Just Keep Learning!

Finding Dory is releasing tomorrow and I can’t wait for it!! Although, I am yet to convince my mother for letting me go for the movie. (Because answering to you are soon to be 20, behave like an adult now. That movie is for kids below the age of 10 is not easy.)  I gave the title Just Keep Learning so as to share with you all the excitement that Finding Dory is finally releasing!!!

Learning is a way of life. The person, who keeps learning, is the most successful person you will ever know. Most of the doing-well-in-life people, whom I know (not that fancy celebrities, but the real life people whom we came across.), kept learning, experimenting with different hobbies every now and then and today, they have discovered various talents. (Yep! My friends are way more talented than yours *insert tongue out teasing emoji*)

There’s a saying, if you won’t try, how will you know that you can do it.

Of course, there are things that you have particular interest in, but there also different things that you never paid heed to. But what if you came to know that you are an amazing surfer? Or that you can hike faster than others? Or that you can actually maintain the garden? Or you can play guitar better than the one performing on stage? What if you can speak like a great orator? That you can perform like a pro magician? Or you are blessed with the abilities of amusing stand-up comedian?

There are hundreds and thousands of possibilities out there waiting for you to explore. Exploring the possibilities opens the gate for discovering your amazingly talented, confident, strong self. And wouldn’t that be awe-inspiring? Obviously, you cannot try each and every thing that comes across your path. But, you can surely give some of them a go. Who knows, people might see a great personality, getting out of a limo, with limelight struck on him, thousands of people screaming for autograph while jumping on each other to get a glimpse and those sound and flashlight of *click* *click* *click*. Believe me when I say this, you can be that person. 


The only hurdle between you and that limousine, your comfort zone; that sweet poison comfort zone giving you all the content in life and freedom from hardship, while also stopping you from getting into that limousine. I know, I know all about your thoughts on this. You would rather stay in that comfort zone with your pajamas on, bowl of popcorn and watching that glorious scene on television than actually being in it. You nasty, little, coach-potato brat!! You’re already breaking hearts of your future fans.

Okay! Okay! Stop screaming at me, I get it. Getting out of the comfort zone means to jump into the large pit of embarrassment, shame and judgment of making a fool of yourself in front of the whole Goddamn world. Am I allowed to say something on it? Stop over thinking you full-of-excuses brat. Do you think that those people out there roaming in their brand new Audi didn’t face all of this? You know what? You should first read the not-so-highlighted-hidden-in-the-ground failure stories behind those glorious sequins and feathers. You will know that even those living in plush bungalows had to get out of their comfort zone, took all the dirt on their face and then reached where they are today.

So, jump out of your comfort zone, keep learning new things and unearth the popular, riding in a limo, in pajamas and with bowl of popcorn you.

P.S. – If you can convince my mother for letting me go for the Finding Dory that would be super great.


39 thoughts on “Just Keep Learning!

  1. Great post, well written and quite motivational too! Go watch Finding Dory and take your mom with you, tell her you miss being her little baby girl, she will go all soft and come along for sure! 😉 Cheers ☺👍

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  2. Hahaha thanks! I’m sure with already a little baby (quite literally) in the house, I can’t pull that baby girl line. I may have to put on *puppy face* *glitters in the eye* look to get the permission. 😂

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  3. It’s just people will try to pull you, knock you and stop you. If there is something very dear to you, you must reach to heights that no one can stop you from getting what you deserve.

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  4. It is time Phoenix toughens the shield and becoming powerful than never before, now that she has found the clan of Invincibles, the challenges will be tougher and so will the suggestion. Board On.

    It was related to what people say when u want to watch animation movies n they say no. Age has got nothing to do with it. Gone are the times when animation was a kids deal. Animation movies have lot more nowadays.

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  5. You do know, right? That would be cannibalism, which in fact is frowned upon in many societies. (I stole this line from Charlie and the chocolate factory. Shhhh… Don’t tell anyone 😂)

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  6. I am in agreement with each and every word of this post…really well written..congrats to you for this wonderful job..
    Keep writing…loved it..

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  7. we should all make it a goal to go to bed wiser than we did when we woke up in the morning because it’s not those who are the smartest or the brightest that succeed in life, but those who are learning machines. nice post:)

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