Let’s Follow?

Hey, everyone! Apologies, apologies, apologies (don’t you think, here I’ve apologized more than publishing? *sigh*). It is been 24 days! Whole a lot of 24 days since I last published. No, no I didn’t have writer’s block. It is just that I am horrible at time management, again, a work in progress. But, now I am back to regular publishing on every Wednesday and Sunday.

Also, exciting announcement!!!! Now, you guys can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Just to make it easy to remember, all of them have same username; anjaliisonii. I had to add extra i’s because damn! There are too many Anjali Soni’s in this world. Just so you can recognize me, the display picture has my beautiful face and the description, “Lost in books, indulged in writing and the time in between; jumping off the cliff.” It would be great to have you guys on other social media platforms.

Thank you for supporting me till now.

Follow me, follow follow me

Watch your flex you don’t copy!

Haha! Follow on the various social media platforms because this brat wants to get noticed! And also, it is no fun posting and twitting and instagram-ing without anyone seeing it. Please be part of it *cheesy smiles*… I would love to connect with you guys. <3

See you all coming Wednesday with a Random Rant; the details of which will be provided through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Of course, you can send in your suggestions on the same. Should it be another “types of” rant or something else?


10 thoughts on “Let’s Follow?

  1. Thank you for the follow through the Community Pool I have also followed you on Twitter through your link (Carl Wright)

    Very understandable able posts. It is tough when there are so many things vying for our attention.

    Have a great week!.

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  2. Hahaha! I liked the excitement. :D
    Of course, we can connect through whichever social media platforms you’re on!!! That’s the reason I shared the news on the blog because yeeaaahh!!! I would love to connect with you!!!!


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