The Quote Challenge

So, I was nominated by 2 amazingly awesome bloggers for this challenge. I know it’s a three days challenge, but I can do just the day 1 as I am falling short of time, which is evident from the lack of comments, replies and liking. I am super busy in working for the grand changes on my blog and also, my day-to-day life needs some attention, too, apologies, people, apologies.

The nominators were: Unbroken Reverie and My Valiant Soul. Do check out their blogs for fresh readings!

There’s no point in sharing the rules as I am not going to follow any (Yep! I am a rebel).

I will be sharing just one quote that has been (for me) the most beautiful: Life is a climb, but the view is great. 


I came across this line when I was watching the movie: Hannah Montana: The Movie. I felt so deeply influenced by this one line. I cannot describe in words.

Same goes for the song The Climb by Miley Cyrus. I can relate to this song (along with many others) any day. This song feels like a flashback and future of my life. Thousand memories and experiences that I have gone through and will go, swim in my mind; making me both sad and strong. I have been a stupid and I have done the most stupid stuffs in past that still influence me, a lot. But I… I gotta keep trying. Gotta keep my head hell high.

 Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb

It’s the journey that matters, isn’t it? The journey that will knock you down, break you, struggles, chances; there’s always going to be a battle no matter where you are.

But, here’s the thing, right? Those hardships are going to mould you in a person that you will cherish throughout the life. Those who will know hear your stories, will get inspired by you.  You will be a stronger, confident and better version of yourself, who will grow each and every day in to a beautiful soul.

Whenever you feel like giving up, remember that something mesmerizing-ly beautiful awaits for you. Keep climbing!


Update on Changes:

Most of the aspects are almost finalized. I am working on the execution and it is going great! On 31 July, 2016, you will see a newly revamped Eloraquence. There is going to be major change in the layout and the schedule of publishing posts.

Also, get ready! My old posts will be bombarding your Reader’s feed and the reason is: THERE ARE LOT OF MISTAKES IN THEM! So, I will be reviewing, changing and correcting a lot.

And coming days, there will be posts about only the nominations for challenges and awards. Because, as I have mentioned, I am working on the changes so that from next month I can publish quality posts rather than the quantity of posts. So, I have little or no time at all to peacefully work on any post. And I want to give my whole heart, soul, sparkle and glitters in each of my post, which isn’t possible with the time I get. Ergo, I will be channelizing all the time and efforts for the big change.


Black Cat, Blue Sea

I just had to do this because the questions were more than tempting to answer. (I love QA, I love QA!)

Another day, another award! Yayy….!



So, I was nominated by Your Average Peahead (yet again) for the Black Cat, Blue Sea Award. (What does that even mean?) But, it had questions (interesting ones) and I wanted to answer.

Before we begin, let me tell you, even though she has been inactive for a while, Anya’s previous posts are great stress busters. Go, go, check her blog (after reading this post of course xD).

Let’s get started, shall we?

The rules are very much simple:

  • Anybody nominated can nominate up to seven other bloggers.
  • Anybody nominated answers three questions. The questions you ask while nominating can be any three questions. If any of the questions asked are offending or simply do not want to be answered, the nominee does not have to answer them to earn the award.

Answers to the Questions:

1. Why did you start blogging and how has it been so far?

Why did I start blogging? Because I wanted to!

It all started with me again wasting my holidays (like always). So to save the vacations from getting wasted again, I asked my friend to formulate possible rescue mission. One of the many options was: blogging. I shrugged off the idea thinking, “”Blogging and me? Nahh” But, in next few days I came across WordPress many times. So, I decided to start a blog through which I can reach many and change (even if only few of them) their lives for good. For more detailed descriptions, you can check out the post Blogger Recognition Award.

The journey with Eloraquence and its amazing readers has been A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Even if my day has been not so good, the comments, the support, care, love and loyalty of the readers brighten ups my day. I want to continue this journey of blogging till the end day. I guess, words can never define what it means to be here. I just want to say what I have said before; I truly, with my whole heart and soul, appreciate you all.

2. Tough choice, I know but, which would you rather prefer- Reading or writing. Why? (5 marks.)

You know? By asking this question, you have just reserved a special place in hell where you will be caged in a glass box and there will be extra cheese pizzas outside. You can see it, watch it and also smell it, but you won’t get to eat it. Enjoy!

Uhh… Reading or writing? Umm… Uhh.. Which one? *curses silently* Damn you, Anya!

And the Phoenix died, thinking for her rest of the life, “Reading or writing?”

Writing because after doing Akad Bakad Bambay Bo, I landed up on writing, happy? (I need 5 Silk for this one.)

Those who don’t know, Akad Bakad Bambay Bo is an Indian rhyme used to decide what to choose between many options available. This rhyme has been very helpful at times when I was stuck between vanilla and strawberry, MCQ in exams, Tom&Jerry or Mickey Mouse, white top or blue top, to reply a text or not to reply, etc. You get it? Good.

