The Mask

Every morning when you wake up, putting on your best dress and heading out to get on with your life; do you go out with your true self? Or you put on a mask, showing the world what you are not?

The society we live in, the people we hang out with, the culture we grew up with, our surroundings and thousand other factors shaped us in way that made us what we are today. They mould us in a way that seems ‘fit’ and ‘appropriate’ from their perspective. Haven’t we brought up with never-ending dos and don’ts?

There are some of us who fight every day to stay true to themselves, while many of us get lost in the fulfilment of the demand of our environment. We hide our real selves behind the mask created by same demand and the desires, dreams and aspirations are murdered and buried deep in to our hearts. You may fit in the club, but you have already lost the star for the compulsion of fitting in the crowd of stones. You have lost your own shine to blend in the gloom of fake glory. You have lost the chance of standing out in an attempt to fit in. You have lost your ethics and morals for the joy and will of wicked devil in disguise. You have lost yourself to be like everyone else.

And in all this, you know what? You are deceiving not only others, but also yourself.


Let’s give some work out to that part of brain which apparently makes us forget the world by taking us far, far away in the land where fish flies, the trees talk, castles are built on the cloud and you own the place like a boss. Imagine that you are a prince/ princess (choose the role that suits you best). You aren’t allowed to be anything but only a prince/princess. You can’t go out and play, do your hobbies, run around or even be with the friend who lives down the street, in an alley that anyone can miss. All you’re allowed to do is be dressed heavy and full, keep your manners upright and behave in a royal style. Will you be happy?

See, even all the diamonds and luxury can’t make you happy when you’re forced to wear a mask and aren’t allowed to be yourself. So, why sacrifice your individuality and uniqueness when they are far better than being like everyone else. The mask you wear is going to take away your identity and, my dear friend, that is one terrible lose.

Do not apologies to anyone for being who you are. Because you are unique and a limited edition that even, God is proud to create. Don’t disappoint Him by being someone you’re not. You are a human being with your own individuality and own identity. Do not lose that identity for living an unhappy, imitated life and aimless existence. Instead, carry your true self, be original self and lead a happy and happening life.

Now, do yourself a favour. Throw away that mask right now, bring out the true you and show off to the world the priceless possession you’re. A wise person has said, “Don’t try to fit in, when you’re destined to stand out.”

P.S. – Finally, I’ve broken the promise (on my way to get my name in Guinness World Record) that I had made to myself in the beginning of this month. That was, I’m going to post every day this month. And I didn’t post yesterday. Hold on, broda! I couldn’t post yesterday as I had guests over my house and I was so engrossed in the conversation and other fun that I hardly had time to switch on the laptop and write a post. “I am so terrible blogger”, says in the most pathetic sympathetic voice ever.

I am so sorry, I broke your heart, please forgive me *starts howling like a month old baby*.Β You missed me, right? No? ‘kay. Bye. *again starts crying like a baby* I am never talking to you again. Just kidding! Please don’t go away. I like that notification which says “new comment, new like”.Β I will get you chocolate, but please,Β don’t take that notification away from me. Pinkie Promise.*snorts with laughter*



35 thoughts on “The Mask

  1. Fantastic piece of writing. I totally agree with your view. We generally live in a society wearing a “mask” thus hiding our true self from others.
    Well, i am a firm believer that we should be proud of what we are and we should be strong enough to show our true self rather than hiding behind a veil or mask.
    Let this article help people to accept their true self and let it inspire them to break free of their mask.
    Great writing. Keep doing well πŸ‘

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  2. Are you really expecting a chocolate from ‘soon to be named in Guinness World Records promise breaker’ πŸ˜‚
    Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it.


