Now Is Your Chance

Hold on, please stop what you’re doing and imagine what I am saying. Let’s fast forward your life 20 years ahead. You’re sitting on a chair in your garden with a cup of tea, alone with your thoughts. Reflecting upon your past, your mind plays a flashback, a flashback of the events happened since you were born till now. Did that make you happy? Or a feeling of regret submerged in you?

Isn’t life full of chances? There are so many opportunities, adventures, moments and possibilities. Those opportunity full times give you the chance to get out of your comfort zone, conquer your deepest fears and ultimately achieve your greater-self.

Now the question arises, if life is so full of opportunities then why some of us experience regret when we look back on life? Just ask yourself these questions. When was the last time an opportunity crossed your path? Did you take it? Or just let it go? If you took it, then good for you, but letting an opportunity go is the reason for that regret. I agree, I totally agree that yes, there were a lot of reasons that you had to let go of that opportunity. Fear, personal matter, low confidence, zero experience, professional reasons, skepticism, doubt, distrust and million other reasons.

But let me tell you one thing, if you have thousand reasons to let go of an opportunity, hold on to that one reason to take that opportunity. Because you know what, taking an opportunity will give two results – either a memorable moment or a lesson for life. But trust me, both of them will help you understand yourself better, grow tremendously and help you achieve your dreams and aims. And let’s not forget, the first thing an organisation looks for in a potential candidate is “experience”. God! That never-ending cycle of “I need a job for experience, I need experience for job.” Taking that opportunity is going to get you a job because opportunity brings experience along with millions of other good things in its Santa bag.


So, what is stopping you from taking that opportunity? It helps you grow, gather experience, gets you job, moments to cherish and also it makes for great stories. Don’t you want to be a nice granny/grandpa who has great stories from past to narrate to their grandchildren. And don’t you think “My grandparents were a gangster in their days” is super dope? TAKE THAT OPPORTUNITY FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR GRANDCHILDREN. (Okay, my humor isn’t humorous at all).

Anyways, you got my point right? Taking opportunity is, in every sense, beneficial for you. That benefit is going to serve to you in long run. Also, it saves you from the regret of “I should have given it a go”.

It is said that moments before a person abodes his final destination, he has a flashback of his life in front of his eyes. Make that flashback worth watching so that it brings an emotional rush of immense satisfaction.


3 thoughts on “Now Is Your Chance

  1. it’s important to ask yourself if not taking advantage of an opportunity will be something you’ll regret later in life. this typically makes the answer more clear. the thing with opportunities though is that their fickle. once you pass on an opportunity, it never comes back. the good thing however, is that there is always another opportunity around the corner. nice post again:)


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