Never Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

As much as we want to be best version of ourselves, there are times when we feel… umm despondent? Lack of spirits, zero motivation and, sometimes, we are just hopeless about something or other in life. But, whatever the case might be, never forget these things in life. No matter what others say, never let anyone, including yourself, tell you otherwise.

Hello, All!!

Today’s all about a reminder to you, what you might have forgotten about yourself. Or maybe you remember, so it is just a revision for you. Never Forget That:

  • ‘Cause You’re Amazing Just The Way You’re

Girl, Boy, lady, gentleman… Whosoever is reading this let me tell you one thing. You are a beautiful, imperfectly perfect (because pfftt… being perfectly perfect is way too mainstream and a hallucination), amazing just the way you are. No matter how you carry yourself, as long as you are comfortable in your own skin, you are a beautiful being in this universe. Look yourself in the mirror right now, notice how charming and enchanting the God has made you. Also, this heading is in reference to the song Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars.

  • You Excel Like A Boss In What You Do

You know? Okay, if you do not know, let me break it down for you. You are the best at what you do. If there’s something you are really passionate about, broda, even if you know nothing about it now, learn and soon you will be the best in it. Supreme, excellent, outstanding; these are the words that define your work, nothing less. And if a brat tells you otherwise, rise above all and shut their mouth with your success. Because, duh, the fire in you can never be extinguish so easily.

  •  Ain’t Need Anyone For Existence

Because, yes, you are a strong, independent, fiercely fearless warrior who knows how to survive on his/her own. Not only you can survive on your own, you can also, grow, rise and shine. You don’t need anyone to define you. You so have your own identity. Also, YOU are all you need. You don’t have to find someone to make your life happening, you have already got that person – You.

  • Happiness is Your Birthright 

Do I really have to tell you this? Broda, you deserve happiness. Do Not Let Anyone Tell You That You Don’t. Because when you are happy, everything is so good. If any hurdle comes in your way, you can get through it, if you are truly, genuinely happy. Let me explain this with a work out. Imagine you are, umm, sad. You are all lost and walking like zombie. Suddenly, you find yourself in a pit of mud and crease because you were so lost to even notice it. Now, think, had you been happily riding a unicorn, would you have fallen in that pit? See? Be happy. It will save you from falling in to an open manhole.

  • Settling For Less? Nahhh…

You deserve the best, nothing less. Why should you settle down for anything and everything, when you know, you deserve Brad Pitt, the dress from Forever 21, gadgets from Apple, dinner at 7 Star, a trip to Paris. Okay, okay don’t aim for Brad Pitt, that would be too irrational but don’t settle for less either. When you are priceless (refer to point 1), then why should you go for anything less? Keep your standards high, broda. 

IMG_20160625_171011 (2)

P.S.- You can thank me for this reminder. I know, I have done a good work. *insert shamelessly narcissistic emoji*

P.P.S. – That word written in pink below in the image is Strong. Yep! I made that!


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