Yes! I’ve made mistakes

Mistake – an unintentional or sometimes intentional act which resulted in a not so desired consequence. Who hasn’t made a mistake? I make mistakes every now and then. Those mistakes are the result of learning, learning various aspects of life – friends, family, career, love, health and even about you. These mistakes often lead to guilt, dissatisfaction, anger and remorse.

“WHY DID I DO THIS? HOW COULD I DO THIS?” a person who has committed a mistake would ask oneself.

But, do those mistakes really tell what kind of person you are?  NO! They do not. A mistake will never ever define you as a person. No one is born perfect. Life does not come with a user manual. At every stage of life, you will face difficulties, dilemmas, clashes which will lead to mistakes. Unknowingly made mistakes; consciously made mistakes. Everyone makes one. The person who says otherwise is either lying or never came out of the shell he is living in. Therefore, you should never let a mistake get the better of you because you’re not alone in this. There are hundreds and thousands of human beings out there who have made a mistake similar to yours.

Then what defines you as a person?

The way you face and deal with your mistakes is what defines you as a person. Do you accept your mistakes and do the needful to correct them? Believe me when I say this, “You’re one brave person on this planet”. Owning up to the mistakes is not an easy task. Not everyone does it. But, yes, everyone is blessed with the option to do so. When you choose to accept and own up to your mistakes, the honesty sinks into you. You become more transparent and strong person. You will not fear anything and anyone.


I read somewhere some time ago which goes as, “You clean the mess you created by yourself”. Hurt someone’s feelings? Said things that you should not have said? Did something that troubled you and your loved ones? Did your act result in someone’s lose? Made a wrong career choice? Fell into a wrong company? Failed in love life? Accept the mistakes. Own up to those mistakes. Pluck up the courage to apologize. Make up with all those who were affected by your mistake. Take the corrective steps. Your one step towards correcting the mistake and all those problems and troubles will go miles away.

The mistakes so committed and the lessons learned from them will help you be the better version of yourself. Your life will be sorted which will create a healthy and positive environment. You will know yourself better. No complexity, just genuine simplicity. Be brave and strong to make a mistake and learn from the same.

So, keep making mistakes in life, as many as possible. Own up to those mistakes. Commit yourself to learn from mistakes and improve – becoming a better person every day.


19 thoughts on “Yes! I’ve made mistakes

  1. That was really something i could relate to…! it gave me the courage to accept my mistakes.. now i can fairly stand up and say yess i did it and i was wrong but that does not define me! when i committed mistakes at that particular time i was someone else, today am a diffrent person and tomorrow i will be yet another one.. all that i would say is ‘you touched my soul, things which were mingled otherwise are now crystal clear and u made me bring out the better version of myself’. keep writing..

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  2. Well done! This is a post that will be very valuable to others. Wonderful way to begin your blog. I believe there are very few things we do that are truly mistakes. I generally see them as choices, and we learn from every choice we make. Some of our choices bring ourselves or others pain but they all contributed to making us the person we are today and the person we will become. Others learn from our mistakes as well.

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  3. I like your thought! Thank you so much!
    True, our choices have made us what we are today. The way we look at them can go either way. For better or for worse. It’s our approach and perspective that makes the path for the destination. Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me know your thoughts. Keep smiling!


  4. Hello, I have just noticed that you mention in your post that this is your first blog post. Well done! Its amazing post and Its so true! We should not let our mistakes to define who we are. I never thought your blog is so new. You have amazing way with words and your ” puppy phoenix face” makes me smile everytime I visit your blog :-) :-) I love your Phoenix spirit!

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  5. Hahahah! You never fail to make me smile and brighten my day. I can never thank you enough for the amazing way you make me feel. Instantly, a positive vibe sinks in me. :)


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