The Grand Day!

It is happening finalllyyyy!!! The day has come!!! I have been so excited for this since so long!!!

(After getting done with all the shouting, jumping, laughing, flying and then falling from the sofa, I am back to continue xD). By the way, was the beginning dramatic enough to mark the grand day? xP

How I missed that emoji! How I missed notifications of comments and likes! How I missed reading the amazing work by fellow bloggers! How I missed writing posts! How I missed YOU! (Yes, you right here reading this! I missed you!)

wp-1468341450642.jpegYes! Thank you for the love and support you have been bestowing on me since day 1. I am so, so grateful to you. *Blessed*

I can never ever describe in words how much you all mean to me. If my blog is getting noticed, it is because of you people.

Coming back to the changes, I have been working so hard for days to draw doodles for each post *sniffs* *sniffs*. Since, it is a magazine style, based on the images theme, I had to make doodles. Also, I have always been concerned about the copyright thing, so I thought, “Why not just make my own images rather than searching them on Google.”

I enjoyed the waiting period in which I made doodles, reviewed all the old posts, correcting the mistakes, deciding when to post, the ideas, re-writing the About page and what not? You know, what was the most important thing that I felt all this while? For which I have been most excited? That finally I will be providing you quality content with all my honest efforts sparkles and glitters in it.

Let’s talk about all the decisions that I have taken, shall we? (We need to be on same page, you see.)

  1. IMG_20160731_155350My posts will be bombarding your Reader’s feed and/or mail box every Sunday and Wednesday. Yes, I am aiming for bi-weekly publishing. Don’t ask why these two specific days, I just felt the combo sounds different and great!
  2. Since, I will be publishing just twice a week, I have also decided that I will not be doing any of the awards and challenges, anymore. I really appreciate that you nominate me. But, the thing is that it will be like 8-10 posts a month, so, I felt that with so limited posts, I should restrict the blog to thoughts, poems, stories, rants and doodles. IMG_20160731_155403I am so sorry. I was nominated while on this preparatory period, even I too wanted to do them before going award free, but the thing is I lacked a lot of time. Working for blog and getting on with life does not go together. Had I have whole day in my hands just for the blog, I wouldn’t have chosen to go award free. I really am sorry, apologies. Henceforth, Eloraquence is an award free blog. Of course, except for the awards where stage, spotlight and a real award is there, then you can surely remember this brat. *cheesy smiles*
  3. I had to take down some of the posts because I had published them for the sole reason that I am on a #postaday tag, so I have to publish. But, here’s the thing, those topics deserve better content. So, I will be re-publishing them with better, quality content.
  4. From tomorrow, I will be reading your work, again! So, get ready, for your notifications will be flooded with my likes and comments. But, I will appreciate the great patience because I will be getting to each one of you one at a time. So, I might take some time to reach to your blog.
  5. Also, if you have noticed, my tagline is changed, too. It is now Exploring and Inspiring.
  6. Also, I have always been told that I lack images (Along with grammtical skills *sigh* I should have paid attention in school) on my blog and going by this post you can be sure that this wouldn’t be the case anymore. Doodles will be included in each post. Though, I still struggle with alignments.
  7. The Doodle Diary will be more than just few images. Because doodles in each post and the category, where is the difference, bae? Something is cooking right here. 

Haha! Everything feels so new and fresh that I feel like I am newbie in the world of blogging, again (But with more experience and confidence). I will be honest I had the urge to revamp right now ever since I had the thought of it on my mind. Only God and I know how difficult it was for me to curb that urgency. But it has HAPPENED!!! (What am I going to do with my life now?)

Please, please do go through the re-written About page, scroll through the old posts (you will see doodles for each post), check out the widgets and then the Contact page and maybe leave a message on how you felt about the new look. xD

You do not have to read the posts, just go through the home page because it is now an image based home, so it will take less of your time to reach the end. I will really appreciate if you let me know about your thoughts. It would mean a lot to me. (Don’t be a brat by breaking my heart. It’s just few moments and I had done so much hard work to make this happen *puppy face*)


It feels great to be back, especially after making so many efforts to be more effective. And how did you feel? Did you miss me? Did you like the look? Or do you want to just thrash me in to a deep end of the pool with my laptop because I have done a pathetic work? (Do take into account; I don’t know how to swim.)

To the new beginning! *Raise the toast*


41 thoughts on “The Grand Day!

  1. WARNING: few of my posts might make you crazy ;)
    I have had a lot of activity on wp lately. :) a new change in my post topics too :) I will keep that a suspense, you see for yourself :)

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  2. Hey girl,welcome back!I appreciate your dedication to your already beautiful blog,I will be poking your blog right away now,so good luck dear!And I simply adore your concept of award free blog.Happy blogging!:)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Saw all the changes and u deserve great appreciation for the amount of effort u have put into this..I can never even hope of having the patience to draw for every single post😅 Well I do have a suggestion, it would be more attractive looking if the pictures are taken in light I guess. My best wishes with your blog😊

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  4. Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it a lot.
    It was a tough decision since I find it difficult to say no to anyone. Going award free was something that was needed done, but I never wanted to do. Thank you for dropping by. Keep smiling! Have a great day!

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  5. Thank you so much! :’) It was great to hear from you. Your feedback is much appreciated. In fact, I felt the same. But, due to lack of time I had to get it done (I couldn’t go without posting for long, you see).
    From next post, I’ll be more careful about the light and brightness in the pictures. Thank you, again!

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  6. Oh my! It is so tempting to do the awards and challenges. But, I’ve to curb the urgency and focus on providing quality content. Thank you for understanding my point of view.
    Hahaha! It would be my loss to be stranger to the amazing people who make my day by supporting me and my work. Thank you so much! It was great to hear from you after so long. Keep smiling!


  7. Heyy, welcome back!! Loved this post, excitement was oozing off of your words! :D I respect your award free-decision, and absolutely adore the portmanteau in your new tagline. :)


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  8. Thank you so much!! It was great to hear from you. Your words and support paid off my efforts. I’m glad the revamped look and the decisions are accepted by the beautiful people like you. Thank you!! Keep smiling!

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  9. [Found you at the Community Pool]…Did you realize that you build many more brain cells every time you make a doodle or any of your other colorful spontaneous art works? Your brain is getting a treat, as you are building up a reserve of healthy, strong brain matter. This may mean little today, but take it from someone who works with people who are losing their ability to use their brain efficiently, you are on to something of great benefit to your future self. Bravo!

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  10. Oh wow! *_*
    I had no idea about this. The only thing I knew was that practicing your creative work helps your mind to be more imaginative and active. It was something new to me what you just mentioned. Thank you for sharing! Keep smiling!
    (also, sorry for the late reply. Even though the brain works fine, the body wasn’t that well to keep up with the blog, apologies.)

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