3. What’s your greatest strength and what’s your gravest weakness?

Greatest strength: I can read a book in one day flat. The only book that took me time to read was Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. But in my defence, at that time I was going to have my 10th grade exams in less than a week. Still, I managed to finish the book in three days.

Also, I forget eating, drinking, sleeping and attending the nature’s call when I am reading. Yes, you can cheer for my dedication.

Gravest Weakness: Oh! I know. I cannot control myself from cheering for Team India in a cricket match. I would be sitting on a couch but I will shout like I am in a stadium. I just cannot stop myself for shouting out for Team India. I become so vulnerable that I wouldn’t be bothered by my surrounding and I let the craziest side of me out.

My Questions:

1. What is the silliest funny memory from your childhood?

2. If you have a day to enjoy everything at Mall for free, at which section you’re most likely to be?

3. You wake up and you find that the world has turned into your favorite movie/novel fantasy. What would it be and why?

Finally, the Nominees:


Stories From My Diary

The Inked Autist

Advaita Inamdar

Petra Omoregie Caroline

Perfect Reverie

My Valiant Soul

I hope you all do the Award as well. Have a great time doing the post!

Update: There’s something that I want to share with you all. I will be posting with a day’s gap in between for this month. There’s something I am working on for the blog. By the end of the month I let you know. There’s going to be many changes happening. So, here’s another chance for you all to make any suggestions or feedback regarding any aspect of the blog. Either comment below or you can send in the suggestions through Contact page.

I have realized that my blog is in a transition phase. And without getting hasty and hard on myself, I should work on the betterment of the blog and quality of the content. Because better the content, more the readers will enjoy.

Have a great week ahead!

Importance of Detoxification

Today, when I switched on the laptop and I took a look at the desktop, I felt like (as always) I am in a pit of mess. So many images, folders, documents (most of them unnecessarily taking up the space) and I would have (like always) ignored it and continued my work but a prompt message delayed my work almost by like 3 hours. Okay, okay it was just one and half hour work, for rest of the time I had to take care of my brother. But that does count, ‘kay?

The prompt message said that there isn’t enough space to keep the smooth flow of the laptop working. Therefore, start cleaning up, you hot mess! Okay, it didn’t say that. It was a far more polite and formal prompt message. But in my defence, my brain interpreted so.

And then, the Ms. Universe of Keeping Things Organised went on the Mission CleanUp; dusting the whole space, creating proper files and folders, putting the documents in appropriate places, deleting the junk and the repetitive images, transferring to other drive, etc. Finally, after all the hard work, I was able to clear up approx 140 GB of almost spaced out 200 GB drive. Now, if you won’t cheer and shout out for me, I am getting you no presents on your birthday, mind you. *annoying retard expressions*

Then I took a look at the desktop, which apparently has hardly 4 icons, nothing else. It felt empty, but at the same time, it gave a strange peace of mind. Of course, a sense of accomplishment was already on me, but that felt different. And the creative side of the brain gave a prompt message, “This is an idea for today’s blog post, if you get it, idiot!” (My mind curses a lot, just saying.)

So, I connected what I just did with life and *BAM* here is today’s post – Importance of Detoxification. Without any further delay, let’s begin, shall we?

But before we start, let me be clear, detoxification can be of anything, ranging from body to mind, your life to the messy room. These importances can be implied to detoxification of anything. Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Sense Of Accomplishment

Just as I mentioned, the sense of accomplishment is beyond imagination. Detoxification feels equals to getting a bungalow on cloud 9. The door bell rings, you open the door and you find Shahrukh Khan on the doorsteps saying, “Can we have lunch together?” You just entered the mall and suddenly you are surrounded by staff. Everyone is congratulating to you because you are the 10000th customer and they have decided you can shop, eat, drink and play for free for the entire week. You buy Willy Wonka’s chocolate and you get the golden ticket. Yes, the feeling is similar when you detoxify.

Personally, I feel, anyone who detoxify should be given an award of bravery, determination and self-discipline. Because getting a brat like you to clean your room is no easy task.


  • Eh? Feels Great!

Obviously, the next thing that comes to sense of accomplishment is the great feeling. Oh! You know! That feeling which makes you light, happy and enlightened, which gives the hunch that life is sorted out and makes you forget the reality in which you have to get an assignment that has to be submitted the very next day. Yes, that’s the level of greatness you feel when you detoxify. It is almost as if there’s no better tomorrow. And why wouldn’t that be? Your present is so far more better, eh?

  • Clarity, Clarity All The Way

Okay, so the junk is out, the essentials are properly stacked in, dusting, cleaning is done and you have an organised, functional and clean room, body, mind or laptop? Doesn’t it give you clarity? You know what you have and what you need to get. You know where to find the stuffs. You know what you want to be, who all are going to be in your life, who needs to see the exit, the thoughts that needs to stay and those who need to go for a toss. You have your game plan so strong that you can take on world any day!

