Hey, there!

With warm smile and open arms, I welcome you to my tiny world of not so tiny thoughts and ever wandering imagination.

Let’s talk you through my virtual world – Eloraquence. After going through dreaded dictionaries, etymology of thousands of words, searching in Latin, Greek and Martian, and then coming back to the third planet, you will realize that no such word exists.

Of course, it does not. At least not in the club of fancy, evolved-over-the-years, well-known (or otherwise) words. But, right here, at this digital space, it does exist.

Eloraquence is a portmanteau of the words aurora and eloquence, hence the meaning, “a fluent writing to influence a new beginning in one’s life”. A motivational blog site, where you will find my creations in the forms of articles, poems, short stories, random rants and occasional art works.

The central idea of the blog comes from the deep desire to make a positive impact on one’s life through my little, baby steps; to reach out to those who are fighting to survive another day and not only tell them, but instil in their soul that, “It is worthwhile.”

And, oh! The package comes with a surprise gift hamper of humor, so that we can end the day with a note of smile along with vibrant, sparkling, ever-lasting positive vibes.

I would love to have you on board with me. Together, we will sail to the island of never-never land!

P.S. Hi! I am Anjali Soni, the curator behind Eloraquence. You can always find me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Sure Anjali☺…its a pleasure to be a part of your journey and blogging world.

    The way you get easily mixed up with
    people thats a awesome of yours.

    Oops!! Forgot to introduce myself..its me Kiran.

    Have a wonderful day.

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  2. [Found you at the Community Pool] Scridles are pretty cool, and makes you a 21 century designer. I hope they make your day, especially when you need to just sit and do nothing else, but something this creative. I imagine it would take your mind away from your troubles, or give you an outlet with which to further explore them. Either way, you’re on to something of benefit. And it seems, might even be worth catching. Bravo!

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  3. I would definitely love to have you aboard. The detailed description and insight you provide is worth reading. I’m sure through your blog one can learn a lot. (I’ll check your blog soon. I could have now, but the site doesn’t load in the app. I’ll go through it tomorrow.) keep smiling!

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  4. Thank you for the nomination. I’m honored to be nominated, but please pardon me I cannot do a post on it because I’ve decided to make my blog awards free. I hope you will understand. Thank you again for considering me for the nomination.

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