Disabled vs Specially-Able

Because many of them have achieved what we couldn’t, even when we have all the means, period.

Hello everyone!

World is so full of different kinds of people. Long legs, short hair, warm complexion, skinny frame, large eyes, small mouth, nose that does not look straight (I do not know the exact word. Please, enlighten me!) etc. You name it and there they are.

Among us, many are, what I always refrain from saying, umm (God! It is so difficult) handicap? Differently-abled? Disabled? Physically/mentally impaired? But, to me, they are more of specially-abled people who are much, much capable than anyone of the normal ones.

When I posted Social Evil: The Four People, as a result of the discussion with The Inked Autist, I decided to do a post on my perspective on this.

Let’s begin with reflecting up on our own lives. Rewind your life and look what all have you achieved till now. Did you follow your passion and now you are an expert in the same? When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? Did you overcome any of your fear in past years? Do you remember anytime when you moved away from the coach and explored the world rather than sitting in front of the idiot box?

Most of us (mind you ‘most’ not ‘all’ of us) will have a negative answer. And I know, I understand we are human beings and we tend to be a lazy, procrastinator, hidden in comfort zone brats (and this comes from the Goddess of Indolence). Let me ask you question now, what makes you special when you, having all the body parts and the brain functional, cannot conquer your fears and achieve your passions?

No. I am not demoralizing you. I just want you to reflect up on this and introspect about the question I just asked, in the end of the post. Let’s not disrupt the flow, shall we?


Now, let me give you some real life examples.

  • There’s a painter, an amazing one, whose paintings never fails to mesmerize anyone. He paints by holding the brush with his legs, because he isn’t blessed with hands.
  • There’s a swimmer, who despite the fact has no legs, never fails even a day to show up to the pool.
  • An autistic child remembers the map of world, solves the maths problem that gives you nightmare, is a living 1024 TB memory device. (Yeah, I don’t know what comes after Tetra Byte).
  • A physically challenged lady topped the UPCS exams, the most difficult exam to crack in India.
  • A visually impaired guy’s voice is as beautiful to hear as the one of cuckoo.
  • For this one, I guess the name is enough – Stephen Hawking.
  • Albert Einstein, we all know what his school teacher said about him, don’t we?
  • Tom Cruise was a dyslexic child. And how many times  have you seen the Mission Impossible series?

There are millions others, about whom you and I aren’t even aware about. And they have, despite all the challenges, achieved what otherwise seems impossible for others. They have faced so many hurdles in life; their own challenges, the ignorance and negligence by beloved ones, de-motivation and ‘you cannot’ from the world, emotional sufferings and what not? Some of them are so heinous that even mere mention of it can give shiver down your spine.

But you know what? I truly feel that God made them in a certain way because the Almighty has unbelievable faith in them that they are the ones who can truly get past the physical and mental challenges and set an example for the universe. God has given them a chance that not many of us are blessed with, to prove themselves despite the barrier. To break the stereotypes that only the fully equipped can do everything. They are the special ones because God has sent them with a special purpose. They are specially-abled because they have the ability to do even the normal day-to-day stuff in an extraordinary way.

And no this post is not to demoralize rest of us. This post is a message to rest of the ones that the specially-abled people are already facing so many challenges in their life. If you cannot help them, at least don’t take their right away to do what they want to do. DON’T take their right away to live a normal life. Don’t take their right away of happiness. Don’t take their right of being with us.

Look at them the way you want others to look at you. Because you know what, an accepting look and a warm smile is that is needed to bring back a person from darkness.

It is my humble request to all of you, introspect about it and next time when you see a specially-abled person, do let that person know how special he is.)

P.S. – My eyes are sagging because of the amount of time I spend on blogging. I look like a zombie. “I. Want. Your. Brain. I. Want. Your. Brain.” says in cranky, scary, idiotic voice. Hey! Wait! Do zombies say the whole sentence, no, right? Let me give it another go.

With locked fingers and awkward walk, “Brain… Brain…..”

‘kay. Bye.


48 thoughts on “Disabled vs Specially-Able

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Although I am not a believer in God (though I am a spiritual atheist), I see where you’re coming from. Definitely stuff to think about.

