What is Love?

When I wrote last post, I had this thought in my mind, “What exactly is love?” I may not be able to express my thoughts well, but, I will try my best to convey my thoughts created by my highly confused brain. Enjoy this short story and do let me know about your thoughts on what exactly is love?


The immortal part of the mortal being met its Creator. He somewhat looked bewildered. There were thoughts running in his mind; questions that needed answer. 

“What is it that you’re so puzzled about?” asked the Creator without looking towards him. He was, apparently, busy with his tools that had created million mortal vessels which carried the immortals.

“I just came back from the land of mortals. The time I spend there, the memories I have, the experiences, the trials and ordeals have left a deep impression on my mind.”

“And the impression ignited a fire of muddle.”

“Well, yes. May I ask you something?”

“Ask away.” said the Creator, still busy with his tools. 

“What is love? Down there, in the land of mortals, I saw chaos. Everyone had their own perception about love. They say ‘it is the most beautiful feeling’. Yet, I saw souls crying with the deep bruise in their heart. They say ‘love happens when you meet your soul mate’. Though, I saw that the purest form of the love in the eyes of a person who nurtures. They say ‘it is when someone cares for you’. But, I saw that some who took care, they… they were left when they were not needed anymore. They say ‘love is when someone truly understands you’. I saw people turning their back to the one who never left them. They say ‘love happens at first sight’. Why did they leave the one when he/she was no longer what they saw at first sight? They say ‘love is blind’. Why do they see the status and origin of a being to fall in love? They say ‘it only happens once.’ But, I have seen them saying, “I have fallen for you” to ten different persons. There were many other happenings, which contradicted with what they said is love. Dear Creator, please, enlighten me.”

The Creator simply smiled. The glow on his face signified something that the immortal failed to understand. While the immortal preached, the Creator created a living being made up of the crystal dust. Her large charming eyes twinkled, her waist length beautiful hair reminded of beach waves, the perfect curves and the elegant, mesmerizing look gave immense delight to the viewer.

He showed her to the immortal and asked, “What do you think of her?”

“Beautiful.”, said the immortal.

“And now?” asked the Creator, cutting the hair short, giving a ragged look. He turned the curves in to a skinny frame and the charm in the eyes was replaced with dullness.

“Lord! Why did you destroy a perfectly fine being?” asked the shocked, somewhat annoyed immortal.

“She, still, seems perfectly fine being to me.”

“How, the mesmerizing charm she had is no longer there.”

“Look carefully.”

The immortal took a meticulous glance at her. He noticed a radiant glister in her chest. The flare brought a sudden lightness and delight in him. 

“My Lord, what is that shine?”

“The shine is the cure of your curiosity.”

He grinned and left the place, while the Creator tested his artistic skills; playing with his tools. He had got his answer. Love is, indeed, a voyage. A voyage of discovering and cherishing what remains inside and never dies.

P.S. – I literally googled this question ‘what is love?’ before writing this post. And I read zero articles because going by the titles; it only confused me even more. God! Yes, God, I am talking to you. Why am I so weird? What kind of material did you use to make me? How does the philosophical thinking part of my brain works? Where’s the user manual? Can you please send it? I am very much in need of it.


35 thoughts on “What is Love?

  1. Thank you so much! I’ll be honest, I was somewhat unsure about this short story. But, after reading your valuable comment, I can say I’ve done a fairly nice work. Thank you again! Keep smiling!

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  2. You know, this rings pretty true for me. I’m not exactly into romantic love (at least right now) but I have my few friends whom I love dearly. It isn’t about the superficial stuff. It’s about inner beauty. I will go to great lengths to defend them too. Not many people befriend me so those who do are very special to me.

    I feel similarly about certain family members. By and large I’m an outcast in my family but there are a few near and dear to me and I would love them to the end regardless of superficial stuff.

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  3. I’m really glad to know a person who looks for what’s inside and loves the same, instead of ‘loving’ what is outside. People like you are rare to find. I truly an glad to know you.


  4. Pardon me for replying late. I was so much overflowing with the positive emotions that I couldn’t reply. I’m so, so thankful to you and your valuable feedback. It really means a lot. I’m so happy and smiling after reading your comment. Thank you, again. Keep smiling always!


  5. Umm, I guess no. It wasn’t so easy to write about. When I started writing, the only thing that I had in mind was the title and it will be a conversation. After that, many times I was struck with the question ‘what next?’
    I feel that, howsoever it might seem that love is a topic on which content can be written easily, it has a depth that no words can explain. Even though some of the readers liked the short story, but deep down I felt it is missing an element. I guess, no words can perfectly define love. Only an act can. Still, I’m just guessing. This topic is going to be forever confusion for me.


  6. Yes I agree, Love in action is always better than Love thru words 😄 but then again, people are so confused about love…the real meaning is getting lost n different shades of love are being shown. I need not elaborate…guess you understand 😉

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  7. I am no teacher
    To teach you how to love,
    For the fish need no teacher
    To teach them to swim.
    And birds need no teacher
    To teach them flight.

    Swim on your own.
    Fly on your own.

    Love comes with no textbooks
    And the greatest lovers in history were illiterate.

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  8. Not right now. My Life is more focused on finding and creating myself. If I ever had a list of priorities, love would be in the bottom of the list. I want to experience, just not yet.


  9. What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, baby don’t hurt meee
    Literally, this was the first thing that came into my mind while reading the title :)))
    Your writings are very good. Keep posting!

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  10. This was really interesting and oh god the questions you’ve ended your post with are basically the inside of my head every night >.<

    You know, back when I was a happy person, I wrote this really innocent definition of 'Love'. Thought you might be interested-
    "Love is when you're comfortable."

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