The Calling

You didn’t come here for nothing. You are not going to leave here nothing. The time and space between the birth and death is for the purpose of your life. Do not waste it!

IMG_20160803_222141Many, many, many a times we have been asked since our childhood, in school then in college after which it is more of a statement (a fact, in fact) than a question for the one who asked, “What are you going to do in your life?” (To all the nosy ones, I will be 50 years old homeless pig, who are you to judge? Oh wait! Let me remember the last time you went for your Grammy, Padmashree or the Oscar. So, Shut Up!)

And I will be honest with you, throughout this phase, whatever I answered was for the sole reason that ‘I don’t know’ will make me look like a stupid. Teacher and doctor were the most used ones. None of them came straight through the heart.

I am not ashamed to say this that I never knew (until now) what I wanted to do in life. Because duh! What do you expect from an average kid of the school who was always behind the books? But now I know, what I want from life, even if I don’t have any clear game plan (Except for that I have to post every Sunday and Wednesday and I am late already the very first day. Again, I am genius procrastinator).

We all have purpose in life. You came here, right on this Blue planet, for a reason. Even if it is to be a failure for 70 years but leaving an example so big that the world will remember you for next 700 years (or eternity). Yes, sometimes it does take time, a lot of time. But, you know what, the greatest of things have happened after very, very long time of patience, hard work, determination and all the things that are needed to be successful.

Mind you, no matter what the ‘materialistic world’ says, success is not always about being rich, famous or Hollywood diva (For reference, read the stories of KFC, Abraham Lincoln and APJ Abdul Kalam). Success is when you have fulfilled the purpose in life and left a deep imprint of your deeds and rising-from-failure moments that the one born after 150 years reads about your journey and chooses to get back up instead of jumping from a space craft (What? Science will make a progress, human beings and animals and plants will be living on Jupiter in a space craft. Do not dumb the fact down, mind you).

So, what’s the catch?

Oh, right! What is your purpose? IMG_20160803_222002Sorry to disappoint you but I do not know. Neither I know how to find the purpose. I am just a person who is leaving the teens tag behind and stepping into the real world. I am still learning. But, yes, to help you out, I have links that may help you with this (linked in next para). But I do know this; the calling to your purpose is deep inside you. You cannot and will not find it anywhere else, but within you. No, I don’t mean to start playing doctor and cut you. M-U-S-E is the word that you need to apply.

Here are two links; one on how to find that ‘purpose’ (7 Strange Questions That Will Help You Find Your Life Purpose, it is an article) and another one on reasons why will you succeed (5 Reasons You WILL Succeed, it is a video). Read and watch it now or bookmark for further reference but do go through them (More homework for you).

IMG_20160803_222042P.S. – Please, do share it with your friends and family on social media platforms. No, I am not requesting so that I can gain followers or something. But, because I believe that in this cut-throat competition time, someone or other might need the boost up to get back on with life. If you do then great, if you don’t well, never mind. (Karma has noted what you have not done, that cheesy pizza with coke will be taken away from you, hah!)



35 thoughts on “The Calling

  1. Lovely, funny and certainly a very motivational post! Well written Anjali, a gem of a post. Although you giving homework made you sound like an old school teacher 😂 Enjoyed reading it completely! Cheers 💕

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  2. I know, I’ve heard this so many times but it’s still hard for me to accept having had my dreams crushed. It’s hard to carry on sometimes, you know? It’s like I know I must have a purpose but what is it?

    Maybe one of these days things will change and society will change so that I might realize my dreams, but it does get harder to hold on by the day.

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  3. Or may be ‘you’ will have to take the first step towards the change. From what I’ve learnt from my experience that it is absolutely of no use to sit down and wait for someone to do the stuffs for you. If what you want isn’t happening, then you need to take the initiative to make it happen. Because “only a voice made is the voice heard”, there’s no other way for it.


  4. Hahaha! Isn’t it funny though? A 19 years and 360 days old kid who looks like 14 years old sounded like an old teacher xD (mind you it’s a leap year xP)
    Thank you so much! :’D I’m glad you enjoyed!

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  5. Wonderful :) truly, the question “what do you want to do in life” is a really complicated question to answer. Sadly, asking this very question to harass young teenagers is the favourite pass time fore all indian aunts and uncles :/ for me, personally, I know what I want to DO in life, but I dont know what to do to get there. If only they understood the fact that some questions are best left unanswered….


  6. Hahaha… Anjali, you sound like an old teacher, and your maybe 19 yes and 360 days old, but you look 12 years old! Most women would love that!!! 😂😂😂

    Jokes apart, it was really a wonderful post! 💕

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  7. Thank you! :’D
    And trust me, no woman would want that. 18 is something they would desire to look not 14 or 12. Because being called school ka baccha even in college is not tolerable! xD (Now imagine this being said to a 45 years old lady!)

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  8. How can you not!!!! You should watch the video. The very first point says that in this tech-savvy world, every information on whatsoever lies on your finger tips. Just Google it! You will find all that you need to know.

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  9. If you’re viewing it through the desktop/mobile, you will find the share option (for sharing it on various social media sites) and reblog option to share it on your blog. I’m not very sure about how to do the same though the app.
    Thank You for considering the piece to share! I hope the information helps. Have a nice day!

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