You Never Know…

Life is so unpredictable. Who knows what might happen to someone in the next moment.



Listen to what they are not saying.
See what they are not showing.
Feel what they are not revealing.
Above all, reach out for them.


31 thoughts on “You Never Know…

  1. So true. Reminds me of a tattoo I saw some time ago. It was an ambigram that when read right-side up it said “I’m fine” but turn it upside down it reads “save me.”

    You never know what personal battles someone might be fighting. We should strive to be non-judgmental.

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  2. Unpredictable! That’s very true. You could be walking down the street minding your own business when the sole of your shoe suddenly comes off. That’s exactly what happened to me last weekend. :)

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  3. I guess, they can be anyone. They can be a person whom you have met 5 hours ago. They can be someone whom you met just once that too long time ago. From a waiter who always knows what you want to the person whom you often see on the bus you travel. Anyone and everyone who is capable of seeing right through, can be your saver.

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  4. It happened with both the sandal. xD
    I wasn’t hopping. I was more looking going with a brave face and the soul screaming, “ouch! That was a stone. Ah! The twig. Damn! Something bit me.” xD

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