts you have been busy with your medical college admissions. I would love to have “us” back on our regular chit chats and blogging!

    Hopefully, see ya soon <3


  6. Thank you so much!

    I’m glad to hear that you found a way through bubble of fantasies and came out of it. And so did I! Now I’m more focused on doing rather than thinking.

    Thank you again for your valuable time on my post and your advice :)


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