I wrote this short story for a creative writing competition in my college. This is the edited, elaborated version of the original. Enjoy!

The first sunlight, marking the beginning of the day, reflected upon the flowing river. The chirping of the birds filled the silence with their melody. The sky turned light yellow-reddish in color, a new day, a new beginning.

Grace sat on a rock, lost in her deep thoughts. Unaware of the silent figure that stood behind her, she kept looking absent-mindedly towards the horizons. The tap on her shoulder brought her back to senses.

“Hi, what are you thinking?” asked Sophia, the only known person in the city of strangers.

“I like it here, nice and silent, away from city’s clamor and rush. It’s good to be here. Perfect refreshment for the weekend.” said Sophia sitting beside Grace.

“I want to go back. I will be going back.” said Grace without any expression on her face. She kept looking in the same direction.

“What?? Why?”

“It is a well thought out decision, Sophi. I want to go back. I don’t belong here. The countryside is where my destiny is. I have a family to support, they need me.” Grace’s eyes reflected the rejections, struggles and pain of three years. She had enough of it.

Sophia was taken back. She was very well aware of Grace’s trials and tribulation. But she never knew, the girl, whom she has known since childhood, changed drastically.

“Grace! Comeback! You’re not supposed to go there!” cried Sophia on top of her voice. But did Grace listen? Of course not, she went ahead, paying no heed to what Sophia was saying. “Just a minute!” said Grace, being playful. She climbed the cliff and reached the top. “See, I told you it was worth it!” Plucking the rare white roses, she smiled with huge satisfaction on her face. “You’re a strong and determined person. Stay the same.” said Sophia, lending a hand to Grace, helping her come down.

“But it has been your dream since forever. You fought with your parents for this, left everything behind, struggled all these years only to give up? Grace, you can’t do this.”

“I can’t go on struggling only to see failure in the end. Anyways, I’ve decided. I can’t stay where I don’t belong. I hope, being a good friend, you will understand.”

“Grace… “. Something on Grace’s face made Sophia silent. What could have she said? Grace was adamant on her decision. The stubborn Grace who was firm to make her dream – to be the enlightening singer for the lost souls in the dark woods, a reality, today, was firm to let that dream go away. There’s a limit to which a person can take rejections, isn’t it?

Tired Grace entered the room. Without saying anything, she laid on the bed, her face buried on the pillow. “What happened?”, asked Sophia while coming from the kitchen. “Nothing new, I had a call from Music Academy that I didn’t make it to the list second time either. Rejection letters are piling on the doormat. No one even wants to take me in. And today, the cafe owner said that because of me, the sales have gone down and now they don’t want me.” Grace cried uncontrollably. Sophia caress her hair, “You will be fine. Soon, you will make it happen.”

“Grace, listen. Do you really want to be any other commercial singer?”

“What do you mean?”

Holding Grace’s hand firmly, Sophia continued, “Everyone has a different path, a different journey. Also, they all have a unique purpose for which they are living. Some have it easy, some don’t. But does that mean those who couldn’t make it till now, would not make it with little more efforts? You don’t need a huge stage and large audience to spread your gleam. Embark on the journey, spread the light, and slowly and steadily you will make it, because I’ve seen it in you. You have all the talent, will power, strong determination to grow bigger and better in life.”

There was a sudden shine on Grace’s face. Her eyes illuminated like never before. The shine and the glow screamed what Grace didn’t say, she was ready to undertake the journey of spreading happiness and inspiration through her voice.




We all face hardships during our journeys, don’t we? We compare our days with the glorious victories of others, forgetting that they too had faced these hardships before reaching where they are today. Amitabh Bachchan was rejected by All India Radio for his heavy voice. In his early days, Rajinikanth was a bus conductor. Tom Cruise was a dyslexic child. Shah Rukh Khan had to borrow Rs. 20 everyday from his friend to travel to film city. Oprah Winfrey was molested during her childhood and early teens. Look, where they have made today. Miracles happen every day. You just have to believe in yourself and keep trying each and every day of your life. Because yes! you are destined to create miracles.


9 thoughts on “Enlightenment

  1. Thank you so much! Though, there’s a lot of need of improving. I tend to make (unconsciously) grammatical mistakes. Working on them! Thank you for stopping by and letting me know about your thoughts. 💖

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  2. Pardon me, I was using WordPress through smartphone. So, I couldn’t read your whole comment. I’m really happy that you could find hope after reading my post. I sincerely wish that you get out of the rough phase you’re going through with flying colours. Keep smiling always! You’re a strong and brave person. Much love! 💖

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  3. Thank you for your encouragement. I’m glad I could find a humble yet witty person like you. (your sense of humour can make anyone go LOL). Looking forward to read more of your blog posts!

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