It is okay, you gonna be alright

This is for everyone who has been depressed/sad way longer than they should.

I see you, friend and I know you too

For you and I are one and same

In state of being of our higher selves


I see your fights, I see your battles

With the world and yourself


The wrath and agony, buried in

depths of your heart, is blowing up

the atoms in your body.

Helpless, you seek somebody; ANYBODY


You fight those emotions, resisting

the trauma they make you go through.

Swallowing the emotional rage,

hoping it would relief the distress.


You become heavier inside, instead. 


Don’t suppress those emotions, my dear.

For once , let it out all out. Let your

eyes flood your cheeks, yell, shout

curse persons, and everything else

throw that vase on the mirror, if you please


Do it till not even the crumbs of misery

is left in you.


And when your heart and soul is void,

go back to the time in your baby days,

remember the happiness of Sunday ice creams.

Go out and get one, let the melted, cold

sweetness of it dissolve in you.


Walk in the park with your headphones on

Play Happy by Pharrell Williams, 

tap your feet to the music and Just Smile 

or dance with the tree to your next


On your way back home, stop by to your

friend’s. Remember to hug her and

say, “I love you”, then get the series of Friends or

was it GoT you longed to watch? Set the popcorn, chips,

and every other junkie. Be the couch potato

For the remainder of day.


As you come to end of the series, open up

The Alchemist and read the first twenty pages.

And when you are all set to call it a day,

remember to smile and feel

the joy and happiness you filled in today.


Carry it in your heart to get on

with now, tomorrow and every day.


From your best mate






Hey there, Bud!

You know what seems most strange to me, that the emotional swing in sadness is considered so abnormal by not only others but also by the victim himself. Such state of gloominess, anger, hopelessness, pain is as normal as you experiencing euphoria. One extreme emotion is just as true and normal as other.

Experiencing either of them makes you more of a human being than anything else. To be human is to feel. Everyone feels the emotions. Some feels much stronger or lesser than others. Suppressing them is like feeding them to grow bigger and bigger into a brat, rebellion teenager. NOT EASY TO HANDLE!

The more you press the spring the more violently it will bounce back, right?

Elsa was so right when she sang “Let it go”. It is okay to rant, cry, or throw things (not on your innocent friend, please. Would you really like to see your friend with one eye or one limb? Ugghhh!). Don’t fight it. This isn’t the battle you would want to win.

It is okay to feel that way and trust me; you are going to be alright and much, much better.

Every once in a while, you need to empty yourself of those emotions. When it is getting too much for you to handle anymore, just feel the pain, the anger, anything you have been holding on for so long. Channelize it out of your heart and soul.

As you do so, you will feel those emotions much, much more, until you reach to the point where the negative emotion goes down the hill, onto the trampoline, jumping off in the garbage bin, taken away to the dumping area where it rots to its death.

And you’re left with what?

An opportune moment to fill yourself with positive vibes *let’s get all smiles*

Do remember to take that opportunity and use it to the fullest. Get back up, highhh on life and this is my pray for you, may you be the jolly molly eating toffee in the balcony with your puppy….. hehehe! Okay, forget what I just said and get on with your life xD

In my geeky meeky way, see yaa next week!

PS: Your witty lady just posted continously for second week! Time for celebration BD (<- is an emoji, you know, one with sunglasses and huge smile. ‘kay bye.)


Just Like a Relationship

You enjoy liberty,

Taking for granted the

Bond of several years

Or few moments.

Forgetting, friendship is

Just like a relationship.



How is that even possible?

You must be kidding, girl!

Friendship is way less

Troublesome than relationship.

(In fact, not at all!)



The foundation of both

Lies the same;

Care, love, support,

Understanding and a

Connection so strong.



The care you see,

It is open in a relationship,

But hides behind the laughter

When you slip on floor,

Concealed in the

Hand that comes forth.



The 3 magical words,

Spoken in a relationship,

Hides behind, “You my bro,

Homie!”, said

With a kick right in

The a**.


The shoulder in

The relationship, hides

Behind the punch on the

Face, “You. The. Bawse.

And you ain’t giving up.”

Ouch! The boost hurt!


The mutual understanding

Of a relationship, hidden

Deep behind the pizza 

Ordered for soothing 

Your rough day, even 

Before you asked.


The bond of

Relationship can be 

Seen through the eyes,

But, the bond of

Friendship hides

Behind the hundred of 

Offensives and million

Of insults. 


Author’s Thoughts:

Friendship is a beautiful relation. Nothing is ever said in words, the act showcases the thousands of feelings. Because it is never about being sweet and nice, in a friendship it is always about being brutally honest and strong shield. It is just like a relationship, you need all the essence of it here, too.


