And It Rained Heavily

That was the day she knew it was a new beginning. The day, she learnt the lesson which she refused to learn before or perhaps couldn’t learn. The day she took the step forward, the day she grew up.

        “You cannot!”             “You haven’t got it in you”                 “You are just a pity little thing”                              “You will stay this forever”            “You should settle down for whatever you get”                               “Stop bluffing”              “You will never be heard”              “You will be gone unnoticed”                      “Who are you? No one!”               “”You are nothing!”

The thoughts were racing in her mind. She knew what she wanted to do, but somehow the voices of those people out there couldn’t stop ringing in her ears. The words, the self-doubt, the thrashing by her own people consumed her soul. A beautiful, free butterfly was crushed before she could flutter her wings and take her first flight to sour high.

The day was exceptionally blustery, there was unusual eerie in the alleys of the city; something sinister in the aura. The shady, gloomy clouds had overcast the blazing Sun. The rumbling of dry leaves, sticks and twigs filled the hush of the empty streets. The sudden lightening that shone upon her face and the thunder that followed, diverted her thoughts to the emptiness she lived with. The voices were silenced, but the bruises prevailed on the soul, the mind.

“I don’t know where am I going, what am I doing and I have no hopes for the best of outcome. Why am I doing this? For coming to nothing? To succumb to the death of aspirations?”

The voices yelling at her didn’t answer back. The emptiness remained mum; she knew nothing is going to help her. She wanted to talk it out to someone, anyone. But whom? Who could understand her? Who could light the path of her journey? When she looked around all she saw was the crooked intentions of selfishness and greed to fulfil their desire over others. The dingy room of already suffering souls, how could she ask to what is nearly lost?

She unlocked the creaky door and looked outside; gloomy and dark. Her eyes were searching for something that would be never found. She kept a straight face and stepped forward towards the porch and leaned on the pillars, folding her arms she was lost in the mist of her future. The dusty winds went past her; she kept looking at the endless horizon.

A tiny droplet fell on her, she smirked. She looked up to swirling dark clouds, to the lightening followed by a thunder, how it resembled her state of mind. How the clouds couldn’t take it anymore, couldn’t hold the weight of its own heaviness. That droplet was just the beginning of the outrage to throw away the entire load that has been within. The mess that had been created stormed inside her, too. She wanted her way out, but how? She smiled smugly at herself and her life. The pit was the result of her choices and deeds.

She stretched her arm forward to catch few more droplets. The sky poured down the burden it carried for so long. She saw the pieces of her own misery in the raindrops. With a thunder, it struck her; she had to let go to gain the power of freedom.

“I don’t know where I will reach, but I will keep on moving.”

And then it rained heavily whole night…


16 thoughts on “And It Rained Heavily

  1. ‘Excellent writer’!!! *_* that just made my day! Though admittedly, I’m far from being excellent. I’m still learning. Also, my experience is limited to some 40 posts and 4 months time period. I’ll check out your blog ASAP.
    Thank you, again, fellow blogger! Have a great time blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

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