  3. I’m trying to start to post every day. Or, i’m hoping to at least. It’s tricky sometimes, but i’m just discovering ideas before I begin. Working on consistency. Nice fellow bloggers like yourself is a real motivation :)

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  4. Some promises are meant to be kept too, you know ;) Only the lousy ones are to be broken. And chocolates don’t come under that category :D

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  5. What a lovely post it is. So truly written fit for this fake world. Mask are temporary which shine for day but our originality remain till we go in heaven. Even many people have forget them self that who they are are .so I am totally agree with this post that throw this artificial behaviour and come in real that would be fruitful πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

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  6. Thank you! You get in the flow soon. Even, I didn’t post frequently when I started my blog. In fact, for 1 month my blog had only 3 posts. It’s been couple of weeks since I started posting regularly everyday. Just keep looking for inspiration and you will get going! Best of luck!


  7. Thank you so much! Though I don’t particularly agree on ‘world is fake’. It’s just few of us that hide behind the mask and that too for some reasons or other. World is a beautiful place only if we see it that way. For the rest of the part I agree with you. :-)

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  8. But you know wo ek line hai na jau ky sath ghun v pish jata hai so in whole I use world. Other world is a beautiful place bs we need to see it beautiful 😊😊😊

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  9. I’ll mind if someone re-posts my post!?! No way!!! I would be more than just happy! If the words get spread and I make a slight difference in anyone’s life, that would be success to me.

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  10. Till now, most of the posts have been based on what I’ve experienced. Those who know me personally, can see bits of me in my posts. Apart from that, I also look around for what’s happening and take inspiration from the same. You can get inspired from the movie you have seen, the song you have listened, the book you have read, your childhood memory, current affairs. Anything and everything can be your inspiration. And as the mail from WordPress said, it doesn’t matter if the topic you are writing about is common, as long as it’s your own thoughts and creations; it is original.


  11. That’s great! I often take on that approach actually. I’ve drafted several posts, though it’s just bringing them together and making it ‘post-worthy’. Thank you Anjali! :)

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  12. No problem, honey! From what I’ve learnt from my little blogging experience; some will like your posts, some will not. Just keep learning and you will improve. Your posts are already worthy enough to be published. Be proud of your creations as they are the ones that will build you and help you reach heights. Keep smiling! (I shall stop now. I’m getting into my ‘granny full of advice self’ πŸ˜‚)

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  13. Such a sweet post to read as one wakes up in morning. Good work Anjali
    Secondly it’s completely fine to switch yourself from blog, and engage in healthy and fun conversation with others as you stated.. So don’t take the blame of that as you have said in your blog. Life is more of a learning than of taking blames or saying sorry. Live it to the fullest. It will give you new memories and new posts to write. Have a nice day..happy writing

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  14. Thank you for all the support and kind words. I just added that P.S. So as to announce to the world that I’m soon to be named in the Guinness World Records for the record of most promises broken in such short time. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Though, I’m also proud that I could keep my promise for 18 continuous days without fail. Thank you again.

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  15. Reblogged this on The Thirty Something and commented:
    Is wine Wednesday a thing? Can it be? I sure hope so. While I am a total worker, a go-getter, ambassador of the “get s*it done” club, after taking a small sabbatical this past week, the life of leisure is really tugging at my heart strings.

    During my time off, I landed on this blog post by Anjali Soni, @eloraquence, on Word Press, and I felt the need to respectfully share it. Anajli treads the waters of a topic that many people wrestle with: Hiding your authentic self. Wearing a social mask can be exhausting and cruel to oneself, for what it seems, to live up to the standards, ideals, and expectations of others; how society thinks we should be living our lives. When we remove this mask and live the life that is authentic to us, we become more credible, we can relax, we can be real, we can trust that people like who we are for us and not who we’re pretending to be. Life becomes manageable when we release the force of control. Understand that nine times out of ten people will respect (and maybe even envy) our courage to be real; we may even give someone else the courage to do the same. Take a look at this piece, by who I feel, is a talented writer.

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  16. The only way I know about the same is through the show The Vampire Diaries. And oh! Also, in a bakery show, where a cake was made on the New Orleans theme. It had various masks and feathers on it. It was all bright and shiny (as far as I remember).


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