Yeah eh, you need the matching pairs of socks? You have it. This takes us to:

  • You Find, You Save

You know where to look for what you need. Unlike me, who will ask the whereabouts of the thing she needs from everyone, only to realize hours later that she has it in her own cupboard. So, you find everything easily and within no time. So, you save both time and in many cases money, because you know what, I have seen people who cannot find their shoes anywhere, so they go out to get new ones and ended up with a bill of 50k because they ate, played and shopped as well along with getting the shoes. And when they come back home, what do they see? Their dog is playing with the lost shoe in the garden.

Anyone fancy a carpet with the tiger imprint?

  • Life Never Felt Better

Okay, so you feel great, you saved time and money, everything happens on the fingertips just like paying bills online. You have all the negative out and you are so surrounded with the positives. Everything is going great; you have organised room, so your mum isn’t yelling at you, the toxic friends are out of your life, so you feel happy, the damages that you have done to your body with all the pizzas, burgers and cokes, has been healed. Then why wouldn’t your life feel great? It is like that everything is perfect. And who doesn’t like perfect? Even when it’s just the illusion, because helloooo…. The brat from down the street just rang the bell for 10th time today. But, you are all good. Instead of yelling at him, you wait for him with pancake to soak his face because you are much more content in life and find joys even in the trouble.

  • Healthy Body, Peaceful Mind

I guess, it doesn’t need any elaboration. Detoxifying results in healthy body and peaceful mind, period. Because, duh! The internet screams so.

Now, what are you waiting for? Start already, bud! Get the junk out, organize your surroundings well; keep the needed and reuse, recycle and the other R the waste.

P.S. – All this happened yesterday, but I posted today.

Liebstar Award

I absolutely love this one. Because it is so fun to do! Also, I love answering questions (Until and unless it doesn’t get intimately personal).


Hey! Everyone!

This is my… Umm.. Wait.. Second or third? Who was the one nominated me for the last time? Second?

Oh yes! This is my third Liebstar Award! Yayyy! Three cheers! Three Times Tap Dance! And all the things three!

I was nominated by Urvashi Sharma. Thank you so much, Urvashi. This one never gets out of fun. It is always exciting to do. xD

Before I begin, I really want to thank you all for all the love, support, positives vibes and well wishes you all have been showering on me since last post. A big, fat, full of sugars and calories, heartfelt gratitude to you all, a huge bow in front of you amazingly supportive people, thank you so much. Much love!

Okay, now let’s open the rule book of Liebstar Award:

  1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions which are asked to you.
  3. Share 11 random facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 5-11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
  5. Inform the nominees about the nomination.
  6. Ask your own 11 questions to the nominees.


Now, the rules are clear, so let’s get started, shall we?

  • Who was the inspiration behind your blog ?

Primary reason to spread inspiration and positive vibes and secondary was to explore the world. I have already met so many people from around the world, learning about their journey, the places, the different perspectives towards and what not! And the subsidiary idea was to make people laugh by my successful humor! Yeah I know there was a time I had said ‘highly failed humor’, but going through the response by so many beautiful people I have finally gained confidence on my *flicks her hair* so funny sense of humor!

  • Your favorite color and why ?

I don’t have a particular favorite color! It just keeps changing! My very first one was orange and then came red, blue, white, lavender…. So, my scenario of favorite color is something bright and light. And the reason, well, may be it is because of my optimistic nature, that’s why I like bright yet light colors. Because duh! I always see the bright side of a situation.

  • What is the aim of your life ?

I had been asked this before. And my answer won’t change a bit. To be successful, famous, rich writer, blogger and motivational speaker, to meet IISuperwomanII, travel the world. Make my parents proud of me.

  • Who is your favorite blogger ?

Many!!!!! Your Average Peadhead, Roberta Pimentel, Petra Omoregie Caroline, Rekha, The Inked Autist, SimpleDimple and many many more whose work I enjoy reading. I can remember only the named ones right now, but trust me when I say this: You all are my favorite and I love the amazing work done by each one of you.

  • Describe your ideal location .

Near a beach with awesome people and food, has a scenic beauty that takes me near to the nature. Where I can have fun and also, introspect about life. Yeah, pretty much that’s it.

  • What is something you can’t stay without ?

Uh… Difficult to think about something I cannot stay without, my favorite people? Yes, my favorite people who don’t remember me at times, finds it difficult to understand me, but very easy to misunderstand me. Yet, I guess I cannot go without them. Yes, I need them even though I hate them. (I hate you like I love you)

  • Which season excites you the most ?

I would have answered monsoon. But from past few years, it’s been winter for one and only reason. There’s no lizard in winters. I don’t have to go out with the fear that a reptile will be waiting for me anywhere on a wall.

No, it is a tie between monsoon and winters. I cannot betray my first love. Loyalty matters, always.

  • Describe one incident that brought a change to you .

An incident that I have mentioned quite a lot of time but never really went in to details. And I will not today, too. Some time ago, I ran into issues with my closest friends. The usual me would have reacted in a emotional way; crying and questioning my life. But, that particular incident brought a sudden trill and zest in me to excel. Though, I am still the very much the same, but there’s a positive difference in me that I want to grow for better.

