Roast Yourself

Those who watch videos on YouTube or follow any YouTuber, might have come across this recent challenge – Roast Yourself created by Ryan Higa. Some of you might already know that I am huge Superwoman fan, (Those who don’t know her, Google about her right now, watch her videos and then lament about why you didn’t know her earlier, in the same way I did), few days back I saw her video based on the same challenge and I absolutely loved it. So, the idea behind this challenge, in the words of Ryan Higa, is to think of yourself as another person and do exactly what the title says – Roast Yourself.

The message behind this challenge is that, it is very easy to judge anyone else. We all do it, don’t we? Whenever we meet, oh! forget meet, whenever we even see someone walking us by, we have this judgmental side of our brain formulating various presumptions based on how they look, how they have dressed, how they carry themselves, how they walk, etc. And some of us even have the audacity to let them know about your ‘Oh! So much awaited opinions’.  We don’t even think for a second that how much damage that ‘opinion’ might have caused to the self-esteem and emotions of that person.

Amidst all this, we forget that even we are as much flawed as anyone else. No one’s perfect. The only thing that is perfect is the chocolate cake show cased in the bakery, which my taste buds are longing to dive up on. And since you’re not a chocolate cake, you aren’t perfect either. When you will truly dwell up on it, introspecting about yourself; you will find that even you are having couple of flaws residing in you (and also they are not even paying you rent).

And when you judge yourself before judging anyone else, you stop yourself from hurting someone’s feelings. Also, when did making fun of oneself hurt anyone else? Don’t you think, it is much better than making fun of someone who is already battling a fight that no one else is aware of? Let’s take a moment to bring a smile on their face and make a slight positive difference in their life.


I always turn upset whenever someone makes fun of me. After coming across this challenge, I have decided to do it myself and get over with ‘She said that to me. Why am I so flawed?’ Instead, from this moment, I am going to embrace my flaws and be a better person. Also, love myself a little more. So, here it is, I roasting myself.

Hello, everyone!

It’s your Phoenix girl

That skinny soon to be 20

But looks like someone

In her early teens

There is a hothead devil

That inhabits in her

Beware, she eats people

I write like I am 

A descendant of Shakespeare

Most of the heavy words

Are the results of Google Uncle

When you will meet me 

You will realize that

I ain’t social butterfly

 I don’t talk half of what 

I say online

My humor is something

That will make your

Ticklish bone to run for his life

Still, I keep giving it a try

Whenever I try make up

And Girly things

I get offers of horror

Movies from film city

My eyes are watery for

Minimum thrice in a week

Because I always 

Cry like a baby

By now, you might have


I ain’t blessed with

Sense of Rhymes

As this is a challenge, I will be calling out for my fellow bloggers to do this challenge as well. Just kidding! I am not going to load your plate of high priorities anymore that need your already stressed out attention. But if you do want do it and spread the message, dude, just come aboard right now. We will make the world a little better place together. Let’s get roasted!

P.S. – Before you come aboard, do get me that chocolate cake with strawberry shake and butterscotch ice-cream.


23 thoughts on “Roast Yourself

  1. Yes I liked your idea, when we find flaws in others we are trying to enforce our mind with negativity. And that is no humour. That is just ignorance…

    Here is my roast of myself…

    Oh my god…i am not even good at roasting myself….the sense of humour I usually brag about is I think only imaginary. And that is not all, I am sometimes so arrogant that I feel that no one is more correct than me. And the icing on the cake is my carelessness towards other people’s feelings…
    Nice idea dear blogger…and the way you explained the point is remarkable. We should all follow it and avoid being judgemental..

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  2. I wouldn’t take the credit for the idea of Roast Yourself Challenge. It totally goes to Ryan Higa. Though I would take the credit for the explanation part. And also the roasting myself poem. Thank you so much for doing this. It isn’t mandatory but if you want you can write post about it, so that the message reaches to more and more bloggers. Kudos to world of open minded people and positive vibes! Keep smiling!

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  3. Did you know though, that apparently our distaste for everyone else is because we are so aware of our own flaws, the people that are the most judging have the most contempt for themselves, the people you see turning their noses up at other peoples outfits, hair and general appearance are the same ones that cake on their make up, and are constantly asking if they are pretty enough, I agree we should be more conscious of our flaws but everyone is subconsciously embarrassed about something and that is what comes out in spite of others

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  4. That’s the point of the whole message behind that challenge. That it’s alright to have flaws. Also, it is more than just being conscious about the flaws. It’s about accepting the flaws as they are part of you. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Accept the way you are, no matter what other says.
    I totally agree, it’s human psychology that when we are too conscious and embarrassed about the our flaws, we tend to bring others down so as to make ourselves feel better. There are people who do so, but there also people out there who are trying to make a better difference, such as the one who created this challenge. It is getting too mainstream that people make fun of others, so the idea of this challenge is to look at our own flaws, accept them instead of being embarrassed about them and to spread smile by making fun of ourselves.

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