My Unhealthy Story

This was my first attempt at writing a poem. I was in grade 10 back then. The first two lines came to me when I was sick (I get sick every now and then), which ultimately took the shape of a poem. I know, it is not what I usually write and post. I wanted to share my first poem with you all, so that’s the reason I am posting it. Enjoy!


Coughing, sneezing all the time

Dull, sleepy face, lost all the shine

There’s irritation in the nose

Asking tissue from all


There’s doctor on the door

Going to give medicine for sure

Some bitter, some sweet in taste

Have to take them all

For my health’s best

This is the story

When I am unhealthy

Hope you all pray for me

Aaa… aa… aaa…. aaacchiii!!!!

(Excuse me please!)


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