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  2. Crooked nose is the right word I think. (the enlighten me part for not straight noses)
    Anjali, I don’t mind saying this a hundred times, I am a fan of your writing. I was waiting for your post since 4pm. I have observed that you usually post around that time.
    Wordpress has to come up with a “super like” and “best post I have ever read” option, for bloggers like you and readers like me.
    I do not want to write a long comment (I still remember that post of yours and a mention about those who post long comments). Lovely post. Liked it a lot. :)

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  3. Thank you so much! For. Everything. *_*
    I can never thank you enough for this. I’m so sorry I posted so late and you had to wait for so long. Apologises. The day was exceptional tiring of the month. But I knew, I just had to post today. Someone was waiting for me! :’D
    Thank you so much, Rekha. It really means a lot. A lot.
    Also, you can comment as long as you want. I never judge. Promise. O:)

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  4. No matter if you believe in God or not, I am hoping this post helped you in some way or another. Even if it made you feel slightest bit of positive and good, it would be success to me. Keep smiling!


  5. Again, a really great post so beautifully put across. Got to hand it to you Anjali, you choose amazing topics to write on and the work you put into it is commendable.
    It’s sad to think that people with a full body physique do little when compared to the physically/mentally impaired. (Also, that Tom Cruise bit, never knew that. That’s crazy. And also the swimmer with no legs. Every example was a ‘Holy God’ worthy but those two in particular stood out.)
    Great job, brotha!
    (Sorry for the long ads comment again. Its going out of control I know.)

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  6. Why. Do. You. Do. This? You make me speechless and flying in the air retard by your comments. Stop it! (just kidding! Please don’t do it. If you will not comment, how will I fly again? :’) )
    It just comes to me. These topics, the matter, the words. I just switch on the laptop, log in and start writing. I’ll be honest, I’ve been a social media addict. I used to stay online a lot and read. May be that’s why I am able to portray real life examples.
    Thank you so much! *_* it really means a lot to hear from you. Just makes my day! :’D
    It is said, when we are given something easily, we tend to take it for granted. Isn’t it so true? May be that’s why most of us don’t fully utilise what’s given to us to its full potential.
    P.S. – long comments are forever bae. Keep them coming! XD

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  7. It’s so amusing to me that everyday you have such great posts. I’m here sitting like a potato doing nothing productive except for those I actually sit down and decide to write something. So kudos to you for finding such great ideas and never failing to impress.
    We definitely tend to take stuff for granted when all’s being given to us. Sigh.

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  8. it’s always nice to have a reminder like this to kick us in the butt! there’s no reason why we can’t achieve what we want to achieve. one reason I believe people don’t succeed in life is because they can’t put things into perspective as you did in this post. if a man with no arms can create beautiful works of art then why can’t I? this was a great post for two reasons. one because you put those who seem handicapped in a good light and second, because you remind us that compared to others, achieving success should be almost easy for us. nice post :)

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  9. Help me!! I am drowning in your thank you’s. ;)
    You know, you are really my twin. I got to know you are the rompy one too, just like me. (types of Indian girls post)

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  10. One of those reads that do not go to your mind and have you ponder but straight to the heart and have you want to do something about it.
    Really really loved this Anjali.
    Lots and lots of love coming at you from Pychedelic Bay. – Cezane

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  11. Thank you so much! It really means a lot when your work is liked so much by many. I’m glad my post could bring a slightest change in the perspective and influenced you to do something for the cause.
    Thank you, again! Keep smiling!

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  12. Really? You know, I too wished I had a twin sister. But then I realised that I will have to share my stuff with her. :p
    So am I your virtual twin?

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  13. Woahh…! Thank you!!
    Though, I feel we don’t achieve because we take what we have got for granted. That’s the reason we don’t fully use our potential. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It was great to hear from you. Keep smiling!

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  14. Yeah! Hehe! Pretty much a crooked nose! xD
    I’m glad you liked it so much and my post influenced you in a positive way. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts! Keep smiling!


  15. Now, if I’ll reply to this one, I’ll get back to my ‘granny mode’ getting all full of advice! xD I’ll lecture a kilometer long on this!
    Though, thank you so much! I’m glad someone recognises my efforts :’D

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  16. Haha.. Seeing is believing you see. With artificial intelligence being used everywhere these days, you never know who is real and who is a bot. :p

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  17. So true. Though, I feel the main reason is the one I stated before. If people start believing in themselves and their potential, no matter what kind of how big obstacle comes in their way, they won’t back out. They will try and try unless success is not achieved.
    Thank you, again!

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