The Other Side Of the Coin

There was a little girl. She was innocent, unaware of the world around her. When she came in this world, she was pampered a lot by everyone who met her. She was the apple of everyone’s eye, the center of attention. As she grew up, people got along with their day-to-day life, taking little notice of that girl.

They did take notice, when they saw a change in her. The shy, little innocent girl was no longer the same. She was harsh, rough and rude in her manners and articulation. As the puberty hit her, the temper problem grew intensely. People often called her hot head, cruel and ruthless. The girl did little to change. Some stayed with her, ignoring her fury for she was still an angel from within. Some went away but left their words for her, “Live with your ego problem”, “It is because of YOUR rude behavior and anger”, “I can’t be with you anymore”.

Still, the rage kept growing in her. She hurt people more and more. The words out of her mouth felt like fireballs. She acted weird, anyone would call her insane. The people scolded, chided her and told her to behave. She never got along with anyone. She had an issue or other with everyone. Even the closest friends, family member blamed her. Why wouldn’t they? Who likes a brutal, mentally ill person?

Even when she talked humorously, it felt offensive. She spoke her mind, it created more chaos. The girl became a mess. No one was close to her. She was just a bad person, everyone distanced themselves from her. Who wants to be with a rude person? She never changed. But one day, the girl was gone. No one cried, no one lamented. The only memories they had of her was how she was as a toddler and how she grew up to be ruthless, arrogant and aggressive person. But the last lines she wrote made them to stop and think, “Whose fault was it, exactly?”

What was the other side of the coin?

She was what people would call, skinny. People made fun of her, they passed comments, ignorant of the fact how deeply it affected her. She never answered back. Took all the dirt on her face with a smile; carrying the heavy weight in her heart. There were times when some of them would hate her, the reason for hatred she never knew. May be there’s something in her face that made people hate her, she thought in her alone time. The hatred, physical abuse, mockery, humiliation – all of it she carried within her. The thoughts and memories never shared with anyone. 

Those who were very dear to her said that they felt awkward because how she was. “You need to change yourself. The way you’re, is not desirable.” “You should probably work on yourself.” “If a hurricane came, you would be the first to fly away.” Match-stick, pole, stick, skeleton were her nicknames. All of it killed the confident, strong and innocent girl. A dull, scared, self conscious girl took her place.

“Can no one love me for how I am?” she often asked herself. 

The heavy weight grew so much; she could no longer take it. There had to be a way to throw everything out. Oblivious of the fact, she became violent. The negative she carried, how could have it created something positive? Now, it was not just her structure, but also her manners the reason for further humiliation. She was unaware of the reasons for her condition. “Why am I like this? How did I become this person?” she questioned herself.

She didn’t know the difference between joke, truth and rude. For when she made jokes and told truth she was termed rude, but when people did the same with her, they were being funny and helpful. “What is this ordeal”, cried the girl alone on her bed.

She fought with herself everyday (a fight no one was aware of) to be better, but of no use. When she was being rude, she had no clue. She longed for affection, but negligence and unpleasant experiences were her comrades. The hate comments and lacking love, care and support served her no good. A day came when she couldn’t take it anymore, ended her life with last lines scribbled on the walls. 

“Love people for what they are from within, not for how they are outside.”




Everyone on this beautiful planet is fighting their own struggles; struggles that no one is aware of. The least we can do is show some affection and love to them. The hatred never helped anyone, it has destructed the most elegant and magnificent souls. The souls lost and never remembered. Never bully anyone for how they are, what they are, how they carry themselves and what they do. At last, I would like to quote one of my favorite songs by legendary singer – Michael Jackson.

“Heal the world

Make it a better place

For you and for me

And the entire human race

There are people dying

And if you care enough

For living

Make a better place

For you and me…”


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