Whose Fault Is It?

When was the last time you encountered, heard, came to know about someone who did morally wrong to the world and it’s people? Or hurt someone? Passed hurtful comments? It filled you to the brim with outrage, how can someone be so wicked? But is it really their fault?

IMG_20160904_185627The bad in the world brings out variety of emotions in us; anger, rage, pity, sadness, etc. Also, it brings a question in light, why are these people so evil? They could have chosen a different way, right? Why are they burying themselves in the deep pit of darkness? The questions are never answered but the image of those wicked people prevails in our mind.

There’s a common saying which goes as: Everything Happens For A Reason, sure, there is a lesson or two, the whole plot to save us from the bad, to serve the greater purpose and sometimes, to reach the best that ever can be. Don’t you think that whatever a person has done or has become, there was a reason behind that, too? No one is born bad or good, right?

IMG_20160904_185538There was a story that I read a long time ago in a children’s magazine (I was a child myself back then. ‘kay fine I was a teenager. Late teenager. But in my defense, that story is now part of great content xP). So, the story goes as, a student was been punished for not completing his homework. He was made to stand out for rest of the lecture. When the Principal came on a round and saw him, he immediately inquired about the whole matter.

The Principal then told the teacher that this isn’t the right way to deal with learning children. They need to be in the class; guided, advised, directed and enlightened about the right and wrong in the life. There were many people in history who were thrown out of the class because they did wrong or they seem to be doing wrong. Those people went on to the path of misguided life and deeds. Imagine, what could have happened had they been in the class rather than out of it?

IMG_20160904_185434True isn’t it? Lack of proper guidance and the understanding of moral values play a vital role in developing one’s perception about life. Though, this is just one factor which induces the way of life a person chooses. Many other factors, which include discrimination, bullying, lack of education, poverty, also forces a person to choose the darker and dangerous path. 

Oh no, no, no I am not defending their choices that they made. Obviously, what they did was not right. They had the choice to go either way. But what happened to them, the bad that they had to go through, was that right? Don’t you think that if there was less of negligence and bad; more of open-mindedness, guidance for them, wouldn’t they have chosen a better journey to embark on? There must have been a certain incident, saturation of tolerance that made them the way they are. If they are at fault, then aren’t, somewhere, we too are at fault?

Didn’t the bad in world eclipse their good?


P.S. – I know it is out of sync but stay tune for the post that comes out in an hour about an important update that I would like to share with you all. I am so excited!


17 thoughts on “Whose Fault Is It?

  1. Really profound! I like how you talked about both sides of good and bad. I too believe that people are not born good or bad. Society shapes us. I have had similar experiences with teachers attacking my bad choices.

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  2. Anjali, every time I think I will visit your page, the hand made drawings pop in my mind which make it so interesting and peculiar.
    Then I read your words, with your bright mind spreading positive vibes. It’s true what you say, sometimes, behind a misdeed there is even more than mere evil or bad. Sometimes we are so quick to judge, sometimes we ourselves witness injustice and take no action.
    Your message is sweet but strong and clear at the same time.

    I am really glad you are back ^_^

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  3. I like it. I’ve heard a lot of suggestions as to WHY people go the directions they do. Personally, I am of the opinion that everything in our lives is somehow of our own creation (our fault). But if as children we are set on a path the wrong way, what then? I enjoyed the piece and your writing style is unique :)

    Keep it up. :)

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  4. I agree that the choices we make are our decisions. But don’t you think that a person who somehow makes bad choices was influenced to so through various circumstances? Had it been everything right with the person and he was taught the right and wrong, would he had took that decision? Also, it really does not matter if the said person is a child or an adult because all of us, irrespective of the various differences, keep learning throughout the life.
    Thank you for reading my work and letting your thoughts. I really appreciate it and it is great to hear from people about their perspective. Keep smiling!


  5. Absolutely his/her choices were influenced. All I mean is that we all have the ability to choose, regardless of the influence. Just for example, I was raised with that concept of morality, knowing the difference between right and wrong. So if I witness a wrongdoing my first reaction will be to attempt correction of it. This choice was founded in the influences of my youth yes, but at the moment of choice to act or not to act, I choose to act.

