Someone Out There

There’s someone out there

Who stays with you, even

If it means to fight the world. 

He stands by, being your

Source of strength.


There’s someone out there

Who listens to what is left

Unspoken by you. He gets 

The soothing chocolates and

Flowers that mesmerize you.


There’s someone out there

Who gives meaning to the 

Words – loyal, honest and 

Genuine. He treasures the

Trust you entrusted in him.


There’s someone out there

Who believes in you, uplifts

And stimulates the passion

In you. The passion otherwise

untold, left in the dark.


There’s someone out there

Who loves you for who are

And what you are. He would 

Rather see you grow than

Change any bits of you.


There’s someone out there

Who shouts to the world, the

priceless possession he has got –

You. He sees you in a way, that

makes you blush and turn red.


There’s someone out there

Who loves you, who cares 

For you, who cannot see the

Sadness in your eyes. For whom

You are his part of soul.


There’s someone out there….



Author’s Thoughts

Isn’t love something that everyone, even the flora and fauna, needs? Love is something that can make us feel alive and as well as living dead. Love can make us full of life as well as an empty soul. Love can change you life for good as well as for worse. Isn’t it true? Love can go either way. But they lead to similar destination – a beautiful place of sea, beach, lovely sunset, birds chirping, silent breeze and a wooden house on a cliff where you are living with your soul mate.

Some time or other we all have failed in love. But does that mean that there isn’t someone out there who can redefine the love for us? No, sweetheart, that is not true. Sooner or later, you will find that one person who will make you forget the past and that person will make you look forward to your future. At the same time, he is going to make your present a dream, a fairy tale. I know, real life is something really different from fairy tales. You will have to fight for your love, go through the struggles and sometimes you might as well have to get your heart broken. But in the end, trust me on this, it is going to be and they lived happily ever after. Isn’t the true love worth it? So, never ever give up on love.

P.S. – This post isn’t specifically for girls who have gone through hard times in love. This post is dedicated to everyone who have gone through this. You can replace he with she. 


44 thoughts on “Someone Out There

  1. What will you say if the person who seem world to you like never before makes evrythin that hurts into past by being with u by hiding it in silence fraring to hurt ! And after soo much time what should that person take it as, past or the present turned into past by just making it by hurting each day!
    Not related much to the context but just struck so just asked :)


  2. What i wanted to ask was

    If you find someonw when you are totally out of love and feelings and then suddenly sumone wins your heart with their innocence and just get u back to emotions,evoke them and then come to you and be with you just perfectly but that time when that person was winning that heart and the time they come with u all that tym was a lie and it was all hidden from u and after years they speak u abt it saying they couldnt say it cuz they feared losing you ! But that truth is something which tells u that the innocence u came looking for which won you heart was just nothing! And all this year u asked u always figured out something is missing but u were just lied and lied to cover up that tym and now slowly slowly things which were never clear are past now after years ! N then suddey u get to know everything !wt shd u do? I mean that person who seem world to u just did that to you ! Will u just take it as past or that past is not past ! It was present which was turned into past ?

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  3. Why would that person fear losing you if everything that person did to make you feel special was a lie? That reason itself is so much of lie!
    And for me it would be a more of experience than any time, be it past of present. Just learn your lessons and instead of being bitter, never give up on love but also, don’t live your life only in the search of love. You have so much to do and achieve!

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  4. It’s just a phase of getting over that person and moving on. And if you’re strong enough, you can eventually get over the feelings for that person. You just have to be strong enough to move on.

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  5. Haha just something that striked me reading ur post so just asked !it doesnt relate me to it! But getting over and being stronger that we all know abt but to feel it like totally from.inside !its just it happens u cnt control it !isnt’t it ? :’)

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  6. I know how it feels. My only suggestion would be to cry a river if you want but in the end choose to be strong and move on. Only emptiness and despair awaits for you if you lament for the wrong person.
    Optimism is in my core. I will choose to get back up every time no matter how hard it is.

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  7. And thats how it should be :) and u r totally right! But anjali that aint my story i just think of stuff n whatever striked i do end up asking writing n thats what people like us who love dealing with words should be ;)

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  8. Yeah yeah !i get it ! I loved all what u spoke was just saying that aint my case was just something which csme in mind ehile reading your wonderful piece of work! N its great to know you ! Will be waiting to read more from u :)

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  9. On WordPress, the only way to interact is to through comments, re-blogging, or linking the posts in your work. I’m new myself. It’s been just couple of months.
    Rest, if you want a more private conversation you can either contact through the contact page or through Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms if the blogger has included it in the blog.

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