Be Brave

 It takes a lot of guts and courage, strong will power to be brave. In fact, I believe, there’s only one quality that a human being needs to survive, grow and prosper in this universe – Bravery.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the inspiring personalities, beautiful souls and genuine persons those whom I’ve ever met. How they have grown all these years, their journey, their achievements and accomplishments.

Dwelling upon the tales of those shining stars, I thought, “How did they do that? Accomplished so much in such short span of time… Does it require any special traits to achieve? Talent? Extraordinary? Confident? Strong? Were they born with it? Or did experiences taught them?”

After mulling over this topic for hours, I concluded that it takes only one quality to grow bigger and better in life – Bravery. Those people were brave enough to begin their journey and achieve.

There are so many aspirations and desires we all have. There are stuffs that we always wanted to do but never did. Dreams and aims that we have and want so badly. But they are buried deep inside our heart. Yelling and shouting to come out. A barrier always holds you back, keeping you from opening your heart and living your dream. The barrier stops you every time you take a step forward. The barrier – fear of failing, fear of making a mistake, fear of falling down and never getting up. The barrier is created by society, family, friends and even you.

The fear not only hurdles our path of dreams and aspirations, but also the fear act as an obstacle in so many other aspects of life. Every day the fear stops us from attaining our greater selves. The more we let the fear engulf us, the deeper hope, ambitions and dreams are buried. I have been fighting this fear for years from now. There are so many dreams that yearn to be reality. To be honest, I am the only one who created this barrier. This fight is more like – Anjali vs Anjali. Even when I started this blog, I had this fear, “Will my blog even get noticed? What if I am not a good enough writer?” This fear delayed my first post by a year. I am so glad I overcame that fear and started writing. The encouragement by my beloved ones gave me power to take up pen and paper and write.


That fear was conquered by one weapon – Bravery. All you have to do is – believe in yourself and your abilities. Be strong and let that bravery fill each and every part of you. So much so that there’s no place left for the fear. You know why, because you are blessed with so much abilities and powers, that are not yet discovered, to conquer the world. You have everything that is needed to be bigger, better and soon the best in life because you can and you will. The day you realize your caliber, be courageous enough to get up and start off, is the day you are a step closer to your destination.

So, be brave because you can live your dreams. Be brave because you can express your feelings. Be brave because YES! YOU ARE DESTINED TO BE BIG. Be brave because you are allowed to make mistakes. Be brave because you are a great orator. Be brave because you can start the venture and make it huge. Be brave because you can create a melody that can mesmerize anyone. Be brave because you can bring out the emotions on canvas. Be brave because you’re an amazing dancer. Be brave because you can go on a solo trip abroad. Be brave because you can bring a change.

Be brave because you are BRAVE.


25 thoughts on “Be Brave

  1. Awesome Anjali! :) and thanks for writing this inspiring article. I hope you make even more opportunities to write and explore the writing world.


  2. Its really true…actually I also dealt with the same fear of sharing my writing on blog…but after reading your post , I think I have shown my bravery ,that today I am able to explore my writing…


  3. I was a coward person amidst darkness seeing light from afar, and indulging every second it engulfs me; after I read this post. This is so inspiring, Anjali. Thank you. Soar with flying eloquence.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you so much for your affectionate and pleasant words. I’m so glad I could make a difference (a positive difference) in someone’s life, however small that difference may be. It really means a lot. Be strong because you’re a brave person. Keep smiling!


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