A true friendship will demand of it. Yes, no matter how it seems, after many, many years of friendship you will have to put in efforts to keep it going. The bond, the connection only gets stronger after that. Otherwise, it gets lost in the mist of misunderstandings and distances. But, you know what? Even after the months and years of gap, a single text reading, “Are you still alive? xP” brings a smile on your face.

It isn’t that complicated with right people. We make it complicate. And when did ever a text of kilometer long full of abuses and insults (which will be laughed at later) go wrong?

That’s the luxury of a friendship, you see right through it. Dedicated to all of my old to new friends. Cheers to our bond! (Remember me at least once in a  while, idiots!)

A Drop Of Tear

Now, I will be honest with you all. It’s been over a month since I saved this draft with just the title and zero content. Finally, I have an idea for this poem. Enjoy!


The fight.

The battle, the conflict

Between you and the

External agents. To 

Pursue the passion or

To live the way

Of succumbed standards.


You wanted to cry the tears

Of exhaustion; kept a 

Brave face instead.


The soulmate.

The love of life, the better half

Scattered your trust 

on the beautiful feeling,

Left you alone in

The moment of 



You wanted to cry the tears

Of betrayal; smiled and

Moved on instead.


The trials.

The tribulations, the hurdles

Testing you and

Your abilities to the

Core of saturation.

Fizzling out, coming

To nothing.


You wanted to cry the tears

Of failure; went for

Round 2 instead.


The fears.

The self-doubt, the panic;

All of it held you back.

The golden moment

Gone, never to come 

Again. You craved 

To shine, yet 

Stayed back.


You wanted to cry the tears

Of regret; got back

up instead.


The void.

The vacant, the blank

Set your heart on 

Affection and

Recognition. The

Longing for your

Voice to be

Heard by someone.


You wanted to cry the tears

Of emptiness; spread the

Joy to fill the void instead.


Funny, isn’t it?

How a tiny drop of

Tear can carry 

So many layers

Of emotions.


P.S. – Today, Chrome crashed thrice, laptop wouldn’t corporate, the internet was acting all moody, I survived a heart attack (there was a time when this poem was (almost) gone forever) and my brain was on a replay mode; playing the songs that make me sadly strong (oh! You know that feeling, the song that feels sad yet in the end it makes you stronger than ever). Yet despite all the hurdles, difficulties and distractions, I posted today. So, make sure you appreciate it.

No, I am not standing behind you with a gun. This isn’t a threat. It’s a warning. If you won’t appreciate, Santa will not get gifts for you this Christmas. I will send a letter to him complaining that you didn’t appreciate my work. Mind you, I am very serious right now.

(says in a childish, irritating, brat kid way)

Someone Out There

There’s someone out there

Who stays with you, even

If it means to fight the world. 

He stands by, being your

Source of strength.


There’s someone out there

Who listens to what is left

Unspoken by you. He gets 

The soothing chocolates and

Flowers that mesmerize you.


There’s someone out there

Who gives meaning to the 

Words – loyal, honest and 

Genuine. He treasures the

Trust you entrusted in him.


There’s someone out there

Who believes in you, uplifts

And stimulates the passion

In you. The passion otherwise

untold, left in the dark.


There’s someone out there

Who loves you for who are

And what you are. He would 

Rather see you grow than

Change any bits of you.


There’s someone out there

Who shouts to the world, the

priceless possession he has got –

You. He sees you in a way, that

makes you blush and turn red.


There’s someone out there

Who loves you, who cares 

For you, who cannot see the

Sadness in your eyes. For whom

You are his part of soul.


There’s someone out there….



Author’s Thoughts

Isn’t love something that everyone, even the flora and fauna, needs? Love is something that can make us feel alive and as well as living dead. Love can make us full of life as well as an empty soul. Love can change you life for good as well as for worse. Isn’t it true? Love can go either way. But they lead to similar destination – a beautiful place of sea, beach, lovely sunset, birds chirping, silent breeze and a wooden house on a cliff where you are living with your soul mate.

Some time or other we all have failed in love. But does that mean that there isn’t someone out there who can redefine the love for us? No, sweetheart, that is not true. Sooner or later, you will find that one person who will make you forget the past and that person will make you look forward to your future. At the same time, he is going to make your present a dream, a fairy tale. I know, real life is something really different from fairy tales. You will have to fight for your love, go through the struggles and sometimes you might as well have to get your heart broken. But in the end, trust me on this, it is going to be and they lived happily ever after. Isn’t the true love worth it? So, never ever give up on love.

P.S. – This post isn’t specifically for girls who have gone through hard times in love. This post is dedicated to everyone who have gone through this. You can replace he with she. 

