Importance of Detoxification

Today, when I switched on the laptop and I took a look at the desktop, I felt like (as always) I am in a pit of mess. So many images, folders, documents (most of them unnecessarily taking up the space) and I would have (like always) ignored it and continued my work but a prompt message delayed my work almost by like 3 hours. Okay, okay it was just one and half hour work, for rest of the time I had to take care of my brother. But that does count, ‘kay?

The prompt message said that there isn’t enough space to keep the smooth flow of the laptop working. Therefore, start cleaning up, you hot mess! Okay, it didn’t say that. It was a far more polite and formal prompt message. But in my defence, my brain interpreted so.

And then, the Ms. Universe of Keeping Things Organised went on the Mission CleanUp; dusting the whole space, creating proper files and folders, putting the documents in appropriate places, deleting the junk and the repetitive images, transferring to other drive, etc. Finally, after all the hard work, I was able to clear up approx 140 GB of almost spaced out 200 GB drive. Now, if you won’t cheer and shout out for me, I am getting you no presents on your birthday, mind you. *annoying retard expressions*

Then I took a look at the desktop, which apparently has hardly 4 icons, nothing else. It felt empty, but at the same time, it gave a strange peace of mind. Of course, a sense of accomplishment was already on me, but that felt different. And the creative side of the brain gave a prompt message, “This is an idea for today’s blog post, if you get it, idiot!” (My mind curses a lot, just saying.)

So, I connected what I just did with life and *BAM* here is today’s post – Importance of Detoxification. Without any further delay, let’s begin, shall we?

But before we start, let me be clear, detoxification can be of anything, ranging from body to mind, your life to the messy room. These importances can be implied to detoxification of anything. Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Sense Of Accomplishment

Just as I mentioned, the sense of accomplishment is beyond imagination. Detoxification feels equals to getting a bungalow on cloud 9. The door bell rings, you open the door and you find Shahrukh Khan on the doorsteps saying, “Can we have lunch together?” You just entered the mall and suddenly you are surrounded by staff. Everyone is congratulating to you because you are the 10000th customer and they have decided you can shop, eat, drink and play for free for the entire week. You buy Willy Wonka’s chocolate and you get the golden ticket. Yes, the feeling is similar when you detoxify.

Personally, I feel, anyone who detoxify should be given an award of bravery, determination and self-discipline. Because getting a brat like you to clean your room is no easy task.


  • Eh? Feels Great!

Obviously, the next thing that comes to sense of accomplishment is the great feeling. Oh! You know! That feeling which makes you light, happy and enlightened, which gives the hunch that life is sorted out and makes you forget the reality in which you have to get an assignment that has to be submitted the very next day. Yes, that’s the level of greatness you feel when you detoxify. It is almost as if there’s no better tomorrow. And why wouldn’t that be? Your present is so far more better, eh?

  • Clarity, Clarity All The Way

Okay, so the junk is out, the essentials are properly stacked in, dusting, cleaning is done and you have an organised, functional and clean room, body, mind or laptop? Doesn’t it give you clarity? You know what you have and what you need to get. You know where to find the stuffs. You know what you want to be, who all are going to be in your life, who needs to see the exit, the thoughts that needs to stay and those who need to go for a toss. You have your game plan so strong that you can take on world any day!

Yeah eh, you need the matching pairs of socks? You have it. This takes us to:

  • You Find, You Save

You know where to look for what you need. Unlike me, who will ask the whereabouts of the thing she needs from everyone, only to realize hours later that she has it in her own cupboard. So, you find everything easily and within no time. So, you save both time and in many cases money, because you know what, I have seen people who cannot find their shoes anywhere, so they go out to get new ones and ended up with a bill of 50k because they ate, played and shopped as well along with getting the shoes. And when they come back home, what do they see? Their dog is playing with the lost shoe in the garden.

Anyone fancy a carpet with the tiger imprint?

  • Life Never Felt Better

Okay, so you feel great, you saved time and money, everything happens on the fingertips just like paying bills online. You have all the negative out and you are so surrounded with the positives. Everything is going great; you have organised room, so your mum isn’t yelling at you, the toxic friends are out of your life, so you feel happy, the damages that you have done to your body with all the pizzas, burgers and cokes, has been healed. Then why wouldn’t your life feel great? It is like that everything is perfect. And who doesn’t like perfect? Even when it’s just the illusion, because helloooo…. The brat from down the street just rang the bell for 10th time today. But, you are all good. Instead of yelling at him, you wait for him with pancake to soak his face because you are much more content in life and find joys even in the trouble.

  • Healthy Body, Peaceful Mind

I guess, it doesn’t need any elaboration. Detoxifying results in healthy body and peaceful mind, period. Because, duh! The internet screams so.

Now, what are you waiting for? Start already, bud! Get the junk out, organize your surroundings well; keep the needed and reuse, recycle and the other R the waste.

P.S. – All this happened yesterday, but I posted today.


28 thoughts on “Importance of Detoxification

  1. Here’s a cheer and shout for you:

    Yay! Hooray! Hoorah! Congratulations! You’re awesome! :)

    (I at least expect a birthday card for the above cheering and shouting. Haha.)

    I know the feeling of getting swamped by the stuff you just sit somewhere on your laptop and maybe forget about. I try to stay on top of things, though. This past weekend I was on a mission to prune files from my hard drive and I ended up dropping more than 10GB worth. You’re right that there’s a sense of accomplishment that comes with that. :)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Honestly speaking I hate piling up things specially with these technology gadgets, sometimes it gets so hard to organise everything so from last month I have started to organise them as much as I can, all the useless things gets deleted by me every night. I don’t wait for weeks and months to get them to recycle bin. And by adapting this habit everything feels so organised 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahahah! It felt so sarcastic, right in the stomach. xD (though, I hope it wasn’t intended so.) Also, I’m great at birthday poems than the cards. Do let me know when I’ll have to write one.
    And the pain is worth the sense of accomplishment. It stays on my mind for days after. xD

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well congrats honey for your clearance ! Hurray… For feeling light and better.
    Loved your post and its been ages I haven’t read someone so frank and jolly. Hope you doing well and keep cleaning or smiling 😇
    Lots of ❤️xox sista :)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hahah thank you so much! :’)
    I’m glad you felt jolly and enjoyed my post. You can come to my blog for a happy time. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!
    I’m totally doing fine. I hope the same for you!
    Much love! Keep smiling!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks to WordPress community to forming various ways, like First Fridays and Community Pool, where we can interact and find each other. You’re doing an amazing work. I just had to hit the follow button!

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