Island: Beginning of Doodle Diary

What? What did you think? That you will have an off from me? Don’t be ridiculous.

Hey! Everyone!

Okay, don’t even let this thought cross your mind that I don’t have any ideas. I have this huge-ish list. Yet, I chose to not write on any of them. Why you ask?

Because apparently I had really long holidays and now I am Ms Lazy who gets tired (read sleepy) very easily. A wise person has said truly, “Too much of anything is dangerous” or something like that.

Anyways, like I have promised, this month there will be more of doodles and rants, so I decided to introduce a new Category – Doodle Diaries. So, I thought why not begin with today’s prompt – island (I never, unconsciously, say ‘i’land, for me it’s always ‘is’land, again, genius!).

So, here I present The Island by great Doodle Artist Anjali Soni.

Kid’s work, right? Told you, I am 5 years old kid trapped in an adult body!

Just as I have grown in my writing skills, I am hoping for the same in my doodling skills. It’s just the beginning, right?

This Doodle Diary Category will be completely separate from the doodles included in the other posts. I know, I know I should have worked like maniac, perfecting everything about this huge announcement. But hey! Had I tried perfecting it, the announcement would have been delayed by a year (or much more), just like what happened to my first WordPress account. When I made the second account, I didn’t give much thought about perfection and rest is history.

I know what you all are thinking, what is that orange color paper beneath the island? Here it is, the second doodle for the day. I officially welcome you all to the Doodle Diary!


Again, if you guys have any suggestion, feedback, ideas or any recommendation for any post/doodle/poem/story/rant that you want should be my next blog post you can either comment below or contact me here. I highly appreciate your views and recommendations.

That’s all for today! Lots of chocolates and cookies with Cornetto to you all me. XD

P.S. – Speaking of Cornetto, I never eat it from one side. I eat it from the both ends because duh! I cannot wait for the chocolate in the end. Also, I then gulp the ice-cream from below rather than eating it from the top. Genius weirdo, I know. Battery running low! Gotta go! See you all tomorrow!


18 thoughts on “Island: Beginning of Doodle Diary

  1. This section sounds interesting.. how come you get so many weird ideas to write on? and how come you get much time to write on the same??
    Your work speaks about all this though.. Creativeness or Creatoquence I must say..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahaha! Thank you. I liked creatoquence!
    World is full of ideas, you just have to look for inspiration. Also, I’m on summer vacation right now. So, I’ve lot of time for blog. Though, when the college will reopen, I might have to limit my posts and time I spend on blog.
    Thank you, again. Keep smiling!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I’ll be honest, it took me years to finally gain confidence on my artistic creations. Which made me realise that everyone has their own way creating. It just takes a vision to see that creation.
    Even I don’t know the exact word! xD
    I’m so linguistically handicap xP

    Liked by 1 person

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