Second Childhood

It is said that a person experiences his second childhood when he steps in to old age. But is the second childhood same as the first? When the parents gave everything away for their little one’s childhood, same parents are thrown away in their second childhood. Why?


A life begins with a childhood

Ends with the same stage

Like a circle, the beginning

Meeting the end.


First came being edentulous

So the second, finding difficult

To speak, others couldn’t

Interpret what they say.


Both of them stubborn at

Heart, want they fancy at

Any cost. One would wail,

The other chided away.


Had millions of question, each

Asked billions times. One had

Patient answers, a deaf ear

Was turned to other one.


Tripped while walking, one

Had a support, the other

Left with a wobbling,

Old stick.


One cry, thousand came

To help one. Other’s thousand

Cries didn’t stir even

One rigid, hard soul.


A loving, aesthetic life

Lead one. The other lived

With struggles, hard times

And sobbing heavy eyes.


Both needed love and care

First had parents. Same

Left alone, in old age home,

During second childhood.


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