    My reason for this view stems from an outlook of total responsibility. Sure my parents may be good or bad influences on my life, but they aren’t me and they cannot control my thoughts. An adult who made some bad decisions, went to prison, racked up a record but finally went right and started her own business cannot continue on that right path without first accepting responsibility can she? If she turns and blames her parents, her external influences and such then she will never possess the courage to continue on that right path. She must OWN her actions, be they good or ill.

    I suppose in my eyes there is a big difference between blame and acceptance. I can blame my parents (meaning I put the responsibility for my actions on them), or I can accept that yes, they may have influenced me, but it was I who made the decisions and acted as I did.

    Finally, we do keep learning throughout life yes, but it is during our childhood that our foundations are set. They can sometimes be altered, sometimes not, but it is more difficult to change the direction of an adults life than that of a child’s. That is all I meant.

    Thank you! :)


  6. What if the choice that person had to make (however wrong) was the only way he could go. He has limited means and whatever has been offered to him, he has to take it?
    I will incorporate a real life example for this.
    During the Mumbai attacks, the only terrorist alive was Kasab. After various trials and investigation he was asked why did he do it? He answered, “they provide the family with money”
    Don’t you think that had he been educated (not the book-ish knowledge but the moral sense) and he wasn’t poor, would he have chosen the path as dangerous as of that of spreading terror? Yes, he had the choice to act or not to act. But, how could he not act that particular moment when he had no moral sense and was poverty stricken?
    I’m not saying that he should have went on to blame the external influences for his act. Yes, there’s a difference between blame and accept. Cannot we accept that their choices were need of the hour (for them). The thing is we have to and need to find the reasons behind what influenced them to act in a certain way. And then we should all make efforts to demolish those reasons so that no one has to go through the bad to end up being bad. Not all human beings would take the same action against a said circumstances. We need to understand and make the revolutionary changes so to make this world a better place.


  7. Jeeeezzzzz *_* that hit right in the feels. I’m so, so glad to have you on the blogging journey! Thank you so much. Words can never define how it feels, but believe me, the compliments and avid readership inspires me to write more and more no matter how much vulnerable I feel while publishing my thoughts. Thank you. :’D I’m glad to be back! To have you all back!

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  8. Exactly, not all people would take the same actions. There is always a choice, even with those attacks. He could have chosen to let his family go without the money. Perhaps if he had been educated it would’ve been different, perhaps not. Spreading terror isn’t dangerous, it is wrong. I can sympathize, I can understand how they may have thought they had no choice, but having been stuck between a rock and a hard place myself I cannot justify their actions because of their circumstances. He was still a terrorist, regardless of how he chose to justify it.

    Therein lies the difference between blame and responsibility(accept). When asked why he made a choice, he blamed his circumstances, instead of owning his choices regardless of their moral position. I can accept that is how he felt, I can understand he felt he was choosing between his family having money and possibly not having money(and very possibly dying as a result). What cannot be accepted is that a hard decision such as that justifies immoral actions.

    I do think it is an education issue, so let us start with education, educating the many in the ways of wrong and right. Teach them not to make the RIGHT decision, but to make their decisions RIGHT.

    But in education let us not forget to face the issue is of cowardice and complacency in the minds of men and women. The thought that you DON’T have a choice, the willingness to cave under pressure and kill innocent beings under the guise of “I’m saving my family” is much more dangerous. There will always be evil in the world, there will always be pain, death, and hardship. It has to be that way, yin and yang. You cannot have one without the other but you must always stand your ground and speak your mind.

    However you can greatly reduce the power one has over the other (namely the power evil has over good) by firmly standing your ground and refusing to cave to the wills of evil. When the man at the door places you in a position such as that man may have been in you must make the choice that most resonates with your inner values. For me, that might be letting my family die through refusal to take up the terrorist cause, for him it was clearly something different.