I have already seen some of the results; the blog is one of them.

  • If you had to make a wish what it would be ?

Humans with wings, letter from Hogwarts, perfect selfie in one attempt, food downloaded from internet, making my dreams come true, what? Do you want a list here?

No wait. I know what it would be. Dude, I want a Genie with unlimited wishes plan. Who can ever settle for three or even one wish, eh?

  • Fire or water

Water, water, water, because rain, sea, waterfall, juice, snow… Everything water.

  • Any advice you would like to share ?

Be whatsoever and whosoever you want to be. But, be a good one; morally, spiritually and with pure soul.

11 Random Facts About Me:

  • I am a dry fruits addict. If I say I like Diary Milk Fruit&Nuts, it’s not the chocolate; it is the dry fruits because of which I like it. My desire for Indian sweets reduces by half, if I know that it does not have dry fruits. Except for other fair few sweets which can be excused.
  • I like changes. Because it brings new-ish-ness in the day. Ever since I made this blog, I have the temptation 50 times a day to change the theme of the blog. But I don’t do it, because if I do, you won’t be able to read my blogs, ever.
  • I do not know what it is with babies. I always have a good bonding with each and every one of whom I meet.
  • I want to be a fitness freak. I like everything about being fit; the freshness, the sorted life, the smooth flow and healthy body. But my procrastination and laziness always overtake my desire to be a fitness freak. I am more like longing fitness freak.
  • I like answering a lot, of course, as I have mentioned. Even, I wanted to do a Q&A with you all but then I thought, “Pfffttt.. Who would want to know about me or my views?” If this would have been the case, my comment section and mails would have been flooded with questions.
  • I like to keep my surroundings clean and organised. I just cannot bear the sight of disorganization. This is why my sisters always hear from me why is it here? Keep it on its place, already. Don’t you have any manners?
  • I am hardcore cricket fan. I have been watching matches every since I didn’t even know when it’s a four or six.
  • I have a hard time catching up with latest songs and movies unless I have genuine interest in it. And of course, that ‘genuine interest’ comes in when someone introduces me to the latest fun. By the time, I know about it, it is already old news.
  • I am still a kid who drinks Bournvita milk. Tea? Coffee? Cappuccino? What’s that?
  • I don’t like chips, kurkure, soft drinks. In fact, I strongly do not prefer any edible thing processed. While, many of you spent your childhood slurping Maggi every day, I on other hand, have just recently started eating Maggi. That too very rarely and in a medium amount.
  • By the last 2 points, you can deduce that I am from Jupiter. Yes, I don’t belong to planet Earth because I am not a junkie who loves beverages.
  • Today, after long time, I played badminton with my sister.

So, that is it; Liebstar Award and it was fun to do, again!

I know, I know, I have to nominate bloggers. But, the thing is I cannot even if I want to because of the eye problem I had discussed with you all in last post. I really am sorry, guys, apologies.

Also, I am sorry I have not replied to your comments yet. You see I am strictly not allowed to use smartphone and laptop. But, trust me, within few days we all will be having a healthy discussion, again. I have this hunch that I will be fine soon.

Again, thank you all for being so supportive. It really means a lot. Thank you. :’D

Forgive Me

I will be honest. After being active on the blog; reading, writing, commenting, creating, etc. I have reached the saturation. No, not mentally. I very much want to read your blogs, keep up with you and also, reply as fast as possible.

But, physically speaking, I cannot stay up long on any kind of device that emits UV rays. Be it the smartphone, laptop or even television. I have allergies in my eyes because of which long time spend on electronic devices results in strained, red eyes. I need sometime off.

Don’t you think I will not be posting. Of course, I will be posting. But I may or may not be able to read your work or reply to your comments. Apologies, people. Please bear me and I will be back soon. Promise. No, not the usual promises. Heartfelt promise that I will be back.


Yup, this is it, the glass of reality. I have sagged, puffy eyes and really very tired
mind and body. I really am sorry, people.

It is been only few months and I am already so inconsistent. I guess, I have taken the work more than I can handle. But, I will do. I know my potential. And this month I am aiming for 100% posts, each day. I am determined and on it!

Though, still, health first, isn’t it? So, I will be posting but the response may be delayed, apologies, people, apologies.

My Relationship with WiFi

No, not just any WiFi, the one particularly at home. Because this little modem right over here, has been in the house even before I was eligible to make a Facebook profile.

I don’t know about you, ‘kay? May be you use cellular data or the WiFi of your neighbors or the dongle thing. Or maybe you don’t even have an internet connection. In which case, you wouldn’t be possibly reading this. So, shut up and accept it that you literally have your second home on street near a 4G tower. In fact, you spend way longer time there than your actual home.

But I, well, I have this modem step up in the house ruining every minute of my life because I have an access to internet all the time. And no, no, no, no, before you start having that awe expressions on your face, let me break it down for you.