Listen To What I’m Not Saying

You came in my life, 

With a breeze of infatuation

And stipulation of adapting

To your never ending ‘requests’

For your fake prestige. 


I tried; failed. Musing over 

and over again, “Can you not

love me for how I am?”

I wish you listen’d to 

What I am not saying.


Just as, when I felt, 

It is going to be better.

A dagger was penetrated

Deep into my heart.

What was my fault?


Your ‘reasons’ were salt on

The wound. Yet, I stayed with

Unanswered, “How could you?” 

I wish you listen’d to

What I am not saying.


You touched my soul, in 

A way no one had. You 

Were closer than anyone

Else, the sole confidant of

Secrets never told.


But I was not the only

One in your life. Insecurity,

self-doubt impaled my mind.

I wish you listen’d to

What I am not saying.



Horrors and fears shaped

me in a devilish monster.

I acted towards you in a

way, that can’t be forgiven.

I, still, am guilty-ridden.


I blabbered, when I should

Have been silent. The words

still haunt me down, I’m

Blameworthy. I wish you listen’d

To what I am not saying.


The day you went away,

Left just one word for me –

Sorry. How my eyes were

screaming, what my words

Could’t say, “Be with me!”


My heart longed for affection,

Yet the wounded soul remained

mum, as you were adamant

mountainI wish you listen’d

To what I am not saying.

My Unhealthy Story

This was my first attempt at writing a poem. I was in grade 10 back then. The first two lines came to me when I was sick (I get sick every now and then), which ultimately took the shape of a poem. I know, it is not what I usually write and post. I wanted to share my first poem with you all, so that’s the reason I am posting it. Enjoy!


Coughing, sneezing all the time

Dull, sleepy face, lost all the shine

There’s irritation in the nose

Asking tissue from all


There’s doctor on the door

Going to give medicine for sure

Some bitter, some sweet in taste

Have to take them all

For my health’s best

This is the story

When I am unhealthy

Hope you all pray for me

Aaa… aa… aaa…. aaacchiii!!!!

(Excuse me please!)

Second Childhood

It is said that a person experiences his second childhood when he steps in to old age. But is the second childhood same as the first? When the parents gave everything away for their little one’s childhood, same parents are thrown away in their second childhood. Why?


A life begins with a childhood

Ends with the same stage

Like a circle, the beginning

Meeting the end.


First came being edentulous

So the second, finding difficult

To speak, others couldn’t

Interpret what they say.


Both of them stubborn at

Heart, want they fancy at

Any cost. One would wail,

The other chided away.


Had millions of question, each

Asked billions times. One had

Patient answers, a deaf ear

Was turned to other one.


Tripped while walking, one

Had a support, the other

Left with a wobbling,

Old stick.


One cry, thousand came

To help one. Other’s thousand

Cries didn’t stir even

One rigid, hard soul.


A loving, aesthetic life

Lead one. The other lived

With struggles, hard times

And sobbing heavy eyes.


Both needed love and care

First had parents. Same

Left alone, in old age home,

During second childhood.

The Storm

There comes a time in one’s life when a storm takes over. The storm comes with bundles of detriment and distress. But how many of us survive it? How many of us get lost in the squall? Read on…


A fine sunny day

I decide to make way

A part of me says

“Where you are, stay put”


Shutting my eyes to the voice

I move ahead to explore

Discovering the horizons

Breaking the barriers


Looking up to the sky

I feel determined

“I’m a wanderer

And I’m not going to halt”


As I went ahead on journey

The day turned windy

Swirling dark clouds took up the sky

Sunbeams nowhere to be seen


Looking around, finding shelter

Suspecting a thunderstorm on way

“It was supposed to be fun..

Going to be damp instead”


Gusty waves grew stronger

Overpowering everything around

Including me, the voice cross my mind again

“May be the intuition was right”


Fears inside; struggles outside

Twigs, sticks and sand whirling

Each step heavier than last

The vision became blurry


I looked back, how it was

Before lies how it is

Torn between what I’ve left

And what I seek


“I’m a wanderer

And I’m not going to halt”

Recollecting what I want

And why am I here


It is not easy and

Never will be so

Giving up is not what I choose

The voyage has just began


“Going back is not an option”

Ahead I proceed, hell-bent on my desire

A fade light caught my eye

I rush towards the bizarre


All soaked and shivering

With the bruises and cuts

I take step after step

Getting closer to the ray


My body feels numb

Stumbled, the Earth my support

I looked around, where I’ve made

Serene calmed my nerves


The sky gained lost shine

Came the Sun, out of its hide

Reminded me of my relish

The storm I survived…