Forgive Me

I will be honest. After being active on the blog; reading, writing, commenting, creating, etc. I have reached the saturation. No, not mentally. I very much want to read your blogs, keep up with you and also, reply as fast as possible.

But, physically speaking, I cannot stay up long on any kind of device that emits UV rays. Be it the smartphone, laptop or even television. I have allergies in my eyes because of which long time spend on electronic devices results in strained, red eyes. I need sometime off.

Don’t you think I will not be posting. Of course, I will beΒ posting. But I may or may not be able to read your work or reply to your comments. Apologies, people. Please bear me and I will be back soon. Promise. No, not the usual promises. Heartfelt promise that I will be back.


Yup, this is it, theΒ glass of reality. I have sagged, puffy eyes and really very tired
mind and body. I really am sorry, people.

It is been only few months and I am already so inconsistent. I guess, I have taken the work more than I can handle. But, I will do. I know my potential. And this month I am aiming for 100% posts, each day. I am determined and on it!

Though, still, health first, isn’t it? So, I will be posting but the response may be delayed, apologies, people, apologies.


46 thoughts on “Forgive Me

  1. Don’t worry about posting every day or reading everything. Just do what you can do, and that’s all. Once you know your limits, then you can budget your time accordingly. But always take care of yourself. No one wants you to be physically hurt over reading posts on their blog.

    Again, take care and enjoy what you do. Don’t allow it to become a chore, otherwise, you might not want to do it anymore. Let it stay fun. :)

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  2. Your posts are always inspiring and motivating. This is true that technology has its own disadvantages but it’s hard to avoid it. Anyway will be waiting for your amazing posts! Please Take care :)

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  3. Oh Phoenix, you need some good rest and to do something completely different. Have you tried wordless Wednesday on WordPress? Just post one photo and let the picture talk instead of you. I have been thinking about you and I am sending you positive healing vibes :-) :-) :-)

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  4. Feel better! It is never too bad to take a break and come back stronger. Pushing yourself when weak will only make you resentful. We want the bubbly Phoenix back :) and a good hibernation never hurts.

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  5. That’s so very true! A break is always needed. I feel so much better already and it’s so exciting to be back!
    Hehe! I’ll be honest, ‘the bubbly Phoenix’ made me smile! :D
    Thank you so much!

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  6. I have had all the rest in the world xD
    Yes, I did come across Wordless Wednesday, though I’ve not tried yet. But, I do have a category Doodle Diary, where I post just the Doodles made by me. I guess, both of them are more or less the same.
    Thank you so much, Caroline! It truly means a lot! I feel so blessed to have you around. :’D


  7. Aw! You’re so sweet! Thank you, Aanchal. It really meant a lot to hear from you. I feel so blessed, already. :’D
    I’ve been taking care and I’m much better now. The technology has taken a toll over my eyes. Still, I’m so very much in need of it.

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  8. That’s so true! There was a time I felt like giving up. This much needed break and the support by amazing people like you didn’t let that happen. Though I feel ill be limiting my posts next month. I’m working on it and soon will let you all know about the same. Thank you, again. It was great to hear from you! :’D

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  9. Thank you! It really means a lot that someone looks forward for your return.
    And I’m already back! :’) The much needed break gave me a new zest and trill.


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