    We cannot always get along, this is the gift and curse of free will. All we can do is be as firm in our beliefs and values as those who commit acts of terror are. We cannot say we stand for goodness if we do not practice goodness.

    Feel free to delete this comment if it offends you.


  9. I’m not offended. I respect everyone’s point of view, however it may be different from mine. Perhaps, there were incidents that happened with you because of which you have strong sense of opposition to the idea that there might have been many reasons because of which a person had to choose a path different from many of us.
    First of, I never said and never will that his reasons justifies his act. No one’s wrong act can ever be justified. I’m not here justifying anyone. The main idea of this post is that there are reasons, reasons that are wrong themselves social discrimination, poverty, lack of eduction and moral sense of right and wrong. What you said about that we can greatly reduce the power one has over the other, the purpose of this is the very same.
    Again, you need to understand that in general, if a person makes bad decisions and end up doing something wrong, there was a reason behind it. And that reason is not for justifying the act, not for shifting the responsibility (accept) of that act from the person to the reasons, but to understand that he had done the act because he was taught at that point that this is all he can do and is right.
    May be you don’t know, the terrorist group who attacks, they were once normal human beings who lived a life of poverty. They were fed up from the people around them (the ones who discriminate, the government who wouldn’t be bothered about them, the ones who refused to hire them). These fed up people were brainwashed and brain-fed by the extremist who run the terrorist group that this is the right way to life. This is how you will reach ‘heaven’. (no, I don’t agree. I strongly OPPOSE idea) he was made to think that way. So, he went on a WRONG path because he was TAUGHT that it was RIGHT. Whatever excuses he gave, I’m not agreeing with that it was right because I know, you know that it was wrong. If he was in need of money he could have easily worked hard and earned the same. But he chose the easy way because he was taught it was right.
    The reasons behind a heinous acts need to be study so as to reduce the power of evil. This cannot be achieved just by practicing good ourselves. The practicing of good needs to be spread.


  10. Don’t worry, I know you’re not justifying their acts, you are only looking for the cause, not the reason (reason’s primary definitions being explanation or justification). I’m not arguing with you, only voicing my views and hopefully helping others to realize there is always a choice, always two paths regardless of how well hidden the other may seem. Sure my outlook stems from my upbringing, everybody’s does. You said in the last bit that the goal of reducing evil cannot be achieved by only practicing good ourselves. I have to disagree. Everything we do, ever act we take, every word we say or type is a practice of good or ill. To practice spreading good we must practice good ourselves. Everything starts at the core, at the self. This conversation has been most pleasant and I’ve enjoyed it. :) Unfortunately what I mean by justification and reason cannot be conveyed through words, but instead would have to be conveyed through actions and I can’t show you at the moment. Perhaps one day though. Until then, here is a link to my personal blog post regarding justification, please feel free to read or not read at your discretion and thank you for your time and attentions. :) Keep it up!!
    P.S.> I’ll add that I sincerely was smiling throughout our conversation. I’ve found people often misinterpret emotion in writing and I don’t want you to think I am harping on you or trying to be a bully or anything. I’m here to support, inspire, and challenge others to try on different points of view. Hopefully I’ve done that, I know you have for me. :)


  11. I guess we both were on the same side, only my (wrong) choices of words elongated the conversation. Again, on the practicing good, I meant the very same. My point was some of us, they practice good, but when the time comes, they shut their eyes and turn a deaf ear in the need of the hour. So, the good needs to be spread, along with the practicing.

    I would like to mention that the conversation was pleasant to me as well. I’ve learnt so much from you already. This discussion has borne a deep impression on me. And it helped me self-realise that even though I’m doing pretty well with my posts and its message, I need to work on lot of things; choice of words and bit more of practical examples and knowledge. I truly am grateful to you.

    Yes, I’ll read the article. I intend to do so as soon as I get some time. Even though, I haven’t read any of your work, but because of this discussion, I’m going to follow you because the knowledge you have imparted, I would definitely like to learn more.
    It was, truly, great to have you here. :)

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