I have the most complicated relationship with my WiFi. He makes me cry, he ruins my mood in a matter of seconds, he blames me for his breaking, aching signal strength and yet I cannot leave him. And mind you! *death stare* I am doing this for you all. I could have left him long ago, if it hadn’t been for you people. Because if I leave him, how am I supposed to log in to WordPress? And if I don’t log in to WordPress, how am I supposed to publish every day? Be thankful for what you’re receiving, you ungrateful brats.

Just kidding! You know how much I love you and also, I like those cute comments you all leave for me. Please don’t go away (Says in the most cheesy way possible).

Okay, okay, honesty hour everyone. I will be honest with you all. But, before that, please take a seat because what I am going to say now, will not be easy for you take it all in one go. Find yourself a comfortable chair and read on.

My WiFi *sniffs* *sniffs* Oh God! Why did you do this to him? My WiFi, he… He is… He is suffering from asthma!!! *Completely breaks down and starts crying like a maniac*

No, I am being honest. He was diagnosed with asthma few years ago. Since then, we have consulted so many technicians. Sometimes, there’s a problem in his wires, other times a screw is broken, the switch comes off and sometimes he needs a full body transformation. He needs the latest modem in the market. We have already spent so much on his treatment. Yet, every time the technician gives a false hope that he is going to be fine. Still, he is not cured. *Keeps crying this whole while and suddenly aggression takes over*


That’s the reason he keeps losing the signal because that freako asthma patient needs to catch his breath every 30 seconds. While he catches his breath, I am here with my laptop refreshing the Google homepage and wasting 50 years of my soon to be 20 years of life, ensuring that there’s a stable connection established between the laptop and the WiFi.

You know what? Sometimes, I feel my laptop and the WiFi are like those moody couples who cannot decide on whether they want to be together or not. These two keep breaking up and patching up 175 times a day, ruining my memento of writing a great piece of work. I look so like a common friend who keeps grinding between the two, ‘kay? I go to the modem, switching it off then turning on, waiting for it to fully gain it’s common sense to accept that he did it wrong. I stand there giving a moral boost up to him, “You can do it!! Come on! You can go and apologize; you have all the three lights green, now.”

Then, I come back to my laptop, convincing her that WiFi won’t cheat on her ever again by getting connected to the smartphone. After everything is fine, these two are happily together and I get back to work, suddenly I don’t remember anymore what I was writing. These two stresses me out so much that I don’t remember the century I am living in.

Have a good time you two until the smartphone comes in between again! DO. NOT. COME. TO. ME. THEN.

This is it: The Story of Me and The Asthma Patient WiFi.

No matter how much I hate him, I cannot let go of him. I am addictive to him. He is my drug. No wait. Blogging is my drug that is the reason why I cannot let go him. I am going through so much pain to give you all post a day so make sure you click that like button and leave a nice comment letting me know if today’s rant made you smile or laugh? Or you kept a straight face throughout still you chose to read it all?

P.S. – If you truly feel for my WiFi, please give this post a like. Also, if you’re a truly generous person who believes in karma, please share this with your friends. For every like and share WordPress is going to donate 1$ for the treatment of my WiFi.

Keeping a cry-baby expression and a pathetic sympathetic look, I say, “Please, do this for my WiFi. He is the sole bread earner of a family of 7 children, 1 wife and his parents. He needs your likes and shares.” *Starts sobbing like a retard*

‘kay. Bye.

Disabled vs Specially-Able

Because many of them have achieved what we couldn’t, even when we have all the means, period.

Hello everyone!

World is so full of different kinds of people. Long legs, short hair, warm complexion, skinny frame, large eyes, small mouth, nose that does not look straight (I do not know the exact word. Please, enlighten me!) etc. You name it and there they are.

Among us, many are, what I always refrain from saying, umm (God! It is so difficult) handicap? Differently-abled? Disabled? Physically/mentally impaired? But, to me, they are more of specially-abled people who are much, much capable than anyone of the normal ones.

When I posted Social Evil: The Four People, as a result of the discussion with The Inked Autist, I decided to do a post on my perspective on this.

Let’s begin with reflecting up on our own lives. Rewind your life and look what all have you achieved till now. Did you follow your passion and now you are an expert in the same? When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? Did you overcome any of your fear in past years? Do you remember anytime when you moved away from the coach and explored the world rather than sitting in front of the idiot box?

Most of us (mind you ‘most’ not ‘all’ of us) will have a negative answer. And I know, I understand we are human beings and we tend to be a lazy, procrastinator, hidden in comfort zone brats (and this comes from the Goddess of Indolence). Let me ask you question now, what makes you special when you, having all the body parts and the brain functional, cannot conquer your fears and achieve your passions?

No. I am not demoralizing you. I just want you to reflect up on this and introspect about the question I just asked, in the end of the post. Let’s not disrupt the flow, shall we?


Now, let me give you some real life examples.

