The Storm

There comes a time in one’s life when a storm takes over. The storm comes with bundles of detriment and distress. But how many of us survive it? How many of us get lost in the squall? Read on…


A fine sunny day

I decide to make way

A part of me says

“Where you are, stay put”


Shutting my eyes to the voice

I move ahead to explore

Discovering the horizons

Breaking the barriers


Looking up to the sky

I feel determined

“I’m a wanderer

And I’m not going to halt”


As I went ahead on journey

The day turned windy

Swirling dark clouds took up the sky

Sunbeams nowhere to be seen


Looking around, finding shelter

Suspecting a thunderstorm on way

“It was supposed to be fun..

Going to be damp instead”


Gusty waves grew stronger

Overpowering everything around

Including me, the voice cross my mind again

“May be the intuition was right”


Fears inside; struggles outside

Twigs, sticks and sand whirling

Each step heavier than last

The vision became blurry


I looked back, how it was

Before lies how it is

Torn between what I’ve left

And what I seek


“I’m a wanderer

And I’m not going to halt”

Recollecting what I want

And why am I here


It is not easy and

Never will be so

Giving up is not what I choose

The voyage has just began


“Going back is not an option”

Ahead I proceed, hell-bent on my desire

A fade light caught my eye

I rush towards the bizarre


All soaked and shivering

With the bruises and cuts

I take step after step

Getting closer to the ray


My body feels numb

Stumbled, the Earth my support

I looked around, where I’ve made

Serene calmed my nerves


The sky gained lost shine

Came the Sun, out of its hide

Reminded me of my relish

The storm I survived…


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