Just Like a Relationship

You enjoy liberty,

Taking for granted the

Bond of several years

Or few moments.

Forgetting, friendship is

Just like a relationship.



How is that even possible?

You must be kidding, girl!

Friendship is way less

Troublesome than relationship.

(In fact, not at all!)



The foundation of both

Lies the same;

Care, love, support,

Understanding and a

Connection so strong.



The care you see,

It is open in a relationship,

But hides behind the laughter

When you slip on floor,

Concealed in the

Hand that comes forth.



The 3 magical words,

Spoken in a relationship,

Hides behind, “You my bro,

Homie!”, said

With a kick right in

The a**.


The shoulder in

The relationship, hides

Behind the punch on the

Face, “You. The. Bawse.

And you ain’t giving up.”

Ouch! The boost hurt!


The mutual understanding

Of a relationship, hidden

Deep behind the pizza 

Ordered for soothing 

Your rough day, even 

Before you asked.


The bond of

Relationship can be 

Seen through the eyes,

But, the bond of

Friendship hides

Behind the hundred of 

Offensives and million

Of insults. 


Author’s Thoughts:

Friendship is a beautiful relation. Nothing is ever said in words, the act showcases the thousands of feelings. Because it is never about being sweet and nice, in a friendship it is always about being brutally honest and strong shield. It is just like a relationship, you need all the essence of it here, too.


A true friendship will demand of it. Yes, no matter how it seems, after many, many years of friendship you will have to put in efforts to keep it going. The bond, the connection only gets stronger after that. Otherwise, it gets lost in the mist of misunderstandings and distances. But, you know what? Even after the months and years of gap, a single text reading, “Are you still alive? xP” brings a smile on your face.

It isn’t that complicated with right people. We make it complicate. And when did ever a text of kilometer long full of abuses and insults (which will be laughed at later) go wrong?

That’s the luxury of a friendship, you see right through it. Dedicated to all of my old to new friends. Cheers to our bond! (Remember me at least once in a  while, idiots!)


17 thoughts on “Just Like a Relationship

  1. A friendship has the essence of the relationship which lies in the action of one and another. Just like a relationship it needs to be worked on, without which the bond cannot last long.

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