  • There’s a painter, an amazing one, whose paintings never fails to mesmerize anyone. He paints by holding the brush with his legs, because he isn’t blessed with hands.
  • There’s a swimmer, who despite the fact has no legs, never fails even a day to show up to the pool.
  • An autistic child remembers the map of world, solves the maths problem that gives you nightmare, is a living 1024 TB memory device. (Yeah, I don’t know what comes after Tetra Byte).
  • A physically challenged lady topped the UPCS exams, the most difficult exam to crack in India.
  • A visually impaired guy’s voice is as beautiful to hear as the one of cuckoo.
  • For this one, I guess the name is enough – Stephen Hawking.
  • Albert Einstein, we all know what his school teacher said about him, don’t we?
  • Tom Cruise was a dyslexic child. And how many times  have you seen the Mission Impossible series?

There are millions others, about whom you and I aren’t even aware about. And they have, despite all the challenges, achieved what otherwise seems impossible for others. They have faced so many hurdles in life; their own challenges, the ignorance and negligence by beloved ones, de-motivation and ‘you cannot’ from the world, emotional sufferings and what not? Some of them are so heinous that even mere mention of it can give shiver down your spine.

But you know what? I truly feel that God made them in a certain way because the Almighty has unbelievable faith in them that they are the ones who can truly get past the physical and mental challenges and set an example for the universe. God has given them a chance that not many of us are blessed with, to prove themselves despite the barrier. To break the stereotypes that only the fully equipped can do everything. They are the special ones because God has sent them with a special purpose. They are specially-abled because they have the ability to do even the normal day-to-day stuff in an extraordinary way.

And no this post is not to demoralize rest of us. This post is a message to rest of the ones that the specially-abled people are already facing so many challenges in their life. If you cannot help them, at least don’t take their right away to do what they want to do. DON’T take their right away to live a normal life. Don’t take their right away of happiness. Don’t take their right of being with us.

Look at them the way you want others to look at you. Because you know what, an accepting look and a warm smile is that is needed to bring back a person from darkness.

It is my humble request to all of you, introspect about it and next time when you see a specially-abled person, do let that person know how special he is.)

P.S. – My eyes are sagging because of the amount of time I spend on blogging. I look like a zombie. “I. Want. Your. Brain. I. Want. Your. Brain.” says in cranky, scary, idiotic voice. Hey! Wait! Do zombies say the whole sentence, no, right? Let me give it another go.

With locked fingers and awkward walk, “Brain… Brain…..”

‘kay. Bye.

A Drop Of Tear

Now, I will be honest with you all. It’s been over a month since I saved this draft with just the title and zero content. Finally, I have an idea for this poem. Enjoy!


The fight.

The battle, the conflict

Between you and the

External agents. To 

Pursue the passion or

To live the way

Of succumbed standards.


You wanted to cry the tears

Of exhaustion; kept a 

Brave face instead.


The soulmate.

The love of life, the better half

Scattered your trust 

on the beautiful feeling,

Left you alone in

The moment of 



You wanted to cry the tears

Of betrayal; smiled and

Moved on instead.


The trials.

The tribulations, the hurdles

Testing you and

Your abilities to the

Core of saturation.

Fizzling out, coming

To nothing.


You wanted to cry the tears

Of failure; went for

Round 2 instead.


The fears.

The self-doubt, the panic;

All of it held you back.

The golden moment

Gone, never to come 

Again. You craved 

To shine, yet 

Stayed back.


You wanted to cry the tears

Of regret; got back

up instead.


The void.

The vacant, the blank

Set your heart on 

Affection and

Recognition. The

Longing for your

Voice to be

Heard by someone.


You wanted to cry the tears

Of emptiness; spread the

Joy to fill the void instead.


Funny, isn’t it?

How a tiny drop of

Tear can carry 

So many layers

Of emotions.


P.S. – Today, Chrome crashed thrice, laptop wouldn’t corporate, the internet was acting all moody, I survived a heart attack (there was a time when this poem was (almost) gone forever) and my brain was on a replay mode; playing the songs that make me sadly strong (oh! You know that feeling, the song that feels sad yet in the end it makes you stronger than ever). Yet despite all the hurdles, difficulties and distractions, I posted today. So, make sure you appreciate it.

No, I am not standing behind you with a gun. This isn’t a threat. It’s a warning. If you won’t appreciate, Santa will not get gifts for you this Christmas. I will send a letter to him complaining that you didn’t appreciate my work. Mind you, I am very serious right now.

(says in a childish, irritating, brat kid way)

Social Evil: The Four People

There’s a phrase in India, a very common phrase, char log kya kahenge? (What will people say?) And yet no one knows who those people are.

These 4 words have destroyed many dreams. It has stopped a bud from blooming, a caterpillar from transiting and a seed from growing.

I came across an article by 

Also, I feel that these four people are interrelated to each other. One is the result of other; the other is created by the third and so on. Without further delay…

Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Society

The society, in which we grew up, has certain rules which the people living in it are expected to follow them. Otherwise how will those in power be in power anymore if the democracy prevails in nation? How will those upper class people be respected if the lower ones will not be treated as inferior? How will the patriarchal ego be soothed if the women will not be suppressed? How will the normal ones live if the LGBT will be accepted? How will be comfort enjoyed if someone takes risk? How will a particular profession will be respectable if others are given equal importance?

Yes, the society that we live in, we grew up in and the generations will continue to reside in is a social evil.

Oh, no, no, no, don’t get started with that it does not happen in urban areas, these rules are only followed in villages. No, my dear, even in those urban areas this still exists. If it was the case, then the newspaper headlines wouldn’t have been about the politician’s son, who drank and drove, killing 3 people just because he thought he is the son of esteemed dignity, so he can do anything.

  • Thinking

These societal rules, as we know, are ages old. The rules were formulated and made by the ancestors who died ages ago, were reborn, died and again reborn and may be today, they are currently living their 255th birth and suffering for what they did in their 1st birth (karma, karma all the way). These rules have been in our society for so long that now they have became the integrated part of our beliefs and thinking. These rules are no longer any rules; they are now norms and a way of life that no one wants to change. Because duh! We should blindly follow what our elders say. And being a rebel is going to get wiper, slippers and rolling pin all over your face, hands and legs.

“Bol karega tu? Phir karega aise?”, “Aise kapde pehan kar jayegi tu bahar?”,”Tune doctor hi bana hai!” “Kitne bar bolna padega ladkio ke saath na ghuma kar”

English Translation: “Say, will you? Will you do this again?”, “Are you going out wearing this kind of clothes?”, “You have be doctor”, “How many times should I tell you to not to hang out with girls?”

Haven’t we all grown up listening to all this?

Though, times are changing and India is progressing, but still there are many places where it still exists. People are not ready to accept and embrace the change because they feel what they have been taught and their thinking is right.




  • Discrimination

If the thinking is generations old, the result will be what was practiced in those times – discrimination. Discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, gender, age, sexuality, clothes, physical disability, profession, etc. is a social evil. In fact, I feel any differentiation (in a bad way) is being discriminating. The person who is discriminated, feels inferior, he loses his self-esteem and confidence in himself. Discrimination is a mental torture. A person knows how it feels, is the person who has gone through it. These age old discrimination are no longer relevant in today’s world. Progress in science and technology has demolished the reasons (health and hygiene) for the discrimination that might have been relevant in those times. But today, they are no longer relevant.

An open-minded and accepting perspective needs to be adopted for the complete extinction of discrimination.

  • Fear

The last of those four people is fear. The society, the thinking and the discrimination has inculcated a deep fear in hearts of people. The fear of not being socially accepted, being an outcast. It is the fear because of which the people don’t want to accept the change. The fear that others are gonna badmouth about them, they will be ill-famed and they won’t be able to live in the society anymore.

This fear has made several of us to be congested in the four walls of the house.

The society with backward thinking; led to discrimination; which resulted in fear.

We need a change; a revolutionary change that will lead to a open-minded, free thinking and accepting society, where a being will not be stopped from pursuing his/her dreams in the fear of what people will say? A person will not be refrained from their basic rights, where he/she will live with dignity and respect, others will look at them with acceptance if not affection; the person will live with freedom, safety and honor. That’s when the nation and its people will truly gain autonomy.

And this change is going to begin from us. Accept and encourage that one should be allowed to do what they want to do, live the way they want and how they want as long as it does not harm anyone. Change, Accept and Encourage.

Island: Beginning of Doodle Diary

What? What did you think? That you will have an off from me? Don’t be ridiculous.

Hey! Everyone!

Okay, don’t even let this thought cross your mind that I don’t have any ideas. I have this huge-ish list. Yet, I chose to not write on any of them. Why you ask?

Because apparently I had really long holidays and now I am Ms Lazy who gets tired (read sleepy) very easily. A wise person has said truly, “Too much of anything is dangerous” or something like that.

Anyways, like I have promised, this month there will be more of doodles and rants, so I decided to introduce a new Category – Doodle Diaries. So, I thought why not begin with today’s prompt – island (I never, unconsciously, say ‘i’land, for me it’s always ‘is’land, again, genius!).

So, here I present The Island by great Doodle Artist Anjali Soni.

Kid’s work, right? Told you, I am 5 years old kid trapped in an adult body!

Just as I have grown in my writing skills, I am hoping for the same in my doodling skills. It’s just the beginning, right?

This Doodle Diary Category will be completely separate from the doodles included in the other posts. I know, I know I should have worked like maniac, perfecting everything about this huge announcement. But hey! Had I tried perfecting it, the announcement would have been delayed by a year (or much more), just like what happened to my first WordPress account. When I made the second account, I didn’t give much thought about perfection and rest is history.

I know what you all are thinking, what is that orange color paper beneath the island? Here it is, the second doodle for the day. I officially welcome you all to the Doodle Diary!


Again, if you guys have any suggestion, feedback, ideas or any recommendation for any post/doodle/poem/story/rant that you want should be my next blog post you can either comment below or contact me here. I highly appreciate your views and recommendations.

That’s all for today! Lots of chocolates and cookies with Cornetto to you all me. XD

P.S. – Speaking of Cornetto, I never eat it from one side. I eat it from the both ends because duh! I cannot wait for the chocolate in the end. Also, I then gulp the ice-cream from below rather than eating it from the top. Genius weirdo, I know. Battery running low! Gotta go! See you all tomorrow!

Types of Readers

Disclaimer: It is totally for fun purpose. Enjoy!

I know, I know today it’s been just 2 months of my blogging experience and I am no expert to make this list, but hey! I am an unqualified, unauthorized sociologist who observes people like a pro. So yeah, let me do the owner honor. (Nope, I didn’t do it on purpose. I had unconsciously written owner. Yeah, I am a genius.)

Let’s get started, shall we?

  • The Analyst

These readers are perfect analyst. They analysis the post like a professional person and comes to a conclusion within 5 milliseconds of reading the post. You know, right? How they do it? They will simply read the first and the last line of the article (Level 2.0 Analyst – they just read the first and last word). They will take a quick glance at the pictures, if included, and then they will make a kilometer long comment as if they have read the whole post. Dude, it’s been 2 minutes since I published the post and you have read the 1500 words post, already?

  • The Racing Liker

I feel we all have encountered this kind of reader at least once in our blogging journey. Here, I am sitting with my smartphone in hand, happily reading blog posts from around the world and suddenly my phone just won’t stop buzzing. You know why? Because apparently a brat, sitting on the other side of the hemisphere of the Earth, had a bet with his homie that he can like 1000 posts in 30 seconds. And I am here horrified, dropping my phone, running like an insane to hide under the bed because I feel my phone is now haunted.

  • The Silent Passerby

They are the busiest person in this whole Milky Way galaxy. They ain’t got time, bae. They have Game of Thrones to catch up, they have NBA matches to watch, they have 18 hours of sleep to take, they have entire GTA 4 to finish, they need to fix their winged eyeliner and they have got 10 kg of food to finish. You get it, right? They are so busy, yet they are also generous enough to go through the WordPress feed. And what they do? Nothing! May be they are too shy or conscious of what they say, so they do nothing except for scrolling, reading, scrolling, reading, some more scrolling…. Forget re-blogging, no liking, no commenting, no sign of acknowledgement for the amazing work we all do. They only exist on their own blog, nowhere else.

This takes us to:

  • The Royal Grammar Professor

Very much similar to the silent passerby, except that they are too proud of their own work that they feel no other blog is worthy of their valuable likes and comment. Yes, your Highness, we ain’t descendants of Shakespeare like you. They have this thought every time they read someone’s post, ‘I could have done way better work than this’, ‘Huh! I have written about this ages ago’, ‘Do you really call this a writer’s work?’, ‘Buddy, you need to take Grammar classes’.

But when they do comment, it is the most critical comment you will ever read; 50 points on grammar correction, 74 on the flow of content, 97 on how pathetically you have written it. Sir, the best seller author is crying in some corner and has stopped publishing after reading your review. Thank you so much.

  • The Judgmental Headline

This is the reader who never scored more than 7 in a test of 100 because all he mugged up was the name of the chapter. This one just reads the headline and formulates the most detailed presumptions about the post. There he found an article titled My Best Friend and without thinking for a second he commented, ‘Best Friends are so important. We can shop, go movie, hit a road and do so much with them’. And the author there is confused thinking, “Shopping with my dog? Does he want me to sound insane trying on outfits and getting an opinion from my dog?”

  • The Art Lover

Now, this can be any kind of art lover. May be the photographs or may be the painting. All this person looks for in a post is pictures. He doesn’t bother himself with the contents. He will see the most beautifully taken/ drawn pictures and He cannot stop himself from admiring it. These Art Lovers find pleasure only in the art, nothing else

He sees a picture of old- styled, royal mansion near a waterfall with giant mountains in the background. He loved it so much and thought of letting the author know about it. He commented, “The most beautiful picture ever seen. I could live there forever.” And what did the author reply?

“Honestly? I just mentioned that when I went there with my family, my arm was broken, dad fell on his belly from the staircase, mum was bitten by spiders thrice and my sister is in shock because she saw a ghost. Do you really want to live there?”

  • The Secret Admirer 

Finally, the secret admirer – they are the ones who will read each and every post you have ever written, even the ones that you wrote ten years ago. They will go through every detail. And they will love your work so much so that they won’t tell you. No likes, no comments, no sign of admiration. Unless one day, out of blue you decide to check your mails and there you find this particular one sent 6 months ago. That mail took you two days to read because apparently the secret admirer have written 10 lines for each of your post and a conclusion of a meter long. Gracious, secret admirer from hell.


This post, as I have already mentioned, is totally for the fun purpose. It is nothing but my attempt on trying humor to make you all smile (because to make someone laugh is not in my resume). I truly appreciate each and every one of you, who reads my blog and never forgets to let me know that I have done a good work. Thank you to all my readers. I truly, with all my heart and soul, appreciate you all.IMG_20